Effects of dishonesty on relationship

8 Ways Lying Is Poisonous To Relationships

effects of dishonesty on relationship

It allows people to feel better about themselves, to make themselves look better in others' eyes, and to maintain good relationships. At same. Deception can be even more damaging to a relationship than infidelity. Women and men This type of restrictive situation can become a hotbed for dishonesty. Lies and secrets damage us and our relationships. People too often worry about the risks of being honest, without considering the risks of dishonesty. Contemplation in advance about the consequences of our actions to.

What are the effects of lies and dishonesty?

Teachers are plagued with teens plagiarizing information and purchasing papers on the Internet. Our government and corporations have been dishonest about global warming and have actually falsified documents proving how quickly our planet is dying.

The Catholic Church has been dishonest about sexual predators who have destroyed the lives of innocent children. Mothers and fathers worry about the honesty of their children and install computer programs and video monitors to track their recreational pursuits. And people continue to betray and divorce each other despite solemn marriage vows.

effects of dishonesty on relationship

Dishonesty is an epidemic that we have become so accustomed to that we have accepted and integrated its distortions into our daily lives, poisoning our relationships and our jobs and damming the flow of our spiritual lives.

We can neither shine a light nor stand in someone else's light when we are in a perpetual state of hiding from others and ourselves. We lie when we are afraid of what others will think.

effects of dishonesty on relationship

Trust is so essential for a strong and successful relationship that when it is lost, the chances of total collapse are very high. Lying Shows A Lack Of Respect Being told the truth, no matter what it may be, confers the feeling of respect upon the recipient. It proves to them that the other person places significant value upon the relationship and is not prepared to jeopardize it by deceiving them.

effects of dishonesty on relationship

While some truths will clearly put a relationship at risk, lies tend to be even more damaging. Telling someone the truth, even if you know it will hurt them, shows that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions; lying shows nothing of the sorts. As soon as this lack of respect becomes apparent, it begins to put great strain on all aspects of the relationship and, if left unchecked, it will be the undoing of it altogether.

5 ways lying destroys your relationship

Waiting For The Liar To Slip Up Again Once you uncover a lie for the first time, it is hard not to live in expectation of future untruths from that person. I declined answering the question, for one simple reason: Since when did lying become okay? Two adults can agree to whatever terms of a relationship they like, but the hidden violation of the agreement is what makes an act a betrayal and an affair unethical.

effects of dishonesty on relationship

In the book Sex and Love in Intimate RelationshipsI cited extensive research on the subject of infidelity and posed the following: Deception may be the most damaging aspect of infidelity.

Deception and lies shatter the reality of others, eroding their belief in the veracity of their perceptions and subjective experience.

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As kids, we are taught that it is wrong to lie; yet as we get older, the lines tend to become increasingly blurred. This is especially the case when we are faced with the challenging conditions that come with intimate relationships. When this happens, jealousy, possessiveness insecurity and distrust can cause us to warp and misuse our relationships. An example of this might be a woman whose boyfriend gets so jealous that he forbids her to be alone with other men.

Another example may be a man whose partner feels so insecure that she demands to be constantly reassured of his love and attraction to her. This type of restrictive situation can become a hotbed for dishonesty.

effects of dishonesty on relationship