Blaine and kurt meet

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blaine and kurt meet

A prequel to my story Meet the Warblers. How Blaine and Kurt's relationship progressed from the moment they met up to the day Kurt transfers. So I know this has probably been done before, but I wanted to put my own spin on it. It is a story of "what if Kurt and Blaine didn't meet until the. The Blaine-Kurt Relationship, most commonly known as Klaine, is the romantic relationship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. They meet in the.

Kurt eagerly pasted the pictures onto his presentation board. Schue's assignment wasn't the opposite of what he normally did, he could definitely help the boys get in touch with their feminine sides. Well, our Glee assignment, but I've taken over control," Kurt replied smugly, adding a picture of himself to the center.

Blaine Anderson

Working on the mash-up was a well-needed break from worrying about Apparently, he felt bad about the heart attack and what had happened with Finn, so he was trying to get closer to his song. It was working, to a point. Dad knew him so well. Luckily, the assignment is to do the opposite of what we normally do, which is classic rock or rap, in leather. Not 'gay' enough to make their masculinity feel threatened, "Kurt rolled his eyes, "but it will definitely be better then whatever Rachel comes up with.

His dad really was trying. Second, boys are completely driven by testosterone, which means their overall goal is to win, and the more opposite the performance is, the more points we get," Kurt explained, putting away his glue and magazines.

You know how guys can get. After coming so close to losing his father, he understood better why his dad was so protective.

That didn't mean it couldn't be annoying. Walking over to the kitchen table where Kurt had been working and dumping away the rest of that 'heart healthy' crap as he didhe looked through Kurt's work. Oh boy, this wouldn't end well. Setting up his presentation mentally thanking the nice-if-eccentric art teacher that had lent him the easels and humming the mash-up to himself, Kurt mentally ran through his speech.

The boys would like his idea, he knew it. And he would certainly have his almost-step-brother on his side, right? The boys all walked in with identical expressions of skepticism.

blaine and kurt meet

Kurt nervously wrung his hands, knowing that they wouldn't notice. Puck, of course, arrived late and threw off Kurt's whole time system, making him mentally curse the moment Mrs. Puckerman decided she wanted children. He earned points for having something to write notes on so did Mike, but he was probably doodling.

blaine and kurt meet

If he was, he wouldn't be in this room! Whether it was in support of Artie what an odd friendship that wasor because he was just arrogant, it didn't matter. As he saw it, he was standing at the front of the room with the pointer, he had the power.

All the Neanderthal had was a football. After a long moment, he said "Fine" picked up the board that he had worked so hard on and left. Nobody tried to call him back, and his face burned even brighter. Screw the trouble he would get in for skipping US History. Maybe it would be nice to go somewhere he was actually appreciated, instead of constantly mocked and tormented. Dalton Academy seemed to be an extremely nice school.

Thankfully, the first thing he saw on the web site was pictures of boys cute boys, he thought before pushing the idea away. Life wasn't that nice to him in their uniforms. There had to be some way he could replicate it. Scribbling down the address for his GPS, Kurt immediately went to his closet. Black jacket no Dalton crest, but hopefully nobody would noticered tie hidden enough by the jacketwhite shirt, and Black pants not baggy enough, but they would have to do.

The 'uniform' wasn't perfect, but Kurt had a feeling it wouldn't matter.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

And he added stylish sunglasses ignoring that it was late Octoberjust because he could. Dalton Academy was amazing and classy. It gave off the air of having an immaculate history and every surface he had seen was covered in wood. In hindsight, visiting the school without any kind of layout or plan was a dumb idea.

So, Kurt just followed the tide. For some reason, all the boys seemed to be rushing in one direction. Following the stream of uniforms down a beautiful stair case with wrought-iron railings and a artistic skylight, Kurt took his sunglasses off his nose, talking to the first boy he saw.

Blaine was clearly studying his obviously fake uniform. Now, Kurt was slightly nervous. Every now and then they throw an impromptu performance in the senior commons. It tends to shut the school down for a while. In McKinley, the only reason this many students would converge was if Jacob Ben Israel's head was being shaved and he was hoisted up the flagpole by his Ninja Turtle underwear.

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Seemed too good to be true. Blaine was gorgeous and, ignoring the fact that he probably wasn't gay, it was actually very romantic also ignoring the fact that Blaine had grabbed the wrong hand and was currently trying to dislocate his shoulder. All too soon, the short-cut was over, and they came to big wooden doors. Blaine pushed the doors open, and the room behind them was swarming with boys moving furniture. The uniform, it seemed, had different variations, and Kurt mentally cursed not looking around the web site more.

He could have duplicated the red sweater look easily. Now, if you'll excuse me," he added, discarding his messenger bag. Then the music started, and Kurt realized Blaine was the Warblers' lead soloist. He seemed more like a groupie, the way he talked. Before you met me, I was alright, but things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life. Now, every February, you'll be my Valentine The Warblers, he would admit, were good, but all he could focus on was Blaine, and the little heart he was making.

Blaine sang the last line of the verse directly to Kurt with a little nod, and Kurt could feel himself melting. Let's go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love. We can dance until we die, you and I will be young forever. Students were snapping and bopping along to the music, and it was incredible and slightly unnerving, but Kurt could not take his eyes off of Blaine, who looked at him he was sure more then he looked at anyone else in the room.

It was probably a coincidence, making the 'new kid' feel more comfortable, but it still enchanted Kurt. You make me feel like I'm livin' a teenage dream, the way you turn me on.

blaine and kurt meet

I can't sleep, let's run away and don't ever look back Kurt's heart jumped straight out of his throat when Blaine pointed to him on the first line.

