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meet wwe superstars 2014 jeep

Meet all your favorite Superstars — including Finn Bálor, Roman Brie Bella takes the fight to Stephanie McMahon: SummerSlam Paul Donald Wight II (born February 8, ), better known by the ring name Big Show, is an American professional wrestler and actor. He is signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand. Through doing the latter for a karaoke company, he met Danny Bonaduce in a live microphone amateur contest on. Former WWE superstar-Track Champion at MIS-Jeep enthusiast-Survivalist. Co- author of . Embed Tweet. @EllisMbeh I was "SHOCKED" to meet "Shocked Undertaker guy, Ellis Mbeh. . Trevor Cardinal @SirCardinal 22 Oct More .

After he threw Austin into the side of the cage, the cage broke, causing Austin to fall outside to the floor, meaning he won the match. Wight subsequently served as McMahon's enforcer.

Wight incapacitated Mankind, but got disqualified in the process, meaning that he could not be referee.

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Mankind won the right to be the official but was taken to a hospital following the match with Wight although he eventually returned during the Championship match. Undertaker attempted a diving clothesline but Wight caught him and performed a chokeslam through the ring on Undertaker; the referee was forced to stop the match and Undertaker retained his title.

Following the match BradshawFaarooqand Mideon all ran down to attack Big Show and were all subsequently chokeslammed as well. After it was reported that Big Show's father was terminally ill with cancer in reality, Wight's father had died years beforethe Boss Man had one of his crooked police colleagues inform Show that his father had died, and then mocked Show's tearful reaction.

Several weeks later, after Big Show's father had kayfabe died, the Boss Man interrupted the ten-bell toll by reciting an offensive poem. Later, Boss Man invaded the funeral and used a chain to couple the coffin to the Blues Brothers Bluesmobiletowing the coffin away with a grief-stricken Big Show clinging on to it. He won the match after Big Boss Man was counted out. Trying to regain the title, Wight participated in the Royal Rumble match where he antagonized The Rock, turning heel again.

The Rock eliminated him to win the Royal Rumble. Wight was convinced that he had won, and eventually produced a video tape that showed The Rock's feet striking the ground first. Rock was desperate to reclaim his title shot, and eventually agreed to a match with Big Show on the March 13 episode of Raw — if he won, the WrestleMania title match would become a Triple Threat match, and if he lost, he would retire from the WWF. Shane McMahon, now actively supporting Big Show's bid to become champion, appointed himself as the special guest referee.

However, The Rock triumphed when Vince McMahon assaulted Shane and donned the referee shirt, personally making the three count.

meet wwe superstars 2014 jeep

Big Show was the first man eliminated from the match at WrestleMania after the other three competitors worked together against him. After The Undertaker threw Show off a stage through a table on the August 7, episode of Raw, he was removed from WWF television for the remainder of the year.

He turned face soon after. The stable disbanded after Kevin Nash was injured. During this time, Big Show adopted a new attire, donning black jeans and taking on a new hairstyle and facial hair. He lost the title to Kurt Angle a month later at Armageddon. He lost to Benoit after Benoit pinned him. He renewed his feud with Lesnar, wrestling him four times for the WWE title including a Stretcher match at Judgment Daybut was unsuccessful in his attempt to regain the title.

On the June 12, episode of SmackDown! The referee called for the event physician Dr. Burke, EMTs, medics, trainers, and even more referees. This kept the title in Lesnar's hands and both went to the hospital. On the June 26, episode of SmackDown! This was Hulk Hogan's last appearance as Mr. He was eliminated by Chris Benoit at the Royal Rumble. On the April 15, episode of SmackDown!

Kurt Angle ascended the ledge to try to talk some reason into Big Show, but he chokeslammed Angle off the ledge, kayfabe concussing him and breaking his leg, as well as causing the back of Angle's head to bleed. Big Show defeated Angle at No Mercy.

At WrestleMania 21Big Show faced Sumo Grand Champion Akebono in a worked sumo match ; [39] the match was added to the show to attract a strong pay-per-view audience in Japan, where Akebono is considered a sporting legend.

In the weeks preceding the match, Big Show pushed over a jeep driven to the ring by Luther Reigns to show that he was capable of moving the marginally heavier Akebono. Big Show lost to Akebono at WrestleMania He successfully pinned Gene Snitsky in a Tag Team match, which turned into a singles match when both men's partners brawled backstage.

After squashing his scheduled opponents for several weeks, Wight returned to his rivalry with Snitsky. On August 22, he foiled Snitsky's harassment of backstage interviewer Maria.

Over the next several weeks, Wight defeated many other wrestlers from other brands, such as Ric Flair and Kane to retain the now renamed ECW World Championship, but lost to Batista and The Undertaker by disqualification. Following an unsuccessful rematch on December 6,Big Show took time off from the ring to heal injuries he had sustained on ECW.

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Wight was introduced as Paul "The Great" Wight. He stated that "Big Show" was his slave name and that he didn't want to be owned anymore. Return to WWE[ edit ] See also: The film, which was also produced by WWE, is completely absurd from start to finish and will have even the most ardent of wrestling fans crying with laughter. Most film fans, however, probably know him as feared mob hitman Luca Brasi, bodyguard to Vito Corleone and all-round enforcer for the Corleone family. It was also a role that helped Montana carve out a film career in the years that followed, with other notable roles including the part of Con Man in the Steve Martin classic The Jerk.

meet wwe superstars 2014 jeep

Terry Funk Much like Steve Austin, Terry Funk has played it pretty safe when it comes to movies, taking on roles as henchman and rednecks and pulling them off with relative ease.

His next most notable role came as an arm-wrestling southern type in the Sylvester Stallone cult favourite Over The Top.

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While the film is fatally flawed in countless respects, Funk more than delivers on his end of the bargain. Hulk Hogan The early '90s was a strange time for fashion, music, and most of all, cinema.

Back then, someone, somewhere decided Hulk Hogan had what it took to become a bonafide movie star, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Though Hogan was capable of playing up to his wrestling persona in movies like Gremlins 2: The New Batchother roles proved trickier to master. He underwhelmed in comedies like Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny, delivering monotone lines and forced, unfunny slapstick comedy skits before finally heading to the smaller screen.

High Noon On Mega Mountain. Born Andre Rene Roussimoff, Andre passed at the age of just 46 in Januarybut left behind a wrestling and acting legacy few in his field could match. Several personas were introduced and quickly scrapped as Jacobs searched for his own clear identity, including Isaac Yankem, a deranged dentist character who was painful in every sense of the word.

Jesse Ventura This might be a controversial choice for some, but in the s, Jesse Ventura provided arguably two of the greatest ever film performances ever by a wrestler.

It got even better with The Running Man, though, alongside Schwarzenegger again, with Ventura sending up his wrestling persona to perfection as Captain Freedom.