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The way I see it there are three possibilities for "Rescue in the Outlands". 1. Jasiri joins the Guard to rescue one of their friends. 2. Kiara is kidnapped by the. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride kiara kovu 1 Samuel and the beast meets the Bible. .. The Lion King Quotes from Timon This brings back memories. The lion . The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Quotes. Mufasa: SIMBA! SIMBA! Kiara: "Daddy this has to stop, a wise king once told me we are one I didn't.

He taught me all about the roar. If it weren't for your father, he'd still be king of the Pridelands. Contents Background Personality Zira is opportunistic, cynical, and imposing, letting her emotions control her constantly, which usually leads to her launching into venomous rants and invective. She seems to be patient, as she was willing to wait until Kovu became a young adult before putting her plans into motion.

However, she generally shows little affection even for her children unless they are of use to her, and is willing to kill them if they will not follow her path of vengeance.

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However, despite her strengths, she suffers the same downfall as Scar; her hatred blinds her, thus destroys her in the end. Zira does seem to care for her family and her Pride, despite her vindictive nature, showing depression when Nuka dies, and pride when Nuka and Vitani say or do things that appeal to her plan. Although Zira hated Simba completely, her interactions with the rest of the pride were comparatively neutral, which is especially evident in her introduction: When Simba and Zira encounter each other when the latter attempted to ambush Kiaraafter identifying Simba in a tone that obviously implied that she was excited at the opportunity to exact revenge, she saw the rest of the pride, Timon, and Pumbaa arrive with Simba and identified Nala in curt tone.

Shortly before the end of The Lion KingZira was Scar's most devoted of his followers, revering him with a fanatic-worship and praising his very name. However, after Simba returned, Zira was exiled along with her followers for their continued loyalty to Scar. After that, Zira held Simba responsible for Scar's death unaware or ignoring the true cause of Scar's deathand plotted to both avenge Scar and take back the throne, using Kovu as a puppet ruler.

Zira and her followers became known as Outsiders.

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Physical appearance She is a lioness with dark coloration. Her fur is grayish-tan with a cream muzzle, underbelly, and paws.

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She has red eyes, black eyebrows, dark brown upper eye patches and eyelids and white under patches, a black, pointy triangular nose, one notched ear the history of which is never revealedand a dark stripe down the center of her head.

Simba's Pride Zira tests if Simba will enforce his penalty on trespassing Outsiders by offering up Kovu.

After Simba deposed his uncle and banished the Outsiders to the OutlandsZira vowed revenge for Scarbelieving Simba had killed him, not knowing the true cause of his death. Her youngest son, Kovu, was Scar's chosen heir despite not being related to Scarand Zira dreamed that he could one day kill and usurp Simba. Zira first appears when Kovu eventually wanders off into the Pridelands avoiding Nuka's uncaring eye; Vitani implies this happens often and meets Kiara, Simba's daughter. She witnesses the playful interaction between the two cubs and growls in anger after Kiara reveals her identity to Kovu.

After Simba shows up and roars at Kovu, Zira puts herself protectively in front of Kovu, and makes bitter conversation with Simba and to Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, and the lionesses who followed. In a mocking gesture of Simba's demand she pays the penalty for trespassing, she nudges Kovu forward as Simba's "pound of flesh", knowing he would not bring himself to kill the cub due to his better nature.

After the lion tells them to leave, Zira approaches him and darkly tells him their business has just begun and gives Kiara a knowingly malicious glare; despite this, Zira walks off with her son in her mouth and with Simba unscathed.

Zira before "My Lullaby". After returning home, Zira proceeds to let out her wrath on Nuka and Kovu, sardonically mocking the idea that Kovu tried to make friends with Kiara so he could get him and his family close to Simba though this was not the reality of the situation. It is only when Zira announces these words that she realizes it may very well be a good idea. After praising Kovu for giving her the catalyst to her revenge, she coos the cub to sleep and then proceeds to outline her epic dreams.

Zira then trained Kovu as a killer with hate in his heart for Simba. When he became a young adult she engineered a plan to start a fire so that Kovu could save Kiara's life and get close to Simba, so as to gain his trust and eventually kill him. Zira and the Outsiders decide to go to war against Simba.

