Tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

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tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

Ayame is a player character in the Tenchu series of stealth games. Introduced in Acquire's Tenchu: Stealth Assassins in , Ayame is a She has developed a strong relationship Lord Gohda's daughter Princess Kiku, as if she was At the end of 's Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (where she is voiced by Yūko Kaida in . thoughts regarding Tenchu: Stealth Assassins for possible inclusion . group of us did finish the game and reach that devastating ending Years later I picked up Tenchu Z on the and had a similar relationship with it. For Tenchu: Shadow Assassins on the PSP, a GameFAQs message that Ayame and Rikimaru may have a horrible relationship in Tenchu 5.

Due to her being his only child, and having lost his wife during the rebellion with his uncle, Gohda is understandably protective of Kiku, and sends the Azuma when she is kidnapped by the enemy. Though, not really his parents. When he first takes over the Gohda family after the death of his father, Gohda is betrayed by his uncle, Motohide, who sparks a rebellion in hopes of killing Matsunoshin and taking over the clan.

After Kiku's death at the hands of Rikimaru, Matsunoshin is the last living member of the Gohda family. It's unknown what'll happen when he eventually passes too, considering he doesn't have another wife or child that could inherit the family and the lands.

tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

Princess Kiku Kiku Gohda "I know about your sadness. It conceals your spirit like a cloak. But you endure the guilt. Because that's the path you have chosen, Rikimaru. The civil war that happened after her grandfather's death occured when she was very young, and after her mother's murder at the hands of her great-uncle, she was kidnapped but later rescued by Ayame, sparking a close friendship between the two that would last for years.

During the events of Shadow Assassins, she is kidnapped once more by Rinshi and rescued by Ayame, taken back to Gohda Castle where Onikage had revealed to have returned, taking the princess hostage. Kiku urges Rikimaru to put an end to the suffering and in the end, he impales her with Izayoi in order to kill Onikage, resulting in Kiku's death.

As a young girl, Kiku is bright and kindhearted, giving one of her sister bells to Ayame so that the two would never truly be apart and later giving her the other sister bell so that she would have luck on her missions. As she aged into a teenager, she became more mature and reserved, knowing that her father loves her but also loves his people and had to put them first as a leader, and showed no haste in believing Rikimaru was a traitor when he is blamed.

Despite not being a warrior, she showed bravery when taken hostage by Onikage, and even closed her eyes when Rikimaru moved to deliver the blow that would kill her. As a princess and never trained in combat like the Azuma, or her father, Kiku is never shown to fight anyone in the entire series. Rather, she relies on Ayame and Rikimaru to protect her from the enemy.

In the Japanese dub of Wrath of Heaven, Kiku was actually married to the lord of Amagai Castle and Rikimaru was sent to check up on her after her letters stopped being sent to Gohda. The English dub completely changes that, rather having Kiku kidnapped and taken to Amagai Castle with Rikimaru being sent to save her.

She is stabbed through the chest by Rikimaru in Shadow Assassins, on her orders, as Onikage had taken her hostage and would have escaped if Rikimaru did nothing.

Kiku had grown from an energetic and enthusiastic child to a more reserved and formal young teenage girl, who possessed wisdom despite her young age and understood her father's duties to his people outweighed his love for her, yet she did not show any jealousy to that fact.

tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

As a child, especially her relationship with the shinobi; Ayame. In Wrath of Heaven, she gives Ayame the other sister bell for good luck before the kunoichi leaves on a mission, showing how deeply she cares for Ayame. She's kidnapped at every game in the seriesexcept for Fatal Shadows.

When held hostage by Onikage in Shadow Assassins, she reveals that she could not bear to see any more death and urged Rikimaru to go through her to kill Onikage.

Face Death with Dignity: Just before Rikimaru impales through her with Izayoi, she closes her eyes and just waits for the blow. Her mother was murdered by her great-uncle, Motohide, when he sparked a revolt against Matsunoshin after the latter took over the Gohda clan shortly after his father's death. She shows no sign of fear just before she is killed by Rikimaru. She and her father survive a revolt that was started by Motohide Gohda.

