The bernie mac show meet grandparents

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the bernie mac show meet grandparents

List of The Bernie Mac Show episodes The following is a list of episodes for the Fox Jordan's older friends are forcing him to have them meet Vanessa, but he. Below is a complete The Bernie Mac Show episode list that spans the show's entire Meet The Grandparents May 07 - Wanda's parents, Lloyd and Leora. The Bernie Mac Show Bernie creates a public relations disaster while facing off with Matt Damon and Lucy Lawless in a . Ep - Meet the Grandparents.

Back at home, the kids act wild and the air conditioning breaks. Soon after, a social worker shows up at the house to Bernie is reminded by his friends of all the crime that He's forgetful, has aches and pains, and is finding gray hairs in, uh, unwanted places. Wanda tries to help Jordan 'feel better'. He feels guilty and asks They are shocked to find that her teacher likes her, and thinks she is not being challenged enough, so he suggests she run for class Wildlife expert Jules Sylvester counsels Bernie.

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The delight is short-lived when the carpool becomes more Bernie and Wanda first think the visit will be good for the kids. But Lloyd and Leora start to give them more then they bargained for Upset after seeing Rock get preferential treatment at a doctor's office, He can't believe his mom never gave him one.

He decides to give Jordan a very special 10th birthday. Jordan gets excited and as he hands But Bernie plows through anyway, only After a grueling search, Bernie finds the doll, but realizes he must wean Bryana from it.

the bernie mac show meet grandparents

I have to put on a good show Bernie Mac "But guess what? Being the bad guy is your job. She wasn't there to make me like her; she was there to shape me; she was there to make me a good person.

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The show won a Peabody award for excellence in television in At the time, judges said they had singled it out for transcending "race and class while lifting viewers with laughter, compassion - and cool".

The sitcom, which ran for more than episodes from tomade Mac a household name in the US. Mac received several awards and nominations for his TV show "But he had been making a living from film and TV appearances for several years, starting with a small role in the Damon Wayans movie Mo' Money in More recently, he topped the box office with Guess Who?

Earlier this year, he attracted a modicum of controversy after making some off-colour jokes at a fund-raiser for Democratic presidential candidate and fellow Chicago native Barack Obama.

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But despite controversy or difficulties, in his words, Mac was always a performer. He contracted pneumonia for the first time in while filming Ocean's Twelve. Mac later told his home newspaper The Chicago Sun-Times that the disease, which had nearly killed him, had acted as a wake-up call. I was missing out on so much stuff with my family, and I will never do that again," he said. Inhe told US chat show host David Letterman he planned to retire from comedy.

the bernie mac show meet grandparents

Mac is survived by his wife Rhonda, daughter Je'Niece and a granddaughter. Your tributes to Bernie Mac: I am quite sad of the news of his death. I felt he was an extraordinary comedian and entertainer.

the bernie mac show meet grandparents

I just loved his TV show and felt his role in the movie Pride was quite touching. I had the priviledge to work with Bernie last year on his up coming movie Old Dogs. He was extremely funny and quite the jokester off camera with Robin Williams.

the bernie mac show meet grandparents

I know how much he will be missed and remembered by many. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

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If I were to mention ten of the funniest black comedians, Bernie Mac would appear somewhere in the top three. He was truly an inspirational character and contributed significantly to both contemporary American culture and international comedy, he will be missed dearly. Gary Hay, Aberdeen, Scotland It was good to see his TV show portray us Blacks in a positive light, when so much negativity about us is shown.

the bernie mac show meet grandparents

May God be with your family and friends. When I watched him on TV, I wasn't just laughing at the jokes, I was learning family and life lessons. I love you Bernie, Thanks!