Nagging in a relationship

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nagging in a relationship

Lisa Belkin explains the psychology behind nagging -- and why it doesn't work. New Way of Looking at Relationships and Making the Right Choices in Love. The most effective solution to out-of-control nagging may simply be to end a relationship. Marriage counselors agree that "nagging is the. The ultimate secret to end nagging and save your relationship once and for all! We are all guilty of it, so let's stop and be more elegant!.

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Nagging, or making the same request over and over again, usually does not get the desired result. Instead, it generally leads to a downward spiral with negative thoughts and feelings about each other and withdrawing, feeling discounted, misunderstood, controlled or unimportant. Bob committed to a half day every Saturday doing vacuuming and yard work. Sharon agreed to laundry, dusting and cooking. As each Saturday rolled around, Bob became less interested in helping out with his portion of the chores and Sharon became more and more frustrated by his lack of team work and follow-through.

At first, Sharon would kindly ask or remind him. When she did, he often felt like she was treating him like a child and he would refuse or just not follow through. Sharon would try to ask in nice, sometimes humorous or playful ways, offering rewards or just being silly.

Bob often felt like Sharon was being patronizing or treating him like she did with the children.

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This made him even madder and more resistant to do what she asked. Sharon would feel mad, hurt, disappointed and angry but did not know how to change the way she approached him.

nagging in a relationship

She also did not know how to get the changes she wanted. Soon they were in an awful pattern. It brings on a vicious cycle of complaining and withdrawing, feeling hopeless and controlled. There are ways to break this cycle.

It is easier if both work at it but it is more likely that it will be just one person who will start the process. As well as his constant cheating. Nagging a person does not keep them in line, it pushes them away. It also makes for a stressful environment for all of the people who have to deal with the two of you.

Only you can answer this question. You're a grown man and she's acting as if she's your Mother. Life is too short to constantly be told that everything you're doing is not right. Men if you continue to stay with a nagging woman, then you're enabling that type of behavior. Why should she change if you're alright with it? To be with someone who questions your every move, can get very frustrating. Yelling insults and screaming demeaning things to you can't make you feel like a man. So why even get involved with that type of woman anyway?

Maybe you like to be told what to do? If that's your answer then you have Mommy issues and you need therapy to deal with that. Your home is suppose to be your sanctuary to all who dwells there.

You come in with your fussing, arguing and fighting and it takes away the sanctity within your household and automatically turns your home into a chaotic mess. I have come up with 10 tips to stop the nagging in it's tracks.

Once you put these tips in motion, just sit back and watch the change within your relationship. It won't be easy, but try it for a week just to see how it will go. This first tip is the most important one. You need to pray, meditate and just become one with yourself. You have to be spiritualy aware of the chaos that you are causing within your home and your relationship.

All of that fussing and fighting is giving the Devil a VIP invite into your home. Once the Devil is in your home it's hard to get him out. That's why you should say a prayer over your home, open your door and escort the Devil right on out.

I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in God and bad spirits. Sometimes that's all it is that's causing you to fight within yourself about what another person is doing. All you can do is hope that the person you love is representing you well.

nagging in a relationship

If you don't love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else? Your relationship and your home should breath love not hate. If your relationship is filled with hate and anger all of the time, then that relationship is not worth saving. Do like Elsa and let it go! Your man is late getting home. When he comes in the house.

Greet him with a smile and a kiss.

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Ask him how was his day? He may quickly try to explain his whereabouts, because he knows that's what you're going to ask him. Inform him that it's all good and what's important is that he's home safe.

How To Stop Nagging Your Boyfriend

Your body will fight you on this, but stay strong. Give it to the good Lord and if he was out there doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing then let that sit with him. It will all come out sooner or later, but in the meantime Be Happy!

Your man's phone rings while the two of you are watching a movie.

nagging in a relationship

Pause the movie and tell him to take the call while you go refill the refreshments. Don't question who it was. You care, but don't let him know.

5 Effects of Nagging In A Relationship

He may just tell you who it was. You may not believe him, but don't ask for his phone in order to make sure it was who he said it was. It's going to be hard, but you have to have some trust in your man. You also have to give him some form of privacy. Everybody needs a life outside of their relationship, otherwise what's the purpose of living? Especially if you're only going to encompass yourself with one person.

Where's the joy in that? Let down your gaurd. Life is constantly changing and if your gaurd is always up, you will continue to be stuck in that same old dusty gaurd shack. The same one you've always been in because, you won't allow anyone else in. Throw a party and invite his closest friends and family. Show them that you're not such a bitch after all. Put your true personality on display and watch the reception.

Everyone is not really out to get you and break up your relationship. A bitchy disposition gets a bitchy reciprocation. Stop trying to look for something wrong. Just take the time to appreciate each other. Life is too short to worry about the future and too complicated to worry about the past.

Do things that make the both of you happy now, so that you can have happy memories later. Whenever the unforeseen comes up just take a deep breath.