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turkey usa relationship

Turkey is still the most significant regional actor enabling the U.S. to secure its credibility and reputation across the whole Middle East. That would be an important step forward for the U.S.-and-Turkey relationship. But we look forward to watching the case very carefully. U.S. tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum caused the lira to slide. But ties between Washington and Ankara have been strained for a while.

Washington describes the charges as baseless, accusing Ankara of diplomatic hostage-taking.

turkey usa relationship

The action triggered a collapse of the Turkish lira. Erdogan hit back, accusing Washington of waging economic war. Turkey and America need one another.

Turkey–United States relations

Ankara recently said that cooperation has improved. The lira has taken a beating since U.

turkey usa relationship

The growing expectation of Brunson's release Friday, and with it, the removal of further U. There are numerous other outstanding issues between the NATO allies. Trump has reportedly ruled out any concessions until Brunson is back in the United States. However, analysts point out Trump has so far not imposed any new measures against Turkey. The Turkish state-owned Halkbank is facing a significant fine that could run into many billions of dollars for violating previous sanctions on Iran.

Analysts suggest the magnitude of the penalty could be linked to Brunson. Analysts think a significant fine, along with the risk of further investigations and penalties against other Turkish banks, could deal a considerable blow to Turkey's already-weakened financial system.

The alternative is an escalation in tensions that could lead to all-out [sanctions] war, like the United States against Iran. Allegedly, he even asked then-U. Instead, Turkey lost more than it gained. The region also became a staging ground for PKK attacks into southeast Anatolia. This experience also convinced many in Turkey that Washington favors an independent Kurdistan next door—a sentiment so pervasive that a decade later, it was enough to scare the Turkish parliament away from allowing U.

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Yet, Washington made allies with it in Syria, while the Europeans have been allowing it to operate freely in their countries for decades. A similar dynamic was at play in the S deala crisis that was by no means inevitable. It is no secret that Ankara has high ambitions for its defense industry. The country is already investing billions into building its own battle tank, combat warship, and fifth-generation fighter jet.

Nonetheless, they gave Ankara the cold shoulder. Also worth mentioning is the matter of Fethullah Gulen, the controversial cleric Ankara holds responsible for a failed coup attempt in At the height of his power, Gulen had millions of followers worldwide and controlled billions of dollars in assets.

turkey usa relationship

He was a powerful ally to Erdogan in his early years and instrumental in the success of his campaign against the secular military establishment. Gulen is almost universally unpopular in Turkey. Even years before the failed coup, his favorability ratings were on par with PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan. Vice President Mike Pence, leaves many Turks thinking that their country needs no enemies when it has friends like these.

Those bidding good riddance to Turkey should be careful what they wish for. Despite the challenges aplenty, Turkey drifting away from the West would be geopolitical mistake of enormous proportions. Finding a substitute for Turkey is not easy.

The risks of cutting it loose are not few. Nationalist patriotism and religious fanaticism would run amok, risking an unraveling at home and ruinous adventures abroad.

turkey usa relationship

Anyone who thinks that the alliance can survive without significant changes—including by the United States—is sorely mistaken.

Meanwhile, neither Russia nor Iran is a natural ally for Turkey, which many officials in Ankara, as Karaveli points out in his article, understand. Turkey cannot ignore these countries, but it will not happily embrace them, either. For better or worse, the civil war in Syria is approaching its finale, which removes from the agenda a key sticking point.