Relationship between black adam and captain marvel

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Black Adam is about years older than Shazam/Captain Marvel and the Wizard between Superman, Hyperion, Sentry, Thor, Shazam, and Black Adam ?. The original champion of the Wizard, Black Adam's disdain for morality and Captain Marvel, interacting with his predecessor prior to his fall from grace, was both . A close bond grew between them, and Adrianna swayed Adam to change his Adam could not regain his link to the Egyptian pantheon that empowers him . When given the choice between playing Shazam and Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson Enter Captain Marvel, the future Shazam himself. Black.

The need for Captain Marvel to oppose him is made an integral reason for why Billy Batson is recruited by Shazam.

Soon after that call, the corrupted champion is drawn from the netherworld by an inter-dimensional transport device created by Dr. After being drawn from the netherworld he speaks only in Egyptian he also has lightly tan skin and he uses the Wisdom of Zehuti to learn English.

The character is revealed to be far more cruel and ruthless than his present incarnation. Soon after he appears, he destroys Sivana's machine and is about to kill him.

Adam then figures he needs a guide in this new world, and makes Sivana his slave instead. He admires the new world, which he describes as such: After that, he kidnaps the airplane full of passengers, hiding all of them in the sea. Fortunately, Captain Marvel is successful in banishing Black Adam to the netherworld again, and saves the people. Fictional character biography[ edit ] This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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In that story and the subsequent Power of Shazam!

relationship between black adam and captain marvel

Teth-Adam is the son of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses IIand impresses one of the high priests, the wizard Shazamwith his good deeds. The wizard gives Teth-Adam the power to become the superhero Mighty-Adam by speaking the name "Shazam," an acronym for Mighty Adam's powers: Mighty Adam serves as Egypt's champion for many centuries, but becomes corrupted by the charms of a mysterious woman, revealed to be Shazam's evil daughter Blaze in disguise.

Shazam learns of this treachery and strips Adam of his powers, encasing them in a mystical scarab necklace. Adam's depowered body rapidly experiences the aging process that the magic had staved off, and the former hero withers away into a dried cadaver in seconds.

Shazam buries both the body and the scarab in the tomb of Ramesses IIwhere he plans for it to remain for all eternity. In death, the former hero is referred to as "Khem-Adam" "Black Adam". Disillusioned by what he perceived as Adam's betrayal, Shazam waits several millennia before appointing a second champion to fight evil in his name.

Thousands of years later, during the late 20th century, an unscrupulous archaeological aide named Theo Adam finds himself assigned to the Malcolm Expedition, financed by the Sivana Foundation to excavate the tomb of Ramesses II. Adam uncovers Khem-Adam's tomb in a secret passageway, and leads his superiors, C. Batson and his wife Marilyn, to the discovery.

Upon first sight of Khem-Adam's scarab, Theo Adam becomes obsessed with the artifact, and kills both Batsons in order to steal it. Escaping EgyptTheo Adam soon made his way back to America. The Batsons' son, Billy, has been left behind in the United Statesand is drafted by Shazam to become the wizard's second champion, Captain Marvel.

Batson and the lightning-bolt insignia on Marvel's chest that had also decorated Khem-Adam's tomb. Adam therefore has a revelation, and realizes that he is a reincarnation of Khem-Adam. Grasping his stolen scarab, Adam speaks Shazam's name and is transformed into the super-powered Black Adam. Black Adam reveals himself to Captain Marvel as the Batsons' killer, and the two battle. Captain Marvel emerges victorious by snatching Adam's scarab, and therefore his power, away from him.

relationship between black adam and captain marvel

However he saves him from being crushed by a falling building. Marvel brings Theo Adam to Shazam, who wipes Adam's memory and takes away his voice, so that he cannot access his powers. This solution proves temporary, as Blaze reenters her former lover's life and helps restore his voice, his memory, and access to his powers. Black Adam stands trial again for the murders of the Batsons, and is acquitted when it is revealed that his fingerprints do not match those of Theo Adam.