Had Kovu not appeared she would've died. As Kovu carries unconscious Kiara on his back and runs through the wildfire, a flaming branch falls right in front of his path. Eventually, Kovu spots a cliff and jumps off it and into a lake. Kovu resurfaces and just manages to spot Kiara as she submerges beneath the water, before he dives to save her, then finally drags her to safety. When Simba deliberates Kovu saving Kiara from the wildfire, he simply roars and growls as he paces furiously back and forth.

This is a pissed off king, and not to be messed with. Even though it's mostly Played for LaughsZira's relationship with Nuka is a clear example of domestic abuse. She constantly humiliates and harms him, and his only reaction is an insane, Psycho-esque devotion that eventually leads him to his death. Add the fact that Nuka is always unkempt and malnourished while all the lionesses are healthy strong enough to face Simba's pride another sign of Zira's neglect towards him and you can easily understand why he's so unstable.

Right before his death, Nuka completely snaps and attacks Simba when Kovu refuses to do so. When he actually grabs Simba's leg, he sports a disturbing Slasher Smile and says in a borderline Guttural Growler voice: This is my moment of glory.

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Scar's rule was brutish and nearly led all the Pridelands to ruin, even those who did his bidding, yet Zira and her Pride mythologise Scar as a brilliant leader who was betrayed by 'Them' taken to creepy extremes with the younger members of the Pride who only know what Zira has taught themand they believe it is their destiny to regain their power over a kingdom that only wants to put their legacy behind them.

Does This Remind You of Anything? As Word of God confirmed that he was not related to Scar or Zira, he was basically an orphan being raised to hate and kill for the whims of a sociopath; one who put on the mask of a loving parent and misinformed him into thinking and acting in ways that are disturbing. He is the son and youngest child of Zirathe younger brother of Nuka and Vitaniand the mate of Kiara. Contents [ show ] Background Kovu is stated to be the youngest son of Zirawho is a follower of Scar ; his two older siblings are Nuka and Vitani.

He was apparently born at some point during Scar's reign, as Scar hand-picked him to be his successor. As a result, he was referred to by the Outsiders as the Chosen One. However, Scar merely adopted him, and Kovu is of no relation to Scar. His chosen path was put to a halt after Simba took back the throne from Scar and exiled the Outsiders. As a result of Scar's death, Kovu was expected to one day avenge Scar by killing Simba and usurping the throne.

As a cub, he was put through harsh training by Zira to prepare him for this task.

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Personality Kovu is aggressive and crude, even as a cub. Upon first meeting Kiara, his first reaction is to snarl a challenge, and the only game he appears to understand is play-fighting. His violent tendencies are reinforced by a knack for taking care of himself, as he is physically fit and an able hunter, two features that make way for his more arrogant and cocky side. Even as a cub, Kovu strives to please and takes no shame in showing off to the more innocent Kiara.

However, when faced by his mother, Kovu is submissive and prone to showing his softer side, exposing a desire to befriend and treat kindly the new cub he has just met. After meeting Kiara again as an adolescent, Kovu begins to cave to his inner good, proving himself to enjoy laughter and good times.

Physical appearance Kovu as a cub. Kovu is noted by many to bear a strong resemblance to Scar. His fur is auburn, and his muzzle, paws and underbelly are all creamy brown in color. He sports a dark brown head tuft and also sports tufts of fur on his elbow joints that match the color of his head tuft and tail tip.

His dark eye shades mirror those of his siblings, but his emerald green eyes match no member of his family's. As an adolescent, Kovu's mane is colored a very rich dark brown and matches the dark shades of his elbow tufts and tail tip.

Simba's Pride One day, Kovu escaped from his brother Nukawho was supposed to be watching him. While wandering about, he met KiaraSimba's daughter, who had wandered in the Outlands.

The two cubs became friends after an incident with crocodiles, but they were quickly separated by their feuding parents. Back home, Zira angrily scolds Kovu for trying to befriend an enemy but then realizes she may be able to use the friendship to allow Kovu to get close to Simba and kill him.