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meet the meek nofx tour

NOFX's Fat Mike shares shots of Jameson with the band and opens his mouth. 72 Hookers, Eat The Meek, and The Separation Of Church and Skate make everyone go I'll meet you there, I repeat, smiling sincerely. About one year from now, KISS, who need no introduction, will be touring in Australia. Trova il testo di 60% di NOFX su 60% - NOFX. I'm not here I'm here to meet my friend the Russian Manuel Agnelli - racconta il primo tour solista. Shut Up Already "affection not dissection" "meat is murder" "animals are for . up my body has shifted to the touring mode trying to sleep in the van on the road i Eat The Meek Y mussed oui stay wear wee don't bee longe Y mussed oui stay.

Shitting Bricks Never thought it could happen to me, But it did and now look at me. Im alone, standing in my cell, Staring at the wall, living in hell With my luck, i never said when, I did it again and again.

Nofx - Jeff Wears Birkenstocks? - Ouvir Música

Breaking, snatching, and stealing. I never knew, when to quit. When i turned 18, i tried to stop. Thought id never get caught, But i did, i got caught, Now i feel pretty stupid. Im shitting bricks, im shitting bricks Im shitting bricks. I gotta live by mom's rules 5x yeah!

meet the meek nofx tour

Bob Turkee we dont like him, Hes such a dick. He wears funny glasses, He has to many zits. Bob turkee's a dick Bob turkee's a dick Bob turkee's a turkey Bob turkee's a dick He has a beer belly, He doesnt drink beer. He doesnt like girls, He's such a queer. Bob turkee's a dick Bob turkee's a dick Bob turkee's a turkey Bob turkee's a dick Bob turkee, he's such a dick Bob turkee, he's such a dick Bob turkee, he's such a dick Bob turkee, he's such a dick We dont like him, Hes such a dick.

He's such a dick!!!

meet the meek nofx tour

No Problems Sitting by yourself again No friends are near You got a needle in one hand And in the other one a beer You cant cope with life You cant even get up Who's gonna help you? You've got to pick yourself up. But I've got no problems I've got no problems Ant Attack get me we got a war and your not at all open anymore and, i dont trust you well meat in hell let ' um know were afraid nuttin' nuttin and nuttin deally will be dead.

Album "The longest line" 1. Tenderness, affection, a true sense of love?

Just a pain through a body chalk full of regret I'll keep on believing my life still has value And I'll keep on laughing Why can't I stop laughing? I can't stop the laughing 2. Stranded She once told me not to listen Find the answers, intuition Follow no-one, trust your instincts Face the world, find out it stinks Don't come crying, Don't come crying Don't come cry to me I'm not your friend, I'm just your lover Don't put your faith, Don't put your faith in me You cut me up and rob me blind But now I'm fine She told me about the places I could never find She told me how to walk while by her side Don't be fooled by teardrops They're worth a thousand lies When I saw them running down her face I believed in her Stranded, Ah Ah Stranded, Ah Ah Hit me in the gut like a brick through a window Left me in the gutter like a wet news rag Sitting alone, thinking out the times we never had Cause you were my life She told me if and whether We'd spend the night together She made so many promises I believed in her 4.

Remnants Wasting your life on the sidewalk When you can be out on the street, dodging cars As they go by, the wind goes right through you Life on the edge of a razor Never knowing when you're to fall Sure as hell beats never gambling at all Life's too short to just barely exist Wide spread mediocracy Will suck you up, resist Another number on a list I don't want it, you can have it You can try, but you won't make me Feel the things you feel I'll take my chances, till I find a better deal I'll take my chances, along with all the rest The snail goes over the razor blade The suicide squad of lemmings parade To their kingdom, where they've made reservations I have no reservation I don't think my seat's been saved I'll take my chances, here, right 5.

Kill All the White Man The white man call himself civilized Cause he know how to take over The white man come to pillage my village Now he tell me I have to bend over Oh yeah, kill all the white man No I don't like the white man up in me He rape my people as he rape my country Everything I love and cherish, he try to take away We will be rid of him, soon come the day Oh yeah, kill all the white man Oh yeah, kill all the white man Oh yeah, kill all the white man Oh yeah, kill all the white man Album "White trash, two heebs and a bean" 1.

