Rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

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rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Monday, April 29th, Read the RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: Chris, when I came out, I went back and met. My Commentary on the Maddow-Castellanos Battle On Sunday, April 29, a seemingly routine episode of Meet the Press turned into a During the run up to the general election, Republicans nationwide and in my. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Sunday's Meet the Press tried to advance the bogus liberal position that By Noel Sheppard | April 29, PM EDT.

What is different now is who is in the White House now. Joining us now is Gary Samore. Samore, thank you so much for being with us tonight.

So here in the U. Can you describe what that means?

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For a layman audience, what exactly does that mean? Who used it on whose orders, what were the circumstances? And the administration would like to get a better idea of that in the first instance by hoping that the U.

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So unless the U. I played that long montage of SOT of various figures, of sound on tape for various figures making the connection between this reported intelligence and whether or not we should go to war in Syria, just to make clear how bright those lines are in the arguments of a lot of people participating in this political debate. Is that how you see it? Yes, and especially because the military options are so awful. For us to try to destroy or seize all of the chemical weapons in Syria would require a tremendous amount of force.

It would be very dangerous. And I think understandably, he wants to be quite sure and to have available to him practical and effective options. If not by the government, then maybe by individual commanders who are facing a desperate situation. And we may very get drawn into this war.

rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

So, the military properly should be thinking of contingencies, we should be talking to our allies because I fear one day we may have to use some kind of military force. Well, I think the Russians and the Chinese have a very strong self-interest in trying to prevent any U. So their standard of proof is going to be extraordinarily high. And they will try to find a way to explain away any use.

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I do think the Western countries -- U. And in the event that military force made sense as an appropriate response, which at this point the arguments are really at best as I see it.

rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

Gary Samore, former Obama administration coordinator for weapons of mass destruction counterterrorism and arms control, now at the Belfer Center at Harvard -- Mr. Samore, thank you very much for being with us tonight.

I really appreciate it. Couple of months ago, this show made a crazy, busy, multi- state trip far away from our home base in New York here. We went to the American states where running clinics that provide abortions has become extremely close to impossible.

Well, tonight for the interview, we have two of those people live and here in studio. But that is too bad for them because they are, in fact, a big deal and that interview is next. In Decemberat the Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk, Virginia, a man named John Salvi was arrested by police for shooting at the clinic.

Although he did not hit anyone at the clinic, just a day earlier, he stormed into two different clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts, and killed two women, one who worked at each place. But he was arrested in Norfolk when he shot at Hillcrest. Other anti-abortion zealots had already attacked Hillcrest. Ina man broke in, poured kerosene all over the office and set it on fire. The following year, somebody attacked the clinic with a bomb.

The bomb blast broke the plate glass window of the bank branch next door. But through the shooting attack from John Salvi and the bombing attack and the arson attack, plus the daily intimidation of aggressive protesters including some who physically forced their way inside to terrorize the staff and patients in the clinic -- through all of it, the Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk, Virginia, stayed open.

They stayed open for four decades. But now, they have finally succeeded in shutting it down.

'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Monday, April 29th, 2013

Bombings, arson and a. Quoting from "The Washington Post," "Even after years of protests, arson, a pipe bombing and an attack by a man wielding a semiautomatic weapon, the principal reason it closed its door was that complying with these new regulations would have saddled the clinic with a half million dollars in renovations, an affordable expense.

The same types of laws trying to shut down clinics have been passed by Republicans, are expected to pass soon in Virginia and Alabama and Indiana and North Carolina and Texas and Mississippi and in North Dakota. In Mississippi and North Dakota, the regulations are targeting the last remaining clinic in the state. Abortion is being effectively banned in states all across the country, in states where Republicans have governing power.

But through all of the means that they have tried over the years, nothing has ever been as effective for the radical anti-abortion movement in this country as the election of veto proof Republican majorities in the legislatures in multiple U.

Since then, since and since the election in particular when they picked up the pace, the Republican Party is now doing the work for them. Joining us now for the interview tonight is Tammi Kromenaker. In case you are wondering what Dr. Maddow's credentials are, she has a degree in public policy from Stanford, and then she went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, where she earned a doctorate, also in public policy.

And, she is an actual professional journalist as well. She's just a lobbyist. The dark-haired woman who goes on the defensive and tries to change the subject is Republican Congresswman Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

It should be about policy. And all of our best debates are always about policy.

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And it should be about policy that affects women specifically. The Romney campaign wants to talk about women and the economy. Women in this country still make 77 cents on the dollar for what men make. Women don't make less than men?

rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

Actually, if you start looking at the numbers, Rachel, there are lots of reasons for that. Don't tell me what the reasons are. Do women make less than men for the same work? Women work 41 hours a week. Men go into professions like engineering, science and math that earn more. Listen, this is not a math is hard type of conversation.

Yes, it is, actually. Well, that's not true.

rachel maddow meet the press april 29 2012

All right, let Rachel make her point. So let me make my point. But it is important, I think, the interruption is important, I think, because now we know, at least from both of your perspectives that women are not faring worse than men in the economy. That women aren't getting paid less for equal work.

I think that's a serious difference in factual understanding of the world.