Semo all comers meet 2014

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, B, , MO#2, Vanderbilt HS Invitational (#6). , B- Invitational (#3). , B, , SEMO All Comers Meet (#1). All members disclosed they had driven or walked by the site. Ms. Olsen .. property does not meet two or more of the Coronado historic designation criteria, as outlined in the criteria Robert Semo and Joellen Semo which measure " and match the comers at the Main House. HR In the past 6 years we have held over 80 USATF Sanctioned meets at our facilities. And have . Semo's All Comers Meet today. . Sunday OCTOBER 19,

Here again, I could not tell you how many meets I have been in my life probably in the thousandsbut what I saw at the end of the Proviso West Invitational today made my stomach turn. I was at the Normal West Invitational last evening. The host coach Steve Destri had a problem in the morning when four schools close to St.

Louis could not come due to the weather. The meet had to be reseeded and new heat sheets had to be created.

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Destri made sure that the timing company knew of these changes and implemented. The meet went on as planned. Each field event went on without a hitch. The only thing that Destri and the Normal West staff required is that each team makes sure they pick up their garbage before they leave. The meet actually finished ahead of schedule. I will be back at that meet next year. Today I attended the Proviso West Invitational.

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The majority of the schools were already camped out and getting ready for the meet. I got a meet program and saw that one of the schools had been marked off of the front page of the program. When I went to check the heat sheets, I noticed that the school marked out still had athletes in most of the events. We got to 10 AM and the meet was scheduled to begin.

Hip numbers were supposed to be given to athletes in each race to make it easier for the timer. No one was assigned to check in the athletes and to give out the numbers. Of line of athletes waited anxiously to do this and what stared at them was a box of numbers of two empty chairs. I asked one of the coaches if Proviso West had a new coach.

He told me yes. He told me that you would not find him on the track.

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He probably is giving out awards or somewhere else. The meet started 15 minutes late.


He used another term for him that I would not repeat. By the time the meet was over, I could see that it applied. I do not like being critical about coaching styles. Each coach has their own unique style that helps their athlete improve. I am still trying to figure out the style of Mr. I was told at one of the first meets of the year by one of the workers that was in attendance, the Proviso West coach did not show up until half way through the meet.

I saw Henderson coaching his athletes one time during the meet. I was on the track the entire meet and I am a pretty observant guy. Way to be a Panther! I went up a couple of times to look at the results that were posted on the wall by the awards. I did not see him any of those times I passed. The meet ended close to 4PM, almost a half hour behind schedule but it seemed like more. Athletes had been in the Field House more than seven hours. They were tired because of the competition.

They wanted to come home. An announcement came from the public address system. It was not the voice of the meet announcer but that of Mr. We need to get all the equipment put away.

We need to get the high jump and pole vault pits put away. It is hard for me to know if he had planned that. Tired athletes looked around for the guidance of their coaches to see what they wanted them to do. LASER was the showcase of the faire and invited several local teams to join them in demonstrating the importance of robotics. They were accompanied by their coach and Assistant Superintendent. The purpose of the trip was to educate members of Congress about the need for high quality STEM programs to be available to all youth in America.

The team reminisced on all the great memories of the year. At this event, 32 teams competed and LASER made it to the quarter finals as the 4th alliance captain. The second team qualified because of their rank in the Southern Missouri Division.

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Mid Mo fll Jr. This event was held at Osage Beach Elementary on April 8th. This was their last open qualifier of the season. LASER was incredibly excited to compete at the qualifier and was proud of the community support! LASER hosted, ran, and sponsored this meet!

LASER won the regional as the captain of the third alliance!