Model atom de broglie relationship

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model atom de broglie relationship

The atom model of Niels Bohr is commonly considered as antiquated even Bohr-model - in combination with De Broglie's relation - is rolled up. de Broglie came up with an explanation for why the angular momentum might be it was. de Broglie realized that if you use the wavelength associated with the. Atomic Models. Magnets/magnetic Known that negative charges can be removed from atom. – Problem: deBroglie wavelength of the electrons, because.

Prince Louis de Broglie was a member of an illustrious family, prominent in politics and the military since the 's.

model atom de broglie relationship

Louis began his university studies with history, but his elder brother Maurice studied x-rays in his own laboratory, and Louis became interested in physics. After World War I, de Broglie focused his attention on Einstein's two major achievements, the theory of special relativity and the quantization of light waves.

11.5: de Broglie's Postulate

He wondered if there could be some connection between them. Perhaps the quantum of radiation really should be thought of as a particle. De Broglie suggested that if waves photons could behave as particles, as demonstrated by the photoelectric effect, then the converse, namely that particles could behave as waves, should be true. Any particle that moves at or near the speed of light has kinetic energy given by Einstein's special theory of relatively.

However, de Broglie argued that if particles can behave as waves, then a relationship like this, which pertains particularly to waves, should also apply to particles. As the momentum increases, the wavelength decreases.

model atom de broglie relationship

In both cases, this means the energy becomes larger. It is a common feature of quantum mechanics that particles and waves with short wavelengths correspond to high energies. Having decided that the photon might well be a particle with a rest mass, even if very small, it dawned on de Broglie that in other respects it might not be too different from other particles, especially the very light electron.

model atom de broglie relationship

In particular, maybe the electron also had an associated wave. By rearranging this equation, he derived a relationship between one of the wave-like properties of matter and one of its properties as a particle.

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As noted in the previous section, the product of the mass of an object times the speed with which it moves is the momentum p of the particle. Thus, the de Broglie equation suggests that the wavelength of any object in motion is inversely proportional to its momentum.

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De Broglie concluded that most particles are too heavy to observe their wave properties. When the mass of an object is very small, however, the wave properties can be detected experimentally. De Broglie predicted that the mass of an electron was small enough to exhibit the properties of both particles and waves. In this prediction was confirmed when the diffraction of electrons was observed experimentally by C.

The quantum mechanical model of the atom

De Broglie applied his theory of wave--particle duality to the Bohr model to explain why only certain orbits are allowed for the electron. He argued that only certain orbits allow the electron to satisfy both its particle and wave properties at the same time because only certain orbits have a circumference that is an integral multiple of the wavelength of the electron, as shown below.

When it is not, the electron cannot simultaneously satisfy its wave and particle behavior.