2014 march meet famoso


2014 march meet famoso

Mar 10, BAKERSFIELD MARCH MEET - EVENT NOTEBOOK 03 06 bakersfield racepage March Meet at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. Mar 7, Thanks to the management of Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California and our great sponsors, BangShift will return to The Patch in just a. Feb 12, Courtesy of Auto Club Famoso Raceway Photo by Rob The Ousley's will be back at the March Meet with their "Crop Duster" funny car.

The pits were filled with race cars ranging from nitro-gulping Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars to the Hot Rod class cars, many of which are real street cars.

The March Meet is first and foremost a social gathering of old friends with a common interest in cars and drag racing, and therefore it is a fantastic family event. The swap meet is also huge, and the car show held in The Grove behind the main grandstands features hot rods ranging from musclecars to customs to full-on rat rods.

Bakersfield March Meet Coverage From Famoso - Dragzine

This is what a. Horan was in a coma on the 'tree with a. There were 27 of the machines vying for the car eliminations ladder, making qualifying a live or die experience.

Worsham ran a quicker 5. Dan Hix had never won a March Meet until this year, and the team was partying like rock stars in victory lane. Hix even got a shower with the contents of their ice chest shortly after this photo was taken. He beat Jerry Sullivan's cool little Fiat in the final. He used a big holeshot to beat Rick McGee in the semi-final, and he needed it when McGee ran a quicker 5.

The Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet

Maybe even more fun to watch, and certainly to drive, are the short-wheelbase, totally out of control Fuel Altereds. Think Top Fuel levels of power with a Pinto-sized wheelbase and you can see why these are hairy rides. Keith Wilson was the quickest in qualifying with a 6. Fuel, Richard High won 7.

2014 march meet famoso

The racers of the March Meet are mostly not professional drag racers; they have day jobs and do this as a passion. Hence, they run on very limited budgets and blown up parts are much more expensive to them than, say, Don Schumacher. Overholser], Steven Densham [G.

Bateman], James Day [D.

2014 march meet famoso

Worsham], Jason Rupert [R. Garten], and Pete Gallen [R. He was joined by Tony Bartone and Keith Wilson as the nitro leaders. This is the race where we test our momentum for the year.

We know this is a long season but we could really pick up some great momentum by winning this weekend. Tony Bartone remained atop the qualifying list for the dragsters with a 5.

2014 Bakersfield March Meet Coverage From Famoso

Last season, Worsham dominated Day before falling in the second round. This time the shoe was on the other foot as Day was. Either way, the March Meet experience was worth it. This weekend he parked his traditional ride for something a bit more manly.

2014 march meet famoso

Every time I started to think this way, it made a move abruptly. You have to be on it and after it for a quarter-mile.

March Meet

This was my first trip to here. To actually get to race a Nostalgia Top Fuel dragster in my first visit is beyond what I can explain. Densham races James Day in the second round.

About Time Famoso March Meet 2014

Two drivers drove under but it was Dean Oberg who had the worst transgression when he drove his Fiat to a 5. We reached three final rounds out of six races and even won the Boise Blitz.