In subsequent issues, Adam joins supervillain Johnny Sorrow 's Injustice Society after Sorrow removes a malignant brain tumor from Adam's brain. He is sent to battle Wildcat, and easily defeats him, showing how easily he could kill him by taking him about 25, feet above the ground—just high enough for them to talk while unable to go any higher without the human Wildcat freezing or suffocating—explaining the different ways he could kill him, and asking what he will give for his life.

He shows him the Rock of Eternity where Sorrow has turned Shazam to stone with his cursed face that usually kills those that see him, also making contact with the Spectrewho provides them with additional information. Black Adam briefly gives Flash the speed of Heru enabling him to defeat Johnny Sorrow by hitting him at near-lightspeed when he is paralyzed after Doctor Mid-Nite showed Sorrow a previously recorded image of his own face, sending him from Earth to another dimension.

Flash meets Black Adam in the past, where he has been sent due to the great speed he traveled, and again uses his speed, this time to return to his own time. Claiming to be free of Theo's evil influence again, a repentant Black Adam requests membership in the Justice Society, and is granted a probationary membership in JSA 21 Goyer redefined Adam's personality and background, focusing on the character's old-fashioned and militant ideals of justice, and his officious and strongly opinionated attitude.

Despite this, he has stated on many occasions that he respects the Justice Society, particularly members such as Jay Garrick. Several other JSA members are shown to be skeptical of Adam's reformation; primary among them is Atom Smasherwho later becomes Adam's close friend after Adam sympathizes with his decision to kill the near-immortal Extant to save his mother. The writers also created added tension in the book by having Captain Marvel, who is wholly unconvinced that Adam has reformed, join the team.

Terrific venturing back in time to ancient Egypt, where they meet Mighty Adam before his corruption. During this visit, Mighty Adam is grateful to meet Captain Marvel, as Marvel's presence demonstrates that his legacy will survive him even with his children gone, and, when Marvel transforms back into Billy Batson, Adam expresses admiration for the young man's ability to handle the power of Shazam at such a young age, something he doubts he could have achieved himself.

After returning to the present, Marvel notes that he has a better understanding of Adam's motives now after learning about the loss of Adam's family, but Adam rebuffs the offer, commenting that Marvel cannot truly understand him, stating that, while they are not enemies, they will never be friends. Johns and Goyer used this story arc to slightly alter Adam's origin. The character of Blaze is completely removed from the origin story, and Adam's rage is described as having resulted from the conquering of Kahndaq and the murder of his wife and children at the hands of a magically powered supervillain named Ahk-ton whose powers resemble future hero Metamorphowho is working with the notorious immortal Vandal Savage.

The wizard Shazam does not agree with Adam's actions, and robs Adam of his powers and kills him. During the next few issues, Adam forms his own organization, which administers justice the way Adam wants it: Adam's collective executes Kobraa villain who has been acquitted by the legal system Albeit because his followers had threatened to blow themselves up if he wasn't released when the JSA could have spared them his escape and the hassle of a trial by simply killing him when he was first captured.

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Adam then turns his attentions to his old homeland of Kahndaq, now ruled by a militant dictator whose actions had long been ignored by the United Nations. A war soon breaks out, with Adam, his comrades, and the Kahndaqi people on one side, and the Justice Society on the other.

The dictator is finally killed by Atom Smasher. By the end of the arc, the JSA leaves Adam in control of Kahndaq, provided that he does not leave its borders, convincing him that he cannot enforce his rule on the world or he is no better than the dictator he'd defeated. Brainwave is saved by the JSA, Mister Mind is apprehended thanks to the Atom infiltrating Brainwave's head - as part of an undercover mission to confirm whether Adam was brainwashing his comrades - and Nemesis and Alex both die during the battle when Alex loses control of Eclipso.

