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Despite a high-pitched voice and occasional discomfort on the details, Halliburton displayed such enthusiasm and recounted such vivid recreations of his often bizarre foreign encounters that he became a delight to audiences. On the strength of his lecturing and increasing celebrity appeal, publisher Bobbs-Merrill, whose editor-in-chief David Laurance Chambers was also a Princeton graduate, accepted his first book, The Royal Road to Romance While young he dated several young women and, as revealed in letters to them, was infatuated with at least two.

He is in the habit of soliciting on Saint-Lazare Street " [13] near the station of the same name. Mooney managed the construction of the house, and offered occasional design advice, suggesting the creation of a small pond behind the house which, for its shape and size, he called " Clark Gable 's ears.

The house, built of concrete and steel and bastion-like in appearance, contained a spacious living room, a spacious dining room and three bedrooms: When he first saw the completed structure, Halliburton enthused, "it flies!

The modified Stearman C-3B was named the Flying Carpet after the magic carpet of fairy tales, subsequently the title of his best-seller. They sailed to England, where their extended mission began. They flew to France, then Spain, the British possession of Gibraltarand on to Africa at Fez, Morocco where Stephens performed aerobatics for the first air meet held in that country. They crossed the Atlas mountains and set out across the Sahara to Timbuktuusing the fuel caches of the Shell Oil Company.

While in Timbuktu, they were guests of Pere Yakoubaa French Augustinian monk who had years before fled from the distractions of modern society and become patriarch and a noted scholar of the community.

They assisted her and then worked out shared itineraries. Later, Halliburton wrote a foreword to her book Flying Girl about these and other of her adventures in the air.

Now exhausted, and their plane tiring, Stephens and Halliburton continued their eastward journey. In neighbouring Iraq, the young Crown Prince Ghazi had a ride; they flew him over his school yard.

meet halliburton

In India, Halliburton visited the Taj Mahalwhich he had first visited in Everest, Halliburton stood up in the open cockpit of the plane and took the first aerial photograph of the mountain.

To the delight of an amazed Maharajah of NepalStephens and Beinhorn performed daring aerobatics.

meet halliburton

They gave her a ride, making Ranee Sylvia the first woman to fly in that country. At the Rajang Riverthey took the chief of the Dyak head hunters for a flight: They flew the final leg from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Moye Stephens was a skilled pilot. Halliburton, in a reassuring letter to his parents January 23,recited his many flight skills. Stephens, for instance, during one aerobatic display, astutely aborted a slow roll the moment he realized that Halliburton had not fastened his seat belt. With rare glimpses into the travel writer's art, these give historic balance to Halliburton's often romanticized renditions. A fictionalized account of his travels in India and Asia was created in the film, India Speaks.

Commissioned research travel and feature article writing[ edit ] Early in the Bell Syndicate Newspapers contracted with newspapers throughout the United States, beginning with the Boston Globeto publish weekly feature stories prepared by Halliburton.

Of about one thousand words each with pictures, ultimately fifty stories resulted. Paid well, Halliburton traveled extensively to fulfill his end of the deal: At the height of his popularity and self-fulfillment, he appeared on radio, attended celebrity parties including one at the home of novelist Kathleen Norris who, like Halliburton, had stories regularly featured in the newspapersand, after the purchase of a used Ford roadster, explored the heartland of California and the beauties of the Lake Tahoe area.

meet halliburton

United Artistsproducing a movie about Benvenuto Celliniasked him to do a story on the Renaissance artist 's love life. At the end of the year, he was again in Europe to commence his dream of emulating Hannibal and crossing the Alps on an elephant, one chosen for the task from a Paris zoo and given the name "Miss Dalrymple. Emblazoned with a colorful dragon and equipped with a diesel enginethe Sea Dragon was supposed to make its maiden voyage from Hong Kong to the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco at Treasure Islandwhere it would dock, become part of the exhibition and take fairgoers on sailing cruises of San Francisco Bay.

Mooney was also aboard for the journey. Two other young men from Dartmouth, John Potter and Gordon Torrey, had yachting experience; both of them left the crew after the junk's unsuccessful first voyage and later offered accounts of their experience. Try building a Chinese junk in a Chinese shipyard during a war with Japan. Nonetheless the expedition set out, and three weeks out to sea on March 23 the ship encountered a typhoon.

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The US liner received a cheerful radio message from the junk skipper minutes later, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here instead of me. Position GCT When closer may we avail ourselves of your direction finder. At first the Coast Guard at Hawaii delayed searching for the missing ship, possibly thinking Halliburton staged his disappearance as a publicity stunt. As with Amelia Earhartmany rumors and reports of Halliburton's fate arose over the years, with fans hoping he might yet turn up alive.

It was suggested that this was the remains of the Sea Dragon. However, World War II overshadowed the news, so the news wasn't as big as it would have been years before.

Character of published work[ edit ] In his colorful and simply-told travel adventures Halliburton was the "innocent abroad", receptive to new ideas and with a quiet erudition.

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He displayed a romantic readiness which shone through his best prose, prose at once picturesque, gently informative, extroverted though self-enlistedand personally confiding. He often described his attaching himself to a famous historic person and key event for which that person was known or to a revered place, such as the Taj Mahal. Acting as sort of an emcee, or performing some often cleverly garish stunt, he recalled that person and invoked a place associated with him; by so doing, he escorted readers into a different time and to a different locale, with of course some compelling modern touches.

Examples of the device filled his work and helped define his public image: He did not just view legendary places and landscapes, but often embraced them by some athletic feat ultimately intended to thrill armchair travelers as well as to educate them: The occasional trouble that he received from authorities only contributed to the drama of his adventures: Halliburton's books were meant for the general reading public.

What racial comments Halliburton made, though casual and for his time not unique to him, are, when read today, striking.

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Describing a hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains at age twenty, for instance, he commented that his two Indian guides were "as irresponsible as our southern niggers. As theirs, Halliburton's view of technology was dim, and he gently urged that one see the world's marvels before "modern Progress" obliterated them. His last writings, done in collaboration with journalist Paul Mooney, the four letters of a projected seven comprising Letters from the Sea Dragon as well as the fifteen articles comprising The Log of the Sea Dragon, suggest, in their descriptions of the displacement of peoples that the Japanese advance caused, the war-reportorial course his writing might have taken had he lived.

A news correspondent's role is also suggested by his skilled interview with the executioner of the Romanovsthe last ruling dynasty of Russia. Private writing[ edit ] Halliburton admired English poet Rupert Brooke —whose beauty and patriotic verse captivated a generation.

What led you to your current position? Moving to Houston, I thought I might want to do something in venture capital or private equity. I was captivated by the opportunity Halliburton was pursuing with Landmark.

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My role in strategic marketing has allowed me to be part of a lot of it. It has been a great fit. Are you working on any cutting-edge projects right now? Everyone understands that analytics can help generate more value from services and equipment, and the more you integrate your data and applications, the more insight the analytics can generate.

Halliburton believes in open architecture and community-based innovation. Meantime, partnerships, alliances, and multi-vendor projects are multiplying by the day because of this openness.

I say secret, because talent development here is understated and unexpectedly straightforward. Our industry is undergoing tremendous change. There is no shortage of challenging, important work to do, and people who step up and perform well are rewarded.