They all pointed absentmindedly into the audience, but Blaine was looking at him too. The whole room seemed more animated as they went into the chorus. The same thing happened both with the students and Blaine as they repeated the chorus.

It was honestly like a crazy dream, a beautiful boy was serenading him and people boys, no less were actually supporting a Glee Club. Imma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans Be your teenage dream tonight! I can't sleep, let's run away and don't ever look back. Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight!

blaine and kurt meet

Not only were their harmonies amazing because they definitely werebut the entire performance wasn't focused around or dependent on Blaine like it would be if it was Rachel. Kurt wondered for a moment where their director was, but found that he couldn't care less. Everyone clapped, cheered, and offered their congratulations when they finished.

Blaine gave him a little wink as he accepted the praise he was being given. After most of the Dalton students had wandered out of the commons the Warblers stayedBlaine wandered over to Kurt. Blaine's voice was amazing, the dancing was uniform if simplenot many a cappella choirs do that well, and the other students had loved them.

They really were rock stars. So, tell me about yourself. Kurt tried to ignore how odd it was that Blaine seemed completely comfortable touching him. Say what you want about him, but he had an interesting past. I think I like 'new kid' better," Blaine grinned. Now, who are you? Luckily, Kurt had an extra set of clothes in my car a habit that came with getting slushied on a regular basis. When he came back in, Blaine led him to what seemed to be a cafeteria or study area with tables.

Kurt sat down in the only available chair at the table, the rest of the area was deserted, with a few students floating around in the other part of the room.

The school really had shut down. Kurt murmured 'thank you' barely forming the words. He was sitting at one side of the table, and the three Dalton boys were sitting on the other, making it feel a lot like an interrogation. Before Kurt went and made a complete fool of himself out of this completely unattainable guy, he had to ask. Could you repeat that? For once, I'm actually interested in a gay guy. Blaine couldn't tear his hands away from Kurt's hot thin body.

Blaine's lips traveled to Kurt's pale flawless neck. Kurt sighed pulling the older boy closer. The quicker we get in, the more you can touch. Blaine shuttered pushing one hand into his dress pants pocket pulling out a single key and a bowtie keychain. He unlocked the door, Kurt falling back a bit, but Blaine was right their, pulling him back against his body. Blaine moaned, pushing the door closed with his foot. Kurt dug his fingers into Blaine's hair, pulling.

Kurt pulled away unbuttoning his blazer shaking it off his shoulders. It hit the wooden floor. He wore a white button down and red tie. Kurt loosened his tie letting it hang around his neck and he unbuttoned his shirt so you could see the top of his collarbone.

Blaine stepped forward, ready to grab him, but Kurt backed up, smirking. I'm loving your reaction. Blaine tore off his blazer ripping his shirt open, as he pressed his body against Kurt's once again, both of them falling onto the twin sized bed.

Kurt laughed pulling Blaine closer.

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Blaine nibbled against Kurt's lower lip, pulling at it, making him shake and moan. Blaine tightened his grip on the younger boys hips lifting him up pushing him up the bed so they were both on it. Blaine straddled his waist, smiling. He pushed up Kurt's white shirt, his chest showing as Blaine leaned down kissing and biting the perfect white skin.

I use to live in Lima, why haven't I seen you before? Kurt ran his hands through Blaine's thick hair. Blaine hummed in agreement. Blaine popped Kurt's button.

Blaine pulled down his zipper shimmying it off. There was a nice tent in Kurt's boxers, Blaine moaned. Blaine ripped off his button down and tie. Kurt's hand slowly raised to Blaine's stomach. Blaine sighed, coming closer to Kurt.

He pressed their chests together. Kurt wrapped his arms under Blaine's shoulders pressing his fingertips to Blaine's back, feeling the olive skin. Kurt's lips brushed against Blaine's shoulder, closing his eyes he enjoyed the closeness. Blaine watched him smiling.

blaine and kurt meet

His fingertips were slowly running through Kurt's chestnut hair. Kurt looked up at him smiling. Blaine smiled, shaking at the feeling of pleasure rolling around his lower stomach. Blaine closed his eyes smiling. Kurt pressed open mouth kisses along Blaine's collarbone, biting down when Blaine quickened. Kurt hummed lifting his hips with Blaine's. Blaine sat up lust overflowing his eyes as he pushed down his pants, kicking them down.

Both of them were in boxers, Kurt started to blush. Blaine smiled leaning back down kissing Kurt passionately. Kurt smiled pressing a hand onto Blaine's cheek. But there is something, something about you, us. I feel something when I touch your gorgeous body. Kurt giggled pulling Blaine's lips onto his kissing him. Blaine rolled his hips against Kurt's.

They both groaned Kurt's hands rubbed down Blaine's back dipping into his back dimples. Kurt smiled, as he rubbed his hands over Blaine's butt under his boxers. Blaine cried out throwing his head back, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Blaine moaned shaking, almost coming that second, just at the sight.

Blaine pressed his head in Kurt's stomach kissing it "May I ask how you want to do this? Blaine groaned, crawling up Kurt's body. Blaine leaned over opening the nightstand draw. He grabbed a condom and lube. Opening the little bottle, he squeezed some out onto his fingers. And of course I will, I promise.

Rubbing the lube onto his pointer and middle fingers he took Kurt's legs, wrapping them around his waist.

He pulled Kurt's butt closer, he sighed seeing Kurt's asshole. He circled around it slowly looking at Kurt.