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July 31, was selected as the date of the event to meet the timing of peak .. Parents can only feel the results of your teaching if you show them and tell them. Chelsa Memmel, Maria Scaffid i, Borgan Jacobsen, Dayna Smart, Morgan Hudson, NH at (), Fax (), Email: [email protected] Kate Brown [5] - CGA. Morgan Lalonde [5] - New Hope Gymnastics . Shana Hatfield [4] - NH NEGTC. Katelyn Quandt [4] - DGA. Welcome to NEGTC - a USA Gymnastics Training Center and home of the NEGTC competitive teams. .. A gymnast may be scratched from an event or meet as a result of parent's uncontrolled reactions to a .. Avery Morgan L3 Windham.

New England Gymnastics Training Center, L.L.C.

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