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ASSOCIATE. Alain MISSOFFE () ESCP CEGEDIM .. CHAIRMAN, BOARD ADVISOR, EU POLICY ADVISOR, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS. Philippe. Cegedim Activities Overview. Pierre Marucchi Managing Director Alain Missoffe VP Strategy and Development Corporate Management. View the profiles of professionals named Missoffe on LinkedIn. Alain Missoffe délégué at Cegedim, Président Cegedim Healthcare Software at CEGEDIM, . Chef relations médias, relations publiques & corporate chez Société LeTROT.

Production of plant automation systems thermal, hydraulic, diesel and nuclear power plants Company History: Alstom Power SA Status: Design and manufacture of medium power team turbines, expanders and compressors and manufacture and repair of pumps for power plants Parent Company: Alstom SA Status: Holding company with interests in the manufacture of equipment and provision of services for power generation and transmission and rail transport.

The Power Generation division designs, manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art products and systems to the power generation for gas, coal, and hydro power plants and industrial markets and also provides conventional islands for nuclear power plants. In addition the Power division offers power generation equipment operators in all geographic markets a complete range of services, support and equipment, including spare parts, field services, consultancy and support and performance improvements.

The Rail Transport division develops and markets a complete range of systems, equipment and services for the railway market, including for high speed the trains, urban transport, regional trains and signalling and infrastructure equipment. The Transmission division provides a service offering in the field of transmission, from design and manufacture of electrical equipment and network management systems, to the means to make grids more efficient Mergers and Acquisitions: Hydro turbines; hydro generators; wond turbines; turbogenerators; steam turbines; heat exchangers; pumps; tramways; trains; locomotives; high-speed trains; railway signals; circuit breakers; disconnectors; connectors; power transformers Trade Names: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Manufacture of high speed trains, regional trains, signalling and infrastructure equipment Parent Company: Venture capital company that coinvests with the private equity funds of Apax Partners, with particular interest in specialised distribution, information technology, telecommunications, internet, media and health and biotechnology sectors Company History: Provision of customer relationship management CRM solutions and services to pharmaceutical companies, including the collection, processing and distribution of sector based data to give their marketing and sales divisions a better understanding of where drugs are sold, who prescribes them and why.

Pulse Systems provides market-leading electronic healthcare management solutions with its fully integrated suite of products and service solutions.


These solutions successfully address the requirements of healthcare reform and are being developed to provide eligible providers with certified electronic health records EHR s in the United States. For Healthcare Professionals The incentive programs undertaken by the US Department of Health and Human Services have been encouraging the adoption of these healthcare technologies since Pulse continues to adapt its proprietary solutions for practice management, electronic data interchange, patient portals and mobile applications in order to remain at the forefront of these technologies.

It also offers a complete solution for residential care and healthcare hubs. The BCB is also available to the general public for consultation on healthcare sites and portals as well as on Apple, Android and Windows smart phones and tablets.

The only company to cover the entire distribution channel across all points of sale, GERS SAS offers the widest range of sales statistics: Sell Ins and Sell Outs nationwide right down to pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

The reliability of its data has also enabled GERS SAS to conduct studies and offer consultancy services, giving people in the healthcare sector a better understanding of the performance and proper use of low-volume products with low digital distribution.

Thanks to Santestat, pharmacists and network of independent pharmacists have the tools they need in order to optimize pharmacy management, monitor pricing policies and have an overview of their purchasing market. These statistics provide pharmaceutical companies with the data necessary to better understand drug distribution channels. Leader in digital pharmacy displays in France Its Screenpub product allows information sharing and lets doctors with Cegedim software download and display ad campaigns.

alain missoffe cegedim relationship

This visual communication has been expanded to complementary products such as Screenweb, which boosts the visibility of a client s spot via a professional website. Medexact also offers doctors, pharmacists and paramedic professionals campaigns paired with mini informational websites.

RNP is the French benchmark for point-of-sale advertising in terms of the number of pharmacies covered by its display network and the speed with which it can cover the country, with promoters in its employ.

