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This is based of Podtaku live, where Gigguk said “When 4 anime reviewers love each other very much, they All except Garnt burst out laughing, leaving him to blush. . Well, no, but I can't say it made my relationship with the crew any better. There is too much at stake for the both of them, at least until their (seemingly never ending) quest to kill Naraku is finished. Their relationship. On September 25, , he and the rest of PodTaku launched J-Taku, uploads , with his intent to substantially grow the channel by the end of the year. Applied Mathematics: He was able to sum up all the relationships from School Days.

Going off what Feng Zhu has said on the subject Additionally a lot of older anime is heavily influenced by Western American media and medium. There is no such thing as a Macross Plus without "Top Gun" having of been made. Is the scene telling a story? Isama and Shin here have action in their scenes with nothing moving. Interestingly many anime have to use generous amounts of scene motion and post effects to generate the same sense of motion in the scene.

It seems to be an issue with comic book design carrying over into a motion medium.

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As with anything it stands to reason that a medium will become stale without additional influences or practiced studies in forms become common again. There is a bit of a difference though between having a pre-order for Macross Plus for months on end and simply "watching" something to pass the time.

Yukikaze and Last Exile both marking the last of the anime that I "personally" counted down the days on a calendar for the next release. Don't get me wrong though I own a lot of anime. I thought Angel Beats was great, to spite it's crippled development. Not the biggest fan of High School of the Dead, although it is well done for what it is and in many ways scared of it's own commercial shadow Flipping the coin again Bamboo Blade is one of my all time favorites It is interesting to note that like Final FantasyMacross Plus does not exist in a vacuum.

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It could only exist in an established universe. Patlabor 2 is like that in many ways. Rarely do we ever just "get" a title such as these out of the blue.

If I made any strong assertion at all it was that there has been a marked shift in the fantasy genres, as opposed to spending time in grounding the world and using that world to help the narrative along. Fantasy by it's nature is easier to work with due to not spending much time or attention to the plausibility of the world. There may be an argument in here for a discussion as to how an anime is not going to get funded unless it has all the familiar genre and fantasy tropes in it.

Didn't Anno want to make Wings of Honneamise 2 and not Evangelion? Examining the characters from both Outlaw Star and FMP we see similar setups but a change in the characters themselves Gene, ladies man, maverick rouge Sousuke, knight in shining armor, child virgin warrior, Percival archetype. Then we have our middle ground This hiatus was compounded by the fact his fellow reviewer and former PodTaku collaborator, Arkada, uploads on a weekly basis.

He qualifies due to frequently shouting and exaggerating his words. The basis for some of his comedy. Also done to just get something across.

The intro to his Sword Art Online review. One of the jokes in the PodTaku Drunk Podcast episode was that Gigguk would win in a fight between the four panelists due to his superior math knowledge and inherent martial arts skills. When claiming that Keijo!!!!!!!! The beginning of his School Days review. Red and Ryo are there too, and they chime in to let us know whats been going on with them and how they got their start on Anime Pulse. We answer some questions from our listeners, read a letter from TC, and share some laughs.

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It's the th episode of Anime Pulse! Joint Machiavellianism Jan 13 Read more The first official episode of Anime Pulse for the year, and what an episode it is! Firstly we talk about what's been going on in our lives, with Andrew playing a bunch of games and Joseph ranting about how his Fire Emblem waifu lost in a voting gauntlet.

Then in the industry news, we got a piece on Amazon's anime streaming service and another top anime poll about the most interesting anime of And finally come the reviews, where Andrew and Joseph both review, jointly, an anime about using anything to your advantage in a fight, even your penis.

Tiny house breweries covered in reclaimed aluminum siding and vintage asbestos paint. What could be more retro and kooky than risking death be mesothilioma? Look away as I ride my kickboard away in a flash of ninteies flannel and beard oils. Fall Previews 1 Oct 21 Read more We're all falling down in this episode because it's back to previews; looking at what the Fall season has for us.

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So far, nothing mind blowing. So let's talk instead about how Joseph really feels about Aho-girl, how Andrew really feels about New Game!! Fall Previews 2 Oct 28 Read more Our longest show yet! Holy crap let's not do this again. Anyways, we do a whole lot of ranting about Fire Emblem character pairings this episode.