Only Northwind and Atom Smasher remain at Adam's side, with Atom Smasher later leaving when a time-travelling clash with Degaton results in him meeting Al Pratt in the s and re-evaluating his past motivations. As Kahndaq's ruler, Adam is depicted as fiercely working to protect his people and his nation, although his arrogance is still a handicap; when the Spectre attacked Khandaq after being corrupted by Eclipso, Black Adam actually told his people that the JSA were also their enemy because he didn't want to give his people the impression that he needed help to protect them, despite the fact that he was clearly outmatched by the Spectre's power.

The Society is run by Alexander Luthor, Jr. Needing a member of the Marvel Family to power the apparatus he has designed to recreate the alternate Earths of the Multiverse, Luthor has the Society betray and capture Black Adam. With the help of the mind-controlling powers of the Psycho-PirateLuthor is able to control Adam and have him call down the magic Shazam lightning bolt to fuel the apparatus; the Spectre 's rampage during the Day of Vengeance storyline has reverted all magic in the DC Universe to a raw, chaotic structure, and the death of the wizard Shazam has transformed him into a tether that can be used to harness the magic, allowing Alexander to use any member of the Marvel family to power his equipment if the wizard's name is spoken.

By the end of the miniseries, Black Adam is freed by Superboy and Nightwing. Adam quickly kills Psycho-Pirate and, following a failed attempt to defeat Superboy-Prime which reveals that magic does not affect Superboy-Prime, as Adam's blows allegedly only "tickled"he is transported to Earth-5 when he is punched too far from the Tower by Superboy-Prime. He joins the heroes, although he is generally regarded as being on his own side by the other combatantsin the Battle of Metropolis, destroying Amazo shortly after his arrival.

Depicted as the violent protector of the nation of KahndaqAdam kills several supervillains in public and on television to demonstrate his views. As a result, he is distrusted by the superhuman community. Black Adam sends Intergang a message by killing Noose, by tearing his face apart, and sending the rest of the Intergang members home, leaving Adrianna behind.

During Week 10, he creates an international metahuman coalition against the perceived metahuman supremacy of the United States. Adrianna begins to counsel him and stays as a refugee. She makes him a ruler who shows more mercy and performs charitable acts. With help from Captain Marvel, who first thinks Adam is trying to attack him, he transforms Adrianna into the superheroine Isis.

Four weeks later, in Week 16, he proposes with a jewel given to Cleopatra by Caesar, and the two are married, with Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel Family as witnesses, Mary as bridesmaid. Renee Montoya and the Question prevent a suicide bomber, a child sent by Intergang, from ruining the wedding. Due to a failed escape attempt, Amon suffers near-fatal wounds from repeated beatings, meaning that he will never walk again.

Isis' brother then becomes a new addition to the Black Marvel Family under the name Osiris. They help the Marvels beat the demonic Sabbac using their lightning strike on Halloween when he tries to sacrifice children to the demon Neron while several stories high. He is then moved to an unknown location. Osiris is accepted into the Teen Titans. Upon returning from a mission, he and the rest of the Black Marvel Family are attacked by the Suicide Squad.

The Black Marvels defeat the Squad, but not before footage of them in battle including Osiris' accidental killing of a Squad member who was attacking Isis is captured by Amanda Wallerwho uses it to further ruin the Black Marvel Family's reputation.

Meanwhile, Khandaq is struck by a number of natural disasters, which seem to have a supernatural origin. He engages in more beneficial activities, like a charity dinner with the Sivanas.

Wracked with guilt over the death of the PersuaderOsiris ventures to the Rock of Eternity and pleads with Captain Marvel to have his powers removed, as he fears Black Adam's influence and those of his gods has tainted him with evil. Black Adam arrives and the two battle until subdued by Isis and the Marvels. Osiris relents, seemingly accepting that he has repented enough for Persuader's death, and accompanies the Black Marvel Family back home.

However, when Osiris and his friend Sobekthe talking crocodile, are alone, he admits that he was only putting up a front to appease those around him, and that he could never forgive himself for killing anyone, as Black Adam has.