Soul Doubt Sometimes I feel my life is going 'round in circles Beneath my eyes are bluish black There's nothing new, no one I wanna talk to Nothing I wanna think about, I got soul doubt I stick my head out of the window, it's closed Instead of air, I get glass stuck in to my head The city's sounding, and I can't seem to stop the pounding Can't keep my thoughts from flying 'round - 2x Not sure what I am thinking about, I got soul doubt A shameless display, wearing a smile full of pain A frameless Erte, a painting without a signature She's waiting for someone to save her As I pass her I see Cinderella She doesn't fit into the slipper Like she fits in a bottle of liquor There's no one to take her away Her eyes meet mine, she sees right through me The question is asked, Whatcha' gonna do for me?

I don't want nothin', just a connection I gotta know what she's all about Cause I know she's been there -- Soul doubt I stick my head out of the window once again This time I see a thousand faces all too clear They wear the same expression, I've seen in my face So many times, I know exactly how they feel I know exactly how they feel I know just what they think about They've got soul doubt 2.

Stickin In My Eye When I look 'round, I only see outta one eye As the smoke surrounds my head, the sauna I hear the voices, but I can't make out their words Saying things, saying things that I got something sticking in my eye Got something sticking in my eye - 2x I feel unusual from thinking About the underground decay, God help me Kill beneath the camera, watch the world begin to cry It's not from pity, it comes from What's been sticking in my eye Got something sticking in my eye 3.

Bob Fifteen years getting loaded Fifteen years 'till his liver exploded Now what's Bob gonna do now that he can't drink? The Doc said, "What were you thinkin' 'bout? A couple of lines, an extra thermos of Joe He'll be kickin' in heads at the punk rock show, yeah Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what to do When the doctor tells him to "Quit your drinkin', now's the time.

You're Bleeding You've got the beauty, but that don't mean a thing A bland reciprocation, but that doesn't bother me You're happier with lights on underneath a darkened sky Only in the spotlight can you tell me of your crimes I understand the situation, but I can't Seem to understand the motivations you once had I recall a message I once left behind a screen I was entranced, when you were never there for me You're draining, you're draining me, I'm not a tub What ever happened to the girl I used to hold?

I held in such a high regard Where is the girl who had it all? I used to think I wasn't worthy of your cause I used to feel so lucky Until the day I felt a weakness in my arms I knew from where it had been coming You're bleeding, you're bleeding me, I can recall The passions you once had, where did they go?

I knew a girl who had it all? I knew a girl where did she go? Liza And Louise Liza's had enough of men She says, she won't get buried again She says, they don't know how to fuck Her last boyfriend, the shmuck Shared with her a nice disease Kept her passive, on her knees 'Til one day she took his car And drove it to the city Liza had put down a few When she met this girl named Lou Who convinced her to go home with her She said, "My name's Louise Now will you take off my clothes please? I want to take you to the moon and back So get on your back.

The Bag Endless evenings of non-exist Are getting shorter, monotonous Like an intruder, I belong outside Although I find myself right back The same place I was before Saying things I'd say once more There's no reason for me to be here, no I feel so lonesome, surrounded by friends Who are talking about me, saying things I could care less about This dialogue is without Worth, content, significance Conversational ambivalence Hear the same things every night, it just ain't right I'm not the one to hold the bag Give me something I can sink my teeth into Show me a time, tell me a story That I haven't heard a million times before I pass out from boredom As I watch the people pass I see moments in their lives, nothing fascinating Are we all living for the past, never realizing We're clinging to an empty bag Lacking content, significance Conversational ambivalence Say the same thing every night, it just ain't right We'll see who's left holding the bag 7.

Please Play This Song On The Radio We wrote this song, it's not too short, not too long It's got back-up voc's in just the right places It's got a few oohs and ahhs It takes a little pause Just before the second chorus Please play this song on the radio Almost every line is sung on time Almost every verse ends in a rhyme The only problem we had was writing enough words But that's okay, because the chorus is Coming up again now Please play this song on the radio Please play this song on the radio 8.

Warm One more time for Ho Jo, you know I can't wait Another wasted line I'm sittin' in the corner, I can feel the weight Of my head on top of my spine There's nothing to be scared of once you've Seen the light, reflecting through the screen A eudaemonistic life composed