How to become emotionally stable in a relationship

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how to become emotionally stable in a relationship

If you view something as an attack, chances are you'll probably become defensive. Changing your perspective from thinking someone is trying to 'attack' you to. Being in a relationship isn't just about being crazily in love. What also helps is your ability to communicate, to trust and to be okay with your own. "A stable relationship is a relationship that is built upon loyalty, trust, safety and There might be a few disagreements or bouts of bickering. . "Both partners' emotional needs are prioritized and they accept the influence of.

Our partners are struggling in the same way. Wrong… If you can relate to any of this, there is a solution, and it requires you to look within for the happiness and validation you seek.

But first, let me give you a few important points to think about… What You Must Remember If your happiness is only ever dependent on the acceptance and approval of other people, then YOU are giving away far too much of your power.

how to become emotionally stable in a relationship

Read The How of Happiness. At the end of the day, how confident you are is essential to the results you will see from your efforts especially in your relationships. Remember that practice makes progress in all areas of your life. Happiness is something you decide on, on your own, in the present moment. You have to decide to love it just the way it is.

All the validation you need is yours to give yourself. Revel in the reality that you get to choose. You have the authority to decide how to spend your time and energy. When you change how you show up to life, everything in your life changes.

how to become emotionally stable in a relationship

You have the power to change the entire world in some small way by showing up as the strongest version of yourself. The present and future are not set in stone, they are in your hands.

8 Ways to Be Emotionally Strong in Your Relationships

The good news is, your emotional strength happiness, validation, etc. It is within you, always. How can you find it and tap into it? Sit by yourself for 20 minutes each day, without a phone, tablet, TV or other distraction. Look inside — meditate. Notice your thoughts as they come up.

Get to know your mind. See how fascinating it is, as you jump from one thought to the next. This in itself is an infinite source of entertainment and learning. Create something — come up with ideas for building something from the ground up and then do it — a poem, a painting, a song, an action plan, a business, etc.

Curiosity is a boundless source of happiness for most people. Deepen your knowledgebase on topics you enjoy.

8 Ways to Be Emotionally Strong in Your Relationships

Talk yourself through your own problems. If you are lonely or hurt, comfort yourself. Being extra sensitive or dramatic in order to gain sympathy. Picking fights for completely subjective and irrational reasons.

Intentionally trying to make you jealous. It should be noted that we all feel needy from time to time. The problem with needy behavior is that if it feels normal to you, then it will seem normal in everybody else.

So I bought her a new handbag if she agreed to block his phone number. You deserve to be punched in the face. Establish a zero tolerance policy for emotional manipulation. A lot of people can spot needy or manipulative behavior, but they tolerate it or even rationalize it away. That makes them needy as well.

How to Date an Emotionally Stable and Amazing Person

The reason they tolerate or justify needy behavior is because, despite being fucked up and unpleasant, it still makes them feel important and wanted. In extreme cases, these people have such low self-worth that they unconsciously feel they deserve to be manipulated and used.

You must have a zero tolerance policy towards these behaviors. Both in the other person and in yourself. Be willing to walk away the moment someone close to you begins acting this way.

People who excuse this kind of behavior are always going on about change. This means not trying to come up with funny texts or ways to convince someone to see you. This means not guilting another person into spending time with you. This means not creating drama or getting angry as a way to keep someone closer to you.