Sobek advises Osiris that he should say Black Adam's name and rid himself of the powers he has come to hate. Osiris does so, only to be betrayed and brutally devoured by Sobek, while in his mortal form. Isis and Adam confront Sobek after finding Osiris' body, who reveals that he is Famine, the Fourth Horseman of Apokolipsone of four creatures created by Intergang to attack Black Adam.

Adam swiftly disposes of Sobek by hyper-elongating his jaws, and does battle with the other three Horsemen. One of them, Pestilence, infects Isis with a deadly disease before Adam kills him and his partner War. A gravely ill Isis saves Adam from Death using her powers to send Death into the sky with a geyser of lava, and tells Adam with her dying breaths that she was wrong to try to change his views on justice, and that he should avenge both her and Osiris.

Sick with grief over the death of his family, Adam proceeds to exterminate the entire 2, citizen population of Bialya in his hunt for his target.

Upon confronting his family's killer, the enraged Adam battles a greatly enhanced Death, who has been feeding on the slaughter of Bialya's population. Despite his enhanced strength, Death is defeated by Adam with a barrage of mystic lightning.

While torturing Death for an entire day, Adam learns the identity and whereabouts of the Horsemen's masters, flying off to Oolong Island in search of the Science Squad. He easily gets past their defenses, even a weapon equivalent to the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs proving incapable of stopping him.

However, Adam is subdued by the scientists, who projected a dimensional field into his mind the size of a football field, rendering him powerless. They then use an electro-crown to reroute his body's impulses and hold him as a prisoner. Sivana tortures Adam for weeks using the electrical crown, which only serves to enrage Adam further, who vows to tear them all apart.

The " Science Squad " makes a worldwide announcement that they plan to sell Black Adam as a living weapon to the highest bidder, resulting in the Justice Society assaulting the island to free Adam.

10 Things You Need to Know About Shazam and Black Adam

It is revealed that Chang Tzu had built the Horsemen under orders of China, who wanted Adam and his family to be assassinated after Adam withdrew from the Freedom of Power Treaty. Adam refuses to be taken into custody for the destruction of Bialya, despite the requests of Atom-Smasher, once more flying off to seek revenge for the death of his family. Enraged to the point of madness, Black Adam launched a week-long attack against the heroes of the world, referred to afterward as "World War III".

Tearing across the globe, Adam destroys many historical landmarks, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Egyptian pyramids in his battle with dozens of superheroes who attempt to stop him. Adam's sustained assault finally prompts the decimated Chinese superhero team the Great Ten to allow the Justice Society and a coalition of other American metahumans onto Chinese soil in an attempt to stop Adam.

Although he failed to remove Black Adam's powers, Captain Marvel gathers with a group of mystics, including Zatanna and the Phantom Strangerto work a spell which would allow him to use his powers to transform Black Adam back to his human form instead of himself.

Green Lantern Alan Scott and Power Girl restrained Black Adam as they dragged him into the lightning's path, but the resulting blast tears him from their hands. Teth-Adam, once again human, escaped with the aid of Atom Smasher, who carried him to safety after saving him from his fall.

After Adam was depowered, Marvel also changed Adam's magic word with his abilities as the new guardian of the Rock of Eternity, keeping it secret to prevent him from ever regaining his powers. The Dark Age[ edit ] Black Adam's quest to gain his powers back between the events of 52 and Countdown was depicted in a six-issue miniseries entitled Black Adam: The Dark Age, published from late to early Sometime after his defeat in World War III, Adam gathers a small band of Kahndaqi men who still remain loyal to Adam, and sneaks into a heavily guarded and war-torn Kahndaq in disguise having had his minions beat him mercilessly to alter his appearance to retrieve the bones of Isis.

The men kill the guards at the tomb, and get Isis' remains. Most of Adam's men perish in a battle with a band of soldiers waiting for Adam at the tomb, but Adam manages to escape with Isis' remains. When the Justice Society later arrives at the scene following the shootout, Atom Smasher finds Isis' left ring finger and wedding ring, which Adam accidentally dropped during his escape.

