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bravo classic gymnastics meet 2010

The state champions are, front from left, Jen Zeller, Individual winners at the championship meet included Amber Mirski, 2nd. Bravo Classic. Jan 20, - Jan 22, Hosted By: Phenom Gymnastics. Facility: Phenom Session: Level: Division: Meet Complete. Phenom Gymnastics - Hosted Meets. Start, Meet, Gymnasts. , Bravo Classic , ,

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His image is very favorable for the gay community because he manages to be good and entertaining on his own merits, and not ride on his sexual identity. This good image suggests, then, that there is a change of perception in our culture. Everyday more and more people are accepting gays as an establishment of our society.

Despite all his shortcomings, the protagonist of this series is very in control of his life and his employees. He lives how he wants, and that is something that attracts people, male and female, of all orientations.

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This competitive time slot puts it up against some of the toughest programming, yet it did fairly well for the channel. It was rated as the best real estate program on television during its third season, encouraging producers and the channel to commit to the fourth season, which just finished three weeks ago.

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class and S-Class vehicles he drives are conspicuously featured, along with nightly martinis which are served by his personal "house manager". Although Bravo never states this directly, Jeff's openly gay personality clearly attracts a gay audience as well, and certainly those who simiply envy his lifestyle, whether they are gay or straight.

Top Chef Top Chef is a reality television show airing on Bravo in which contestants compete in a variety of staged culinary challenges and are judge by a panel of chefs and food critics. Form and Style Genre and Format Top Chef's genre is best described as a competition-based reality show with a focus on food. Contestants compete for the privilege of appearing at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival, along with a cash award and other prizes. It takes the same reality show format that was successful for Bravo in the form of Project Runway, and applies it to the medium of food.

It is similar in many ways to competition-based shows on the Food Network such as Iron Chef, but differs in the way it creates drama. Rather than focusing exclusively on the preparation of the food, Top Chef creates storylines based on the comments and bickering of contestants both during and between challenges, adding a dash of The Real World to the typical food reality show.

To create the kind of show that Bravo VP Francis Berwick describes as "uncripted drama", editors use characters' commentary to create the character drama that goes along with the food drama of the challenges. Contestants first participate in a "Quickfire Challenge" in which they have only an hour to complete a themed dish using only the ingredients in the kitchen.

Then, they are given a longer challenge that can take place over an afternoon or a few days and often involves teamwork and shopping. At the end of the show, contestants are judged based on the culinary and presentational merits of their dishes, and the worst chef is eliminated and told to "pack [their] knives.

Throughout the challenges the show cuts to post-competition commentary from the participants, which often features bickering and complaining about the other contestants.

The audience often sees shots of the clock or the chefs scurrying around and mopping their brows to emphsise the drama of the kitchen. This transitions to the somber "judge's table" scenes at the end of the show, where the dishes are soberly analyzed as the audience sees close-ups of the beautiful dishes and nervous contestants faces. Representation and Cultural Meaning Top Chef is able to challenge some stereotypes of the both the culinary world and everyday cooking.

By diverse cast in terms of race and background, Top Chef illustrates the spectrum of people and personalities in the culinary industry. Frank Bruni points out the portrayal of women as powerful and in control of their kitchens, as illustrated by Hillary and Stephanie in the season four finale.

Reruns of previous episodes are shown earlier in the evening for viewers who missed the previous episodes, but are not necessary to watch due to the episodic nature of the competition reality show genre. Immediately before Top Chef are two episodes of Real Housewifes, from various seasons, which have a similar theme of "non-scripted drama" and also a large female audience. This connection is interesting due to the fact that the two shows they produce are similar in many ways with the exception substituting the medium from fashion to food.

Brand Top Chef was clearly created with Bravo's hip, artsy, upscale brand in mind, and shows them off in many different ways. The show treats food as an art, and puts it in a competition setting where contestants must balance the art of the taste and presentation of the food with the logistics of cooking it. The "judge's table" often features guest celebrities from the food world, showing just how upscale the show and the food on it really are.

Top Chef is typically comprised young and up-and-coming chefs, with the exception of Top Chef: Masters which showcases not only their youth and hip-ness, but also the ambition and competition that they bring. Audience and Advertising Top Chef's target audience is very much similar to Bravo's overall target demographic: As both Bravo and cooking shows skew towards females, Top Chef's audience does as well.

Emprically, advertisers have found that Top Chef generates double the brand recall of similar cable tv reality shows, resulting in many product placement deals from companies such as Toyota and Sears.

bravo classic gymnastics meet 2010

Audience Interaction and Online Analysis Reflecting its young and hip target audience, Bravo uses a large variety of media to connect and engage its fans with their favorite shows, personalities and contestants. Blogs are a large and essential part of this array of tools, and there are blogs for just about every character, personality and contestant, which will be discussed in detail later. For the most part, while the seasons are being shown, so viewers can follow their favorite contestants in between episodes.

Some shows like Top Chef get followers involved in the making of the show, asking fans to send in videos of new Quickfire Challenges, as segment from the program [29]. Fans can interact with each other on message boards and threads, both on the Bravo website and external sites as well.

Bravo integrates social networking in to its online presence, hosting pages and twitter accounts for many of its shows. It is in essence an interactive live talk show. Besides interaction, Bravo offers opportunities for fans to simulate being on their favorite shows. Finally, Bravo connects it fans to the real world through Guides by Bravo. These city guides—half in the U. This purchase further involves Bravo in an online community where viewers can have increased interaction not only with Bravo programming, but also with programming on other channels.

In an interview by Variety, President Lauren Zalaznick stated, "Television Without Pity is an online brand destination for the impassioned and opinionated television viewer, which mirrors the exact attributes of Bravo's core audience.

Advertising Bravo does not feature much advertizing on its website, but products it does advertise are clearly targeted at an upscale and female-skewing audience. She won vault, beam, floor and the all-around at the Bravo Classic. She placed third on beam and floor at the State Championships. She moved up to level six in She finished first on vault at the Bravo Classic.

She won vault, beam and the all-around at the Wisconsin Dells Vacation Classic. Torie placed first on vault and floor at the For Love or Money meet. At the State Championships, she placed first on vault and the all-around! Torie competed level seven in She finished first on vault, beam and the all-around at the Midwest Open. At the State Championships, Torie won vault, beam, floor and the all-around!

bravo classic gymnastics meet 2010

She scored the highest all-around in the country with a Torie competed level eight in She finished first on bars, floor and the all-around at the Twistars Invitational. She then placed third all-around at the Legacy Elite Winter Classic. At the Derby Classic, Torie won vault, floor and the all-around. We value that kind of fire.

InKmieciak was the JO Nationals all-around champion after winning all four event titles vault, bars, beam and floor and recently finished second in the all-around at the JO Nationals.

bravo classic gymnastics meet 2010

Kmieciak is a three-time state champion, and two-time Region 5 championand was named the Region 5 Gymnast of the Year. I believe she will do anything she sets her mind to.

Christina - Bravo Classic Beam

The campus is beautiful, the coaches are nice and all the girls are so welcoming. Even though it is 10 hours away from my house, I really feel at home there. She absolutely flies on floor and vault and is one of the quickest athletes we have ever recruited.

She reminds me of Sooner alum Kiara Redmond in that respect. Haley will definitely impress sooner fans with her seemingly effortless athleticism. Scaman finished seventh in the all-around at the JO Nationals after placing first on vault, third on floor and fourth on bars.

bravo classic gymnastics meet 2010