For Pharmaceutical Companies p. Cegedim Kadrige s patented solutions make it possible for their users to be mobile and connected, in order to communicate long-distance with no time or location constraints, and to optimize their efficiency. They adapt automatically to the configuration of healthcare professionals, in compliance with security constraints.

Collaborative solutions already deployed in 26 countries 02 p.

Business Leaders

Cegedim Insurance Solutions The Cegedim Insurance Solutions business unit includes all of the Group s solutions and services for insurers, supplemental insurers, provident institutions and intermediaries through its subsidiaries Cegedim Activ, Activus, Cetip and igestion.

This unit brings together competencies across the entire chain of information sharing between healthcare professionals, insurance organizations and managers of compulsory and supplemental insurance plans. Cegedim Insurance Solutions has broadened its digital product offering with innovative solutions in preventive healthcare based on managing wellbeing and health capital, hospitalization, home care and chronic illness. Its products are intended for all market operators: Cegedim Activ has a unique combination of know-how: Third-party payment and online verification of policyholder benefits are expected to become widespread, which means Cetip is set to take its development to the next level.

Management Services For Mutual and Health Insurance Companies IGESTION igestion offers management services on behalf of third parties, in supplemental health and provident insurance, to insurance companies, provident institutions, supplemental healthcare insurers, and intermediaries.

alain missoffe cegedim relationship

This offering enables these entities to outsource all or part of their business processes. Cegedim e-business Specialized in electronic data sinceCegedim designs, develops and markets invoice digitization, probative value file storage and EDI through its Cegedim e-business business unit. Born from the Edipharm system for pharmacies, wholesale distributors and laboratories, this operation quickly spread beyond the healthcare market, particularly to mass retailing and services.

Backed by its experience, Cegedim EDI is now able to offer customers an industrial solution for electronic exchanges that adapts to their specific requirements and integrates the constraints of their particular business. The platform integrates natively with all information systems, both for flows in and for flows out. Whatever the size of the business, GIS handles all its digitization needs by offering a great many ancillary services.

alain missoffe cegedim relationship

The GIS platform combines all services for digitizing business documents and processes. The KISS portal made available to major suppliers offers very small, small and medium-size businesses the advantages of going paperless free of complications. Once uploaded to KISS, invoices can be marked up accepted, to be paid, paid and are accessible on the portal at all times.


Hospitalis is now present in more than 1, major healthcare institutions, 26 of which are university hospitals. Due to their strategic and sensitive nature, these activities have led the Group s teams to devise architectures with very high availability that meet the security requirements of its customers and, in particular, standards governing the hosting of health data. Cegedim obtained approval from the French Ministry of Health to host personal health data, allowing it to offer all those involved in e-health a line of private cloud hosting services using first-rate infrastructures and know-how.

Its business is now conducted in two divisions: IT integration, information management, delegation of personnel ; Business Processing Outsourcing customer relations, digitization, call center. InCegedim Outsourcing accelerated its expansion in France and abroad, particularly in North Africa, through its subsidiary Cegedim Outsourcing Maroc. For Companies in every business sector p. Payroll; Personnel administration; Career and skills management; HR staff management; Digitization of HR processes and documents; Compensation and more.

This innovative solution can be coupled with a business process outsourcing BPO service, locally in Boulogne, Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse and Strasbourg or offshore Morocco. Its clients can start off with a limited range of functions and add to its list of outsourced services as the collaboration progresses. Cegelease self-finances a portion of its leases and places the remainder with the largest French lending institutions.

alain missoffe cegedim relationship

IT solutions hardware and software ; Office and telephone equipment; Capital equipment, real estate and build-outs automated machines and manipulators, pharmacy crosses, signs, fixtures for window or store displays, etc. Cegelease financing products are organized around the following trademarks: The transaction lets Cegedim refocus on fast-growing activities. While also accelerating its debt reduction and giving more financial flexibility to insure its development M of Revenue