One of Adam's loyal servants, Hassan, the last surviving, offers himself as food to Adam to help him survive across the mountains. Adam takes Isis' bones to a Lazarus Pit in the Himalayas with the intentions of using it to resurrect her, but cannot complete the process without either using all of Isis' bones including the missing ring finger or her magical amulet, which has gone missing.

He makes his way to Doctor Fate 's tower looking for the amulet, and finds supervillain sorcerer Felix Faustwho was trapped in the tower by Ralph Dibny during Realizing that Isis is powerful enough to free him from the tower, Faust agrees to help Adam locate the pieces of the amulet.

He enacts a spell which allows Teth-Adam to transform into Black Adam by drawing from the residual magic remaining in Isis' bones, with Adam using her name as a magic word. However, Faust warns Adam to use his powers only when absolutely necessary, lest Adam drain all of Isis' remaining power and make her resurrection impossible. Using a homing signal etched into his hand by Faust, Adam sets out across the globe hunting down the pieces of Isis' amulet. At the same time, the Justice Society is working with the Marvels to perfect a way of using the Shazam lightning bolt to track Black Adam and bring him to justice.

In addition, a hired team of armed vigilantes covertly funded by the U. Despite these challenges, Adam is able to retrieve all of the pieces of Isis' amulet and Atom Smasher meets with Adam in secret to give him Isis' ring finger, though he keeps the ring to himself. Adam spends the entire quest reciting the names of streets, signs, locations, moods, and emotions in hopes of stumbling upon his new magic word.

At the very end of his quest, Teth-Adam walks into a Fawcett City malt shop and orders a chocolate egg cream - only to find that "chocolate egg cream" is what Captain Marvel changed his magic word to.

With his original powers restored, Adam flies to Fate's Tower and confronts Faust. He tells Faust that if he crosses him he will come after them.

Solomon was the third king of united Israel in historical times. According to the Bible God blessed him with supernatural wisdom at his request to lead Israel. Captain Marvel has instant access to a vast amount of knowledge.

10 Things You Need to Know About Shazam and Black Adam

The wisdom of Solomon is sometimes known as the Wisdom of the Ancients. Captain Marvel has superhuman clairvoyance and awareness. He is provided with counsel and advice in times of need. Captain Marvel has knowledge of all languages, ancient and modern warfare, and can hypnotize or enchant people with his power.

The power of wisdom lends him knowledge far beyond mortal comprehension. Captain Marvel has exceptional photographic recall and mental acuity allowing him to read and decipher hieroglyphics, recall everything he has ever learned and solve long mathematical equations. Instantaneously he can make intuitive guesses based on limited data; to the point his guesses are almost always correct; also he has a great understanding of divine phenomenon in the mortal world.

Captain Marvel possesses an uncanny awareness of his circumstances that allows him to turn disadvantages into advantages. Through sheer power and magic he can hypnotize people for length of time undetermined. Only those of great willpower can overcome this ability.

He can speak every language known to humans as well as ancient or dead languages and is able to understand aliens. H for the Strength of Hercules: In his role as Earth's Mightiest Mortal, Batson has incredible super strength.

He has stalemated Superman in an arm wrestling contest, and has managed to match the strength of an Eclipso possesed Superman when he wasn't holding back at all although Eclipso didn't know how to use Superman's power at it full extent and also Marvel showed more strain, indicating that Superman is fractionally strongerand has rendered Superman unconscious however he had the advantage of catching Superman by surprise.

Captain Marvel has moved and destroyed massive objects. He has fought warriors such as Wonder Woman and Superman although both of them have defeated him. Captain Marvel refrains from such power displays as physically moving planets, although, given his abilities against Superman and Wonder Woman, such feats would be within his abilities. A for the Stamina of Atlas: The Titan known as Atlas had limitless endurance. Atlas cradled the Earth for time immemorial.

He can overcome tremendous physical resistance. This superhuman ability lends to his ability to stay as Captain Marvel for elongated periods of time, survive in space and fight seemingly endless battles such as his fight with the [[w: Spectre Spectre] or Black Adam. He does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe as Shazam.

