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2 days ago 9 seasons, episodes (US) 2 series, 12 episodes (UK) | IMDb: /10 (US) / 10 (UK). The original UK The Office mainstreamed Ricky Gervais' awkward, . the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, he's met with more than he bargained for. .. arrow - good tv series on netflix right now. The CW. Ricky Gervais IMDb wwwimdbcomnamenm Ricky Gervais Writer The Office from MTKG at Texas A&M View Full Document Right Arrow Icon. Valiant is a British–American computer-animated epic adventure comedy film produced by Vanguard Animation, Ealing Studios and Odyssey.

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Rutabaga and her go out to tell everyone that they're leaving when they learn that Mr. Witherspoon had a stroke. Todd goes to see Copernicus so that they can clear things up.

He goes into Copernicus's empty tiny cabin, although he discovers a port hole covered up by a poster. Todd crawls through it and discovers Copernicus has a large luxurious cabin-and most importantly, Copernicus is a fraud, evident by a book of butt jokes on his table.

meet ricky gervais imdb arrow

Copernicus catches Todd and he is taken away by guards. While in the elevator, Rutabaga tries to kiss Princess Carolyn but she tells him that she doesn't want to do that anymore. BoJack goes to the screening and is blown away by the movie.

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Lenny tells him to clear his schedule because they're going to do an awards push for the rest of the year. Lenny introduces him to Ana Spanakopita and she tells him that she's going to help him win an Oscar. BoJack asks if that means nobody who really knows him could love him, to which Ana and Lenny quickly disagree to. He takes his boat out to sea and follows the Giggle Ship Diane meets with her client Sextina Aquafina at Elephante, and Sextina tells her the requirements she has for her tweets.

meet ricky gervais imdb arrow

After she leeaves, Diane notices Mr. He calls her on her cell phone and she pretends to be in Cordovia even though he can see her. Diane plays along and says she can make it home that night. The two say they love each other, and afterwards Mr.

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BoJack manages to get on the Giggle ship and breaks into Todd's improv performance, and begs Todd to come home. Todd can't remember anything due to being brainwashed, so BoJack reminds Todd of who he is and that he should come home. Todd agrees and escapes with BoJack. The two of them run out of the auditorium but run into guards. There is an improv fight that BoJack and Todd win. The two of them make it outside. BoJack climbs down onto his boat.

Todd begins to climb down when Copernicus tries to stop him. Copernicus begins to question why BoJack is his friend, because he sabotaged his rock operaabuses him, and has never said anything nice to him. All of a sudden, BoJack tells Todd he actually made him hash browns the first morning he stayed with him.

He then says he kept eating them and they both threw up in the pool. He tells Todd he told him to clean it up, but he ended up having call the pool cleaner. Afterwards, Todd told him "Thank you for letting me stay here. I don't have anywhere else to go". BoJack explains that made him feel good about himself, and that letting him stay with him was the best thing he ever did on purpose.

The two ride back to land. Princess Carolyn calls BoJack and tells him that she keeps getting calls from New York playwright Jill Pillsaying she really wants to talk to him and that apparently she worked on his show - not Horsin' Around, his other showto BoJack's shock as he realizes what show she means. Princess Carolyn also asks if he wants Herb's ashes. BoJack agrees but Princess Carolyn's assistant, Stuart, accidentally breaks the urn.

Inthe show was anointed in none other than The Guinness Book of World Records as the most downloaded podcast of all time. Years ago, I watched an amateur animation of one of their Monkey News segments on YouTube, and it was obvious then that the podcasts had the potential for a strongly visual component. The new series realizes this potential, even if it proves that the show ultimately works best in a solely auditory form.

Out to Sea

A typical exchange involves Karl saying something that you can hardly believe someone would even think let alone verbalize, which is followed by Ricky refuting the point with either logic or sarcasm. Yet, there are times when his deranged view of the world does conform to a kind of truth come to think of it, I never have seen a homeless Chinese personand his mind does follow a kind of logic, albeit one that may not seem logical to the rest of the world.

A few quibbles regarding consistency aside, I have no criticisms of the audio from which The Ricky Gervais Show is drawn, and most of these are neutralized by the fact that only the best three hours comprise the first season. However, the TV version leaves itself a little vulnerable in regard to the animation. The renderings of Ricky, Stephen, and Karl hit the mark, as they are appropriately put-upon, jaunty, and dour, respectively.

Ricky does look a little like Fred Flintstone, and the crude nature in which his head cracks back and his mouth opens wide when he cackles is endearing, in an old Saturday-morning cartoon kind of way. The rest of the illustrations, well, illustrate the stories, so, for example, when Karl talks about not wanting to donate his eyes if he dies because he wants to be able to see in the afterlife, the image is of a ghost with a cane.

The image of Karl baring his ass to a nudist across the way in an effort to square things up works pretty well, but a lone head in a hospital bed with nothing but wires extending from the neck spoils some of the wonderful weirdness that this idea conjures.

The other concern with The Ricky Gervais Show as a television show rather than as a podcast is that, honestly, I think the show is better enjoyed while walking around town listening to it through earbuds, rather than while sitting on your couch. I realize that TV entertainment is often by no means high art, but am I crazy to think that the stakes are a little higher when you plan a Saturday night around a video?

You might want to look elsewhere. Twenty-two minute shows are simply too short to gain any momentum, especially when Karl drops a theory that takes some time to truly digest there were no worthy inventions in the 20th century?