Google earth mars secret places to meet

19 Places On The Planet Google Earth Is Hiding From You

google earth mars secret places to meet

Did you know that some places across the globe are considered so classified Hidden places on Google Maps - Moruroa, French Polynesia. 7 incredible world wonders discovered on Google Earth A trio of explorers used the find as the basis for an expedition, documented . Hidden rainforest . it to be an extremely rare rayed crater, more usually found on Mars. Below is the list of top 10 creepy Google Maps coordinate that you should check out. It may contain a black hole and you don't know where it will end. An author named John Sweeney said that it was a marker for the hidden bunkers for the.

Jassim, which is a feet Bolivian cargo ferry that ran ashore and sank on the Wingate Reef in According to reports, the island is almost the size of Manhattan but never had an outside contact.

Access denied: 5 top secret places deliberately hidden by Google Maps

Furthermore, the tribe killed two fishermen when they went in the area. Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico The area contains etches of two large diamonds surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles.

  • 5 Top-Secret Places that are censored on Google Maps
  • 7 incredible world wonders discovered on Google Earth

An author named John Sweeney said that it was a marker for the hidden bunkers for the Church of Scientology. People who believe in aliens quickly stated that it was a UFO hovering above Earth.

Top 10 Creepy Google Maps Coordinates

However, some argued that it can be a remote-controlled wind farm with three sets of wires forming a triangle and the middle part receives and transmits control signals. Pentagram in Kazakhstan In an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, you will find a huge pentagram with the size of roughly 1, feet in diameter.

You can see the image on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir. People thought that it was related to religious sects but it turned out to be simply an outline of a park. However, when a group of scientists sailed in the area, they never found a solid ground but open water instead. They explained that it might be due to human errors or a possible pumice raft.

Cursed figure in Nancy, France If you are exploring the streets of Nancy, France, you might get curious about a blurred area. Good thing that people are quick to take a screenshot as evidence.

5 Top-Secret Places that are censored on Google Maps | Ancient Code

It turns out that there is a creepy-looking statue in the apartment. He modified that script, which he made along with his friend and fellow digital artist Jer Thorp, to grab a series of coordinates from a database file, query the Google and Bing maps' APIs, and automatically capture a satellite picture of that spot. Sounds easy enough, but some publicly available coordinates aren't particularly precise, so Begley had to manually take screenshots for those and he still has to finish correcting some mistakes.

This manual work was also necessary in cases where the bases are secret, or at least not officially acknowledged by the U.

google earth mars secret places to meet

Begley had already included a picture of a highly classified facility in Qatar before U. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel officially revealed its location on Tuesday — even though it had been something of an open secret. Which leads us to the question: Is any of this actually a good idea? Google Earth satellite pictures were reportedly used to pinpoint a target by terrorists who killed people in a tragic attack in Mumbai, India, which prompted some to call for a ban on publishing these types of pictures.

This capability can theoretically be used to plot terror attacks, he explained, but it can also provide great geographical insight. Begley, on his part, said he would understand if someone criticized the project, but he doesn't see anything wrong with it. Inpictures of the once secret Area 51taken by a Russian satellite, were leaked on the Internet.

Nobody owns the skies above secret bases, so there's no law that prevents privately-owned or public satellites from snapping pictures from space. But when it comes to publishing them, secrecy can still prevail. Google Maps, for example, doesn't show an image for the secret drone base exposed by Wired. And in other cases the censorship — for lack of a better word — can be even more imaginative, as it is with images of the Volkel Air Base, a military base in the Netherlands.

These are cases in which Google and Microsoft were asked not to publish a clear image of the sites. The two companies declined to answer specific questions about the sites, and about Begley's project. But they explained that sometimes, it's not up to them to make these kind of calls. Microsoft, on its part, explained that sometimes it is required to delete or blur images.

google earth mars secret places to meet