His incredible metabolism endows him with practically infinite endurance and inexhaustible stamina. Z for the Power of Zeus: Zeus was Olympus's high father and the god of magical lightning bolts.

Zeus' power, besides fueling the magic thunderbolt that transform Captain Marvel, also enhances Captain Marvel's other physical and magical abilities. This power reinforces his physical invulnerability and resistance against magic spells and attacks. Captain Marvel can use the magical lightning as a weapon. He can summon Zeus's lighting bolts to strike his opponents. Zeus's lightning may be used to create mythic apparatus, restore damage done to Marvel, and act as a power source for magical spells.

He knocked Superman unconscious with the speed of Mercury and with his fists wrapped in lighting bolts. This boosts his Invulnerability and Endurance powers to god-like levels. Making him only affected by the most potent of spells and abilities. His muscles, height increase, weight, mass and all physical properties that differ from Billy Batson's are a magical enhancement.

This can only be used to travel to the Rock of Eternity. He is the focal point and immediate source of Mary Marvel and Freddy Freeman's powers. Just as Shazam is the source of Billy Batson's powers.

Captain Marvel is a creature of pure and ancient magic. This allows for his ability to resist and cast magic spells, Zeus's Lightning being the most notable. If he is injured in battle he may call on the magical lightning to heal himself and mend wounds. If wounded, his divine and supernatural energies enable him to recover at other worldly speed.

A for the Courage of Achilles: Captain Marvel has heroic levels of inner strength from which to draw. He has the courage of the Greek Hero Achilles which in battle and while in the Captain Marvel form allows him to wield great bravery and spirit. Captain Marvel is blessed with an innate and harmonious good will. A divine cheerfulness that is characterized by his trademark grin. It gives him a perseverance that pushes him to always confront a challenge with a knowing optimism. Captain Marvel is virtually invulnerable, and resistant to all types of physical injuries.

His resilience to damage is on par with beings such as Superman, but without the weaknesses. With the Courage of Achilles combined with the Wisdom of Solomon and the boyish personality of Billy Batson this creates a certain kind of optimism of which Captain Marvel is supremely known for. Able to smile down most opponents and using his powers in special ways other than fighting, Captain Marvel will forever remain the staple "boy scout".

M for the Speed of Mercury: By channeling Mercury's speed, Captain Marvel can easily fly and move at speeds far exceeding Mach 10 2 miles a second while in earth's atmosphere. This is far from his limit as the Speed of Mercury allows him to move at speeds faster than light. Just like Black Adam, his reflexes and speed enhance the impact of his uncharted physical strength.

Thanks to the power of Mercury, Marvel flies as swiftly as the messenger god of Greek and Roman myth. He can move at incredible speeds making him fast enough to fight beings such as Superman and Black Adam.

Captain Marvel can also mystically fly through the atmosphere. This enables him to soar effortlessly sub-orbital levels and travel across the planet in blinding speed. He can travel through space, but has sometimes uses devices to ease communication during interstellar travel. Abilities Expert escape artist Pharelle manage to escape after being assault by his former football teammates.

Combatant pharelle manage take on the hole football team. As Captain Marvel he received the upgrade to Lord Marvel and became the keeper of the Rock of Eternity he was one of the strongest beings in the Universe. Weaknesses High Order Magic: Only the strongest of magics can affect him in any particular way, such as those wielded by the Spectre.

The spell that allows Billy to transform into Captain Marvel is purely vocal. Therefore, if he is prevented from speaking, such as being gagged, he will not be able to transform. A powerful enough electric discharge can transform Captain Marvel back into Billy and vice versa. This has worked both to his advantage and detriment oftentimes. Former Weaknesses Guardian of the Rock Limitation: Marvel is required to remain on the Rock of Eternity, and can only be away from the Rock for twenty-four hours at a time.

However, as Billy is no longer the caretaker of the Rock of Eternity, this weakness no longer applies. Equipment All the mystical items belonging to Shazam.

Shazam owned the Historama that adorns the space near his throne at the Rock of Eternity.