Rob zombie meet and greet 2012

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rob zombie meet and greet 2012

Adventures in Wonderland are once again offering VIP meet and Fans who purchase this package will be able to meet Rob Zombie and his. See Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie's Endearingly Awkward Tour Promos jaunt and the follow-up to 's original Twins of Evil tour. Rob Zombie Band - Twins of evil Tour Golden VIP Tickets The Rob Zombie VIP Golden Ticket Package One includes a GA ticket to the show, priority .

Heck age really doesn't matter these days with all the young celebs dying from overdoses and random acts of life sad but true -anyway life is precious and might as well live it to the fullest and make yourself happy, whatever it takes to do that.

As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, or yourself why the heck not? I'm not sure how that feels but I know it looks desperate. I'm too proud for that. Shattered Dream Other than that, nope. He wouldn't want to meet me, he'd want the money. I doubt it would be a very nice meeting if it, you know, doesn't come from the heart. If I somehow did something that made him want to meet me then sure, why not. When I listen to this guy's music I am enjoying his art.

When it comes to in real life and him in person, I wouldn't pay more to meet him than I would to meet any other person.

Right now, I would actually rather meet Voltaire in real life because he actually connects with his fans. He makes vlogs and he responds on youtube.

See Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie's Endearingly Awkward Tour Promos | Revolver

I myself have even gotten a response from him. He's less of a stranger to me than manson is. Manson doesn't seem like he really likes his fans knowadays which is quite sad. I've bought VIP once and have another VIP coming up and have met several band members of other bands and they're quite down to earth mostly shy than anything.

I think having to meet your fans because they paid for it is awkward for both, plus they usually just usher you in and out of a room and that's it, there are others waiting so it's not like you can sit there and talk about life.

If that's good enough for you then do it. BJ should truly be ashamed of themselves, or their fans should be for paying it. Cool article about VIP packages http: If opportunity presents itself, then fuck yeah I'd be ecstatic.

See Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie's Endearingly Awkward Tour Promos

If it doesn't, then whatever. Not going to pay extra for something like a meet and greet, though, because I'm already surviving currently without having met famous people. I go to concerts see a kickass rock show, first and foremost, and everything else exists as an afterthought.

This is whether I'm a huge fanatic of the band or not. This package for Zombie is decently priced. I'm not for all that extra stuff and never been a huge merch guy myself, so it's not all that attractive of a deal to me. For those more into that stuff, and I know there's a lot out there, they could get plenty out of paying a little extra. Ulysses Black I get that they don't see every penny from those sales, but I've been supporting them for years.

I'd rather meet John 5 and Ginger more so than Rob himself, I think I'd have a better time with them because they seem more down to earth.

rob zombie meet and greet 2012

As far as Manson is concerned I'd rather meet him than Rob if given the choice. Rob just seems to have a shitty attitude in the more recent years concerning past band mates and etc I remember him calling Tim "that Swedish guy" or some shit when EMDM was almost completely him and he has been known to treat current band members like shit.

I'm not saying that's bad though I love the rock n' roll feel of Manson. He's the last rock star left so I can't complain about his antics lol. The same could be said for Tommy Clufetos, he left Rob after he got a call from Ozzy-fucking-Osbourne.

So historically speaking, who's the pinnacle here? Rob Zombie or Ozzy? And Zombie dissed him People who hang with fans and don't charge em' for it are automatically more liked than artist who don't that is obvious. But yeah he was really nice I got to hang out with him, take pictures, and I got his autograph.

rob zombie meet and greet 2012

Alot of bands are doing this to try and get some proper time with their fans. Julien K had a good write up on their facebook about this which I thinks sums it well: Its not expensive - its a Why do we do this at all? Some of our biggest fans are very shy and some of you aren't. We wanted to spend REAL time with those fans and came up with this idea. This will give equal time to everybody who wants to meet up with the band This is also why we limited it to 20 people for each show.

We want this to be quality time for everybody, fans AND the band. Then - and most important: If you don't wanna join in - no problem RZ did not diss Ozzy - this was something that the media took out of context: Regarding John and Ginger.

John left Manson two and a half years before he joined Zombie. Ginger went to work with RZ to help out initially and all with the approval of Manson. When he left Manson this was not, even with the timing, to do with moving to RZ. If there were real big issues this tour would not be happening. But it's good to see that they seemed to have worked past it. But it's good to see that they have seemed to work past it.

Okay I misunderstood the directionality, but regarding Rob dissing ex members - its less dissing, its more he moves on. I guess it depends on the band then, most are ushered in and out, but Julien K is small potatoes, I'd be surprised if they sold 20 VIP packages a show, hanging out and having beers with their fans is the least they could do.

I also don't buy that justification that you aren't "paying to meet the band" So there is a lot you are paying for. Also can I point out it is the VIP service that sets the prices adding all these factors into the final price.

Well you're getting extra stuff so you're also paying for that. But I think it comes down to a point where they're offering a package and some fans will just see "meet the band" and get it. Because that's probably the biggest selling point of that package, I'l bet some fans wont even care about the extras they just want to meet a band.

Dope Box You have a chance to meet the band and get a whole bunch of cool stuff if you choose to pay a certain amount. It's a fair deal, and a great business model. There probably are many folks out there who can afford these prices and want to meet the band, but couldn't because of some reason or the other. Get your camera out! I just feel bad that Toxica's photos of her and Twiggy didn't turn out as well as I hoped!

Toxica Your pics turned out great, J! The second one I still have to retouch the colors. Turned out great though: I asked for a b-day Kiss. My birthday was like in 6 hours: I love how he seems to be like Not just stand beside you snap a picture because I am a rockstar and don't wanna touch you. The kiss one is adorable! I wanted to ask him for one too but I am so damn shy lol, and I wasn't sure if he would be like LOL Mechamilla Even though it was kinda rushed a bit, I took the time to ask him for the poses.

First one I wanted to be "normal" and second one I asked for a B-Day kiss! I got 2 kisses actually, because the first kiss the photograph took the picture right after!

I was like, Hey no! I want it on camera! First picture well he grabbed me, so I said to myself, what the hell, lets grab him too: He didnt really spoke, but he took nice pictures!

I heard that he was sick with the flu or a cold, maybe that's why he was not too chatty! Ugh, 2 kisses, I am dying with jealousy hahaha. I am so glad I am not the only one that wants to ask for certain poses.