Washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

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washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

He was almost certainly a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said. During a meeting in Washington last December, Khashoggi spoke of. Trump Saudi Arabia Trip a Chance to Make Muslim Relations “Great Again” in Egypt”, on January 9, at the National Press Club in Washington DC. U.S. envoy extends stay in Cairo; meets with detained Muslim Brotherhood leader.

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In the s and s many Brotherhood members sought sanctuary in Saudi Arabia. Ramadan built a major center for the Brotherhood centered on a mosque in Munich, which became "a refuge for the beleaguered group during its decades in the wilderness". It was the largest opposition group in Egypt, calling for "Islamic reform", and a democratic system in Egypt.

It had built a vast network of support through Islamic charities working among poor Egyptians.

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

It formed "an old established party which has earned much respect with its steadfastness in the face of recurrent persecution, torture, mass arrests and occasional executions. Its leaders are untainted by the prevalent corruption, and admired for their commitment to social work". Among other things, it called for a board of Muslim clerics to oversee the government, and limiting the office of the presidency to Muslim men.

washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

In the "Issues and Problems" chapter of the platform, it declared that a woman was not suited to be president because the office's religious and military duties "conflict with her nature, social and other humanitarian roles".

While proclaiming "equality between men and women in terms of their human dignity", the document warned against "burdening women with duties against their nature or role in the family". A deputy leader declared the Brotherhood would seek dissolution of the treaty, [92] while a Brotherhood spokesman stated the Brotherhood would respect the treaty as long as "Israel shows real progress on improving the lot of the Palestinians".

On 30 Aprilthe Brotherhood launched a new party called the Freedom and Justice Partywhich won of the seats in the Egyptian parliamentary electionsfar more than any other party.

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In late Novemberhe "temporarily" granted himself the power to legislate without judicial oversight or review of his acts, on the grounds that he needed to "protect" the nation from the Mubarak-era power structure. In there was a minor thaw when writer Sayyid Qutb was released from prison only to be arrested again along with his brother Muhammad in Augustwhen he was accused of being part of a plot to overthrow the state—to assassinate the President and other Egyptian officials and personalities [12] —and subjected to what some consider a show trial.

washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

Qutb became the Brotherhood's most influential thinker. He argued that Muslim society was no longer Islamic and must be transformed by an Islamic vanguard through violent revolution. To restore Islam from modern jahiliyyaMuslim states must be overthrown. While Qutb's ideology became very popular elsewhere, in Egypt the Brotherhood's leadership distanced itself from his revolutionary ideology, adhering instead to a nonviolent reformist strategy, to which it has remained ever since.

Nasser's successor, Anwar Sadatbecame president of Egypt in and gradually released imprisoned Brothers and enlisted their help against leftist groups.

washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

The organisation was tolerated to an extent, but remained technically illegal and subject to periodic crackdowns. Eventually the Brotherhood was key in the assassination of Anwar Sadat.

In the s, a large student Islamic activist movement took shape, independently from the Brotherhood.

washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

Sadat himself became the enemy of the Brotherhood and other Islamist groups after signing a peace agreement with Israel inand was assassinated by a violent Islamist group Tanzim al-Jihad on October 6, The Brotherhood dominated the professional and student associations of Egypt and was famous for its network of social services in neighborhoods and villages.

Over the next ten years the Brotherhood made repeated calls for a more democratic political system. In Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mustafa Mashhur told journalist Khalid Daoud [16] that he thought Egypt's Coptic Christians and Orthodox Jews should pay the long-abandoned jizya poll tax, levied on non-Muslims in exchange for protection from the state, rationalized by the fact that non-Muslims are exempt from military service while it is compulsory for Muslims.

He went on to say, "we do not mind having Christians members in the People's Assembly This is necessary because when a Christian country attacks the Muslim country and the army has Christian elements, they can facilitate our defeat by the enemy. A book detailing the record of the MB deputies in the Egyptian parliament The Brothers in the Parliament found its parliamentary leader Hamdy Hassan working vigorously to fight cultural expression the Brotherhood felt was unIslamic and blasphemous, from literature to beauty contests.

Inside the Ring: Muslim Brotherhood has Obama's secret support - Washington Times

Another Brotherhood MP Gamal Heshmat took credit for forcing culture minister Hosni to ban the publication of three novels on the ground they promoted blasphemy and unacceptable sexual practices. In the parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood's candidates could only stand as independents under the emergency law, but identified themselves by campaigning under the most famous of their slogans - 'Islam Is the Solution'. Meanwhile, the legally approved opposition parties won only 14 seats.

More than 1, Brothers were arrested before the vote's second and third rounds, and police blocked Brotherhood supporters from entering the polls in some districts, according to independent organizations monitoring the election. Brotherhood leaders also accused the government of changing the final count to lead to a victory for the ruling party candidate in seven districts, a concern echoed by independent monitors.

washington post meet the muslim brotherhood

More than Egyptian judges signed a statement condemning "aggression and acts of thuggery by supporters of the ruling party against the judges while In December masked Brotherhood students at Cairo's Al Azhar University staged a militia-style march, which included the "wearing of uniforms, displaying the phrase, 'We Will be Steadfast', and drills involving martial arts.

This betrayed the group's intent to plan for the creation of militia structures, and a return by the group to the era of 'secret cells'", according to journalist Jameel Theyabi. It also arrested thousands of its members, many of whom were tried in military courts.

The MB boycotted the election. The government incarcerated thousands of rank-and-file MB members in a wave of arrests and military trials, the harshest such security clampdown on the Brotherhood "in decades.

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The reaction of a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman to the election was: