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TF2 didn't start with a lot of story. There wasn't room for one. But as the updates got more ambitious, we found the perfect way to explore the mercs' world. that Meet the Spy was leaked onto YouTube on May 17, , two days that if you turn on subtitles in the Meet the Pyro video, the Scout says .. of the American Country band Wilco for their album Being There in ?. This subreddit is dedicated to Team Fortress 2, created by Valve Corporation in Adorable album. i dont understand why everyone thinks poopy joe is the pyro. it says he was killed in multiple posts/ comics by valve.

The Scout pulls desperately on the handle. Cut again to the interview room. This time it is the RED Scout in silhouette. I ain't, I ain't talking about that freak. He sits upright in his chair, in near panic.

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Fade back to the interview room, this time with the RED Spy. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty? There is the sound of the Pyro's breathing and a single white spot which zooms forward and splits into a binocular view.

When these focus, it shows a psychedelic dreamscape. The Pyro's flame thrower appears in its hands as an unusually-shaped brass instrumentspraying a rainbow-coloured mist over ground, causing colourful flowers to spring from the lawn in front of him.

Within this dreamscape, BLU characters appear as chubby little cherubs and sound like babies. The two converge seemingly happily. While the Pyro in the dreamscape shoves the lollipop in the Heavy's mouth, the scene cuts to the battle as he hits the Heavy with the Fire Axe.

The Pyro blows bubbles in his face in its vision, but shoots the Scout point blank with the Scorch Shot in the battle, knocking him back. The BLU cherubs salute and celebrate the Pyro. Cut back to reality. He crawls over to the ankle of a nearby person. The sound of a Dispenser and then a teleporter being destroyed in the distance is heard. The Sniper can be heard screaming as the view zooms in on the Pyro's mask, flames reflecting off the eyepieces as the Pyro tilts its head.

The view zooms out and passes through the burnt, gaping hole in the stomach of a BLU Soldier. The view transitions back to reality as the Soldier clutches his smouldering innards for a moment and then falls over with a stifled groan. To coincide with the release of the last Meet the Team video, Valve released a public beta of the Source Filmmakerthe tool used to produce all the movies.

I give the gravel to you" and swear you to utmost secrecy in its keeping. Spy Updatewhich was dismissed by the spy as being "ridiculous" The wording of all the item descriptions. The normally verbose and deadpan Spy responds with: Update Apes in Space: Poopy Joe the monkeynaut was supposed to be one, but he tragically died in an explosion that was not caused by Mann Co.

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Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The Administrator before a round during the update: Between opposing Demomen and Soldiers. Whichever class could kill the most of the other class by the end of the war gets a pair of shoes. Also, the company's seemingly rushed sale of a high-precision rocket launcher was not in any way connected with Poopy Joe's tragic death.

The whole war was started just to prevent this fact from getting out. Trolling Creator fashion, the headlines from the official update page: The blog has a picture of the Heavy kissing the Scout's mom. The Mac Update Aborted Arc: The comic promises a continuation We also never see the face of Saxton Hale's mysterious business rival The Mac Update gives out iPod earbuds to mercenaries from the mid-twentieth century.

The supplementary comic goes even further; the RED team finds an Apple store that includes flatscreen televisions, iMacs, and miniguns that set up blogs and post blog entries when they are fired.

When the comic Loose Canon was released, the blog announced that the Mac comic is officially not canon. However, the earbuds still exist to wear, so it isn't completely averted.


The release of the Loose Canon comic confirmed that the Mac comic is not considered canon. The Scout tries to impress Jessica, the female employee. He has to really push it to show any muscle at all.