Her mother wasn't so lucky. They were originally given to Kiku by her mother, Lady Kei, and then her mother was murdered by her great-uncle during a revolt over the leadership of Gohda's lands. She then gives one to Ayame when she is rescued later on.

tenchu stealth assassins ps1 level 5 handy hints

Sekiya Naotada Sekiya "Lord Gohda. At the village entrance, Rikimaru squared off with the same ninja who had been fighting Tatsumaru at Lord Toda's camp. She introduced herself as Lady Kagami, leader of the Burning Dawn.

tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

Rikimaru was able to wipe out all the Burning Dawn ninja in his village, but even as he slew the last of them, an anguished cry echoed through the air. Rikimaru returned to Azuma Shiunsai's house only to discover Tatsumaru, with Izayoi drawn, standing over the mortally wounded body of his master.

The two Azuma Ninja fought and Rikimaru's rage led him to briefly gain the upper hand, knocking Tatsumaru to the ground and standing poised to deliver the killing blow. In this position, however, he hesitated, his passions were warring with each other, anger at his master's death against his love for Tatsumaru. Tatsumaru took advantage of Rikimaru's hesitation and struck him with Izayoi, leaving a bloody gash on his eye.

Tatsumaru escaped with Lady Kagami and with his dying breath, master ordered Rikimaru to recover the sword and to fight without passion.

tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

Chasing Tatsumaru with the aid of SemimaruRikimaru came across Ayame. Though he vowed to kill Tatsumaru, Ayame angrily forbade him to do so, saying that she herself would kill Tatsumaru. Mistakenly assuming that she was saying this only because she herself would act with dispassionate selflessness, Rikimaru agreed and the two ninja tracked Tatsumaru to the Kansen Cavern.

They also overheard Lady Kagami planning to launch the ship and attack Gohda Castle. Arriving just before the ship, Rikimaru was sent to eliminate the Burning Dawn. He crept from boat to boat in the harbor, killing Burning Dawn ninja, before encountering Suzaku yet again. The two duelled and this time Rikimaru struck his enemy down.

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He boarded the Fire Demon and killed many of the ninja there, until he found Ayame on the fore deck of one of the ships, she held Izayoi in her hand and Tatsumaru lay dead at her feet. Ayame tossed the ancestral sword to Rikimaru, who caught it and set out to finish the final enemy. He found Lady Kagami on a Noh stage in the very aft of the central ship.

The two warriors duelled, Lady Kagami quickly tossing aside her fan and attacking with her long sword. Though the battle was fierce, Rikimaru struck a fatal blow on his enemy and in doing so fully assumed his role as the Azuma Ninja Master. You can not stop it from coming true, because I'll happily suffer the title of 'fool' if it means I can save even one life from your blood-drenched dream!

The day after the battle, Rikimaru discovered Ayame finishing a makeshift grave for Tatsumaru at the seaside. He vowed to serve Lord Gohda, while she vowed to protect Princess Kiku at all costs. Lord Mei-Oh Edit Rikimaru in the original Tenchu In the aftermath of the Burning Dawn Crisis, Rikimaru moved the Azuma Ninja clan to Gohda Castle, presumably for a number of reasons they were better able to protect Lord Gohda if they were close and with so many haunting memories in what remained of the Azuma Village, it would have been painful for both him and Ayame to remain there.

For the next seven years, both he and Ayame trained constantly and their skills improved to even greater levels than they had been. Seven years after the Burning Dawn was destroyed, on a mission for Lord Gohda, Rikimaru came across a mysterious warrior named Onikage. Onikage fled, but Rikimaru was to encounter him several more times in the coming days and weeks. Finally, Onikage revealed that he was working for Lord Mei-Ohthe Lord of the Underworld and that Princess Kiku had been kidnapped and taken to the underworld.

Both Rikimaru and Ayame set out to rescue her.

tenchu stealth assassins ending a relationship

In a vicious duel, Rikimaru finally killed Onikage - unknowingly striking down Suzaku, the enemy of his younger days. While they ran to escape, a cave-in blocked their path, with the ceiling about to fall, Rikimaru set aside Izayoi, lifted the boulder blocking the path and ordered Ayame to take Princess Kiku and Izayoi and escaped.