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xkcd meet in the middle

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Schiffy Speak to me What I've done Maybe this was one of those? It redirects to xkcd. Maybe Randall also has a buffer, and this cartoon was originally drawn in November and has been waiting in the buffer ever since. If he weren't so naive and clueless, I'd think Beret Guy is supposed to represent God. Basically, at every point where a quantum-level decision leads immediately or eventually to death or life for an individual, we only follow the probability path in a many-worlds type scenario that leads towards life.

Call it "life save-scumming", perhaps. Given how White Hat seems to have a charmed life, it would certain explain how things things seem to always turn out for the better and more interesting, in a nice way for him. Though obviously there's also a "many worlds" White Hat company board that has been this 'lucky' so far but now finds that their offices get struck by a de-orbitting bit of space-debris, against all odds. Not that we'd follow them.

xkcd meet in the middle

They may actually be unable to die. In that case, while the other two "strengths" are pretty useless, Immortality easily makes up for them. In the show there is a group of immortals who formed a corporation name Ilaria and it's not clear how they make their money. LockmanCapulet I plead the third! Halp although it does seem fitting of how Beret Guy frequently bends the laws of physics.

Probably a literal beetle. I suspect he's talking about the insect.

1976: Friendly Questions

Adding a layer about Volkswagen into the joke just doesn't seem funny enough. I think the line claiming it could be a Volkswagen should be removed from the explanation. Since, beyond the store and his book he hardly operates as a standard business, but people just keep giving him money to do what he does anyway. Similar waves are created in the space-time fabric when two celestial bodies interact with each other.

If you concentrate on an area of the fabric far away from the point of disturbance, it can be observed that if the wave causes compression in one direction, it'll cause expansion of the fabric in the other. See this page for nice animations. Note that anything with a mass will cause a gravitational wave. Just as waves created by small stones are tiny in comparison to waves created by huge rocks in water, the waves from humans moving around will be tiny compared to the waves created by celestial bodies.

Also, the bigger the body, the stronger the wave and the farther away it can be detected. That is why we can only detect gravity waves from heavy bodies like black holes or neutron stars but not from us moving around. Now, let's consider spacetime fabric as a thin rubber sheet. If you mark any two points on this sheet and stretch or compress it along the axis joining those two points, the relative positions of these points with respect to their neighboring points do not change, but the distance between them changes.

For a very detailed description of what the team at LIGO did and the history behind see this 90 minutes feature Gravitational Waves: Two facts need to be remembered to easily understand the experiment. First, the speed of light c is constant and the speed of an object is the distance moved divided by the time taken to travel that far.

Second, gravitational waves cause opposite effects compression and expansion in directions perpendicular to each other.

XKCD Comes to Dartmouth!

At LIGO, an experiment is set up where two perpendicular long tunnels are constructed with apparatus to emit and detect laser beams. The beam from a laser is split into these two tunnels.

xkcd meet in the middle

After going through the tunnel and back again a few times the beams are brought back together. The lengths of the tunnels are set up in such a way that, in the absence of gravity waves, destructive interference between the two combined beams causes them to cancel one another out, resulting in the detector observing zero light intensity.

When the gravitational wave passes through earth, one of the tunnel is expected to expand while the other is expected to compress. Due to the difference in lengths, the destructive interference is incomplete and the detectors will be able to detect the presence of light.

This observation can be concluded as "detection of the gravitational wave passing through". So the statement means that two black holeseach one 30 times more massive than our Sun were observed merging in the Carina constellation. Also the location of the event matches with Carina. Although at present time it is not possible to pinpoint the location of the event that will need more detectors spread out across Earth they still manage to find out that it most likely originated in the Southern Celestial Hemispherewhich is also where the Carina constellation is located.

As this may be a message encoded in gravitational waves, it either means that LinkedIn has now grown outside the Earth, or that the Zorlax person would like to contact Earth. Zorlax is likely a reference to a kid's television gameshow, based on time travel, Zorlax and the Time Travellers.

The first sentence in the movie is: Four billions of years ago in the Earths core, destined to be the master of time he is the Mighty Zorlax. It is likely someone with the power over time would be able to create gravitational waves at his own leisure.

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It detected a black hole merger of two bodies in the Orion constellation. One of them is 20 times more massive than Sun, the other is 50 times more massive than the Sun. As Orion is located at the celestial equator and since the masses are far from the one announced on the day of this comic, this would then represent a possible 2nd event to be measured later.

xkcd meet in the middle

Mortgage offer from Triangulum Galaxy Triangulum Galaxyalso known as Pinwheel Galaxy, is a spiral galaxy approximately 3 million light-years from Earth. It is the third largest galaxy in the Local Group after the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way, these three being the only spiral galaxies in the group.

This is presumably an offer to extend a loan, with a house on Earth serving as collateral. However, unless we develop wormholes or faster-than-light travel technologies, it will be difficult to submit an application, even if the offer is legitimate.

Zorlax the Mighty would like to connect on Linkedin Same person who sent us LinkedIn invite moments ago. According to the title text, this was the most energetic physical event ever observed; it may be that Zorlax is demonstrating his capabilities in the hopes that the request would be accepted.

Meet lonely singles in the local group tonight! The space advertisers are using space-GeoIP technology on a galactic scale to send spam.

A Local Group is the technical term for the group of nearby galaxies that also includes the Milky Way, our own galaxy. There are more than 54 galaxies and few other celestial objects in our local group. This Local Group along with several others form the Virgo Supercluster.

It would seem that the advertiser is targeting ads to everyone in the Virgo Supercluster.