Diplomatic relationship between bangladesh and germany

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diplomatic relationship between bangladesh and germany

After the end of the Second World War, Switzerland established diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Germany in With the. China-Germany Diplomatic and Security Strategic Dialogue in Beijing. Speaking highly of the positive progress in China-Germany relations. The foreign relations share the Bangladeshi government's policies in its external relations with . Bangladesh have established official diplomatic relations with most of the members of United Nations as well as After the independence of Bangladesh in , East Germany was the third country in the world, and the first.

InPresident Ziaur Rahman was included in a 3-member "Al-Quds" summit committee to attend the summit at Morocco.

Foreign relations of Germany - Wikipedia

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation[ edit ] The government also pursued the expansion of co-operation among the nations of South Asia, bringing the process—an initiative of former President Ziaur Rahman—through its earliest, most tentative stages to the formal inauguration of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation SAARC at a summit gathering of South Asian leaders in Dhaka in December The member nations of this group are: Developing 8 Countries[ edit ] Main article: Developing 8 Countries Bangladesh is among the 8 member countries of this organization.

But no plans for expansion have been made by Bangladesh. The Developing 8 is an economic development alliance consisting of Muslim majority states which focuses in multiple areas which are rural development, science and technology, banking, agriculture, humanitarian development, energy, environment, health and finance.

diplomatic relationship between bangladesh and germany

On 14 May in Bali, Indonesia, Bangladesh was the only nation not to sign a preferential trade agreement. InBangladesh signed the APTA agreement which would enable it to reduce trade gaps between itself and other nations such as China, South Korea and its neighbour India. The APTA pact does occupy market for Another aspect of the agreement is to be given duty-free access to its products. Bangladesh has a permanent mission in Geneva to look after matters relating to multilateral trading system under the WTO regime since the mids.

The framework seeks to benefit from the expertise of the NGOs in exchange for these groups to have a chance for influencing foreign policy.

diplomatic relationship between bangladesh and germany

Bush at the White House in Inthe discovery that the terrorist cell which carried out the attacks against the United States on 11 Septemberwas based in Hamburg, sent shock waves through the country[ clarification needed ].

Nearly all of the public was strongly against America's invasion of Iraqand any deployment of troops. In Augustthe German government disclosed a botched plot to bomb two German trains.

diplomatic relationship between bangladesh and germany

The attack was to occur in July and involved a year-old Lebanese man, identified only as Youssef Mohammed E. Prosecutors said Youssef and another man left suitcases stuffed with crude propane-gas bombs on the trains.

Mosud Mannan , Ambassador of Bangladesh to Germany

However, Germany, along with some other larger European countries with the exception of the UK and the Netherlandshave been criticised by the UK and Canada for not sharing the burden of the more intensive combat operations in southern Afghanistan.

The development policy of the Federal Republic of Germany is an independent area of German foreign policy. The German government sees development policy as a joint responsibility of the international community.

The international target of 0.

diplomatic relationship between bangladesh and germany