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The head chef quits when the kings insist that he prepare them a steak cake, Mikayla gives the kings all the ingredients to make the goulash. Guest Cast. before he left. He is the main protagonist of the first two seasons of Pair of Kings. When they arrived Brady met Mikayla and fell in love with her. The next day. Unlike Boomer, he inherited his dad's skin color. He says he is older of the two, but no one knows. Brady is more serious of the two twins, and is normally the.

Boomer has moments of carelessness and is rarely serious, unlike his brother Brady, but in season 2, he begins to behave in a slightly more responsible and brave manner than Brady.

In season 3, he is still getting used to having another brother and has become the voice of reason between him and Boz. In the third season two parter, he was revealed to know ballet. He also opened his own club called "Boomerama" in Season 3.

In the episode "Bond of Brothers", it is revealed "Boomer" is in fact a nickname, but Boomer is interrupted before revealing his real name. He is Brady and Boomer's long lost triplet brother, who was lost in a storm on Mindu 17 years ago. He was raised by apes until he was ten, after which he was found and adopted by the king and queen of the island of Mindu. He does not like Mikayla very much because he feels that she looks like his ex-girlfriend even though it is very clear they look nothing alike.

He tends to act like a real monkey from time to time, making him wild and unpredictable.

pair of kings wiki meet the parents cast

Boz also possesses the power to converse with animals, as seen when he saves Boomer and Mikayla from a gorilla. It is made quite clear in the first few episodes of season 3, that of the triplets, Boz is the most intelligent. He is also the only one who appears to have at least average intelligence, if not over.

In "I Know What You Did Last Sunday", it was revealed that in attempt to look for shelter, he unclogged Mindu's storm drain which caused the island to sink rapidly. Kelsey Chow as Mikayla Makoola - Mason's only daughter, Mikayla assists the triplets on many occasions.

She is fearlessly tough and can handle anything, especially since she has inherited her father's fighting skills. She is shown to be very good with her machete, which she calls "Stabitha". Mikayla is the kind of person who tells the kings everything that they need to know, not just what they want to hear. Brady has a crush on her, but she continuously rejects him when he wants to go out with her. In the finale of season 2, Mikayla believes she may actually like Brady after having a dream of them almost kissing.

She questions this and eventually kisses him to break him from a spell placed on him by the evil king. In the first episode of season 3, Mikayla does feel guilty upon hearing that Brady had left Kinkow.

He is the main and inept antagonist of the series. He usually spends his time trying to think of ways to get rid of Brady and Boomer and attempts to cause them trouble. While at first indifferent to Lanny, the kings have built up an inexplicably large amount of love and trust for him and misinterpret any action he does as trying to help them. In the season 3 episode "O Lanada", Boomer and Boz give Lanny the island nation of Lanada without realizing the gold-producing gopher of Kinkow lives there.

In the end, Lanny keeps Lanada. After Kaita the Bat-Rider is restored and Mikayla confronts Lanny for his actions, Lanny declares that it is time for his favor to be called in and wants her to keep silent of his treachery. However, in the battle, Lanny decides to help the kingdom by destroying the zombies using a canon.

He soon learned that Kinkow is his real home and decides to be nice. He is the overly protective father of Mikayla and always threatens any boy who attempts to ask her out, including King Brady Mikayla reveals her father's overprotectiveness is why she had to attend her school prom with a zebra for her date.

He is often nicknamed " Sasquatch ". Recurring[ edit ] Vincent Pastore as Yamakoshi - Lanny's one-hundred-year-old pet fish and only friend, though they are constantly at odds.

He is malevolent and perpetually grumpy. It would seem that Yamakoshi is the true schemer against Brady and Boomer, but being confined to a fish-bowl makes it impossible to carry out his plans without Lanny. Only Lanny can understand Yamakoshi when he talks.

In the Season 2 1-hour finale "The Evil King," it is revealed that Yamakoshi is really Kalakai, the evil twin of Malakai, first king of Kinkow, who founded the dark side. Mikayla is loved by many boys in the series, such as Brady, Lucas, and No Beard. When she is embarrassed, she hides in a hair helmet. She is the strongest girl in the world. She can easily flip Brady.

Mikayla can charm boys into doing whatever she wants. She knocked Pierce, who called her Pocahotness, down by flicking him. In Return of the Kingsshe states that she can build rafts very quickly. She gave a name to her machete: She can imitate a dolphin impossibly well. In Meet the Parentsshe used a hammerspace ability when she pulled weapons out of nowhere. In Two Kings and a Devil Babyshe pulls a rope out of nowhere. Mikayla moves impossibly fast to tie up No Beard. It is unknown how she did this.

In Long Live The Kingsshe mentions that she can do 1, crunches in a row without breaking a sweat. She is very pretty and knows it, as she claims that she is "too pretty" to get taken by the bat again. Brady calls her hot many times. She has shown many superhuman abilities throughout the series, such as: No seriously, that's, like, the most athletic me and my brother have ever been.

Bring humor to the island. So let us say it, so let it be - seriously when is this gonna wear off. You got me Boomer. My throat's closing up! I think it's the squeak berries!

Let me help you. We use him all the time. Prepare for an invasion of hilarity. Hey why are my fingers stuck to the buttons! You took my thumbs! Thanks to your tree sap my fingers were crossed together. We're just getting started. Or is that just more seaweed? You're loving my sense of humor right now, right?

Dude, what do girls like best about guys?

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A sense of humor. Fly away you demon bird. Yeah, well I saw that coming. It's messier than you think. We're gonna go with sea scum. I've rigged this baby to my crown with a fishing line. Is that like that moldy buildup you get behind your knees?

I thought you couldn't get that twice.

pair of kings wiki meet the parents cast

You should probably go apologize. Oh, and take your crown. You don't wanna look weak. By ruining our pool table? Hey, ah, I need to talk to Mikayla. Have you seen her?

Hey Mason, me and Mikayla are getting married. How do you know when it comes around? Someone get the Royal slingshot! By royal decree you guys can play jokes on us between the hours of two and five, seven and nine. Oh, and stay away from the money maker. We are Kings of thieves. You really think we're gonna fall for that? You know, my beautiful mind invented that prank.

You had to start with the practical jokes!

I'm Gonna Git You, Sponge Sucka

My feet weren't even in 'em. The Chime" "Oh they'll listen. I'm King Brady, the all powerful. I can command anything, in fact I command backwards day. Everyone must walk backwards, talk backwards, the earth will spin backwards and we'll go back in time. I know what you're doing, and I think it's very clever, but here's the thing guys. If awful and terrible had a baby it would be Boomer singing. Guys, what if I say please?

Okay, what if I promise taco Tuesdays? Before you do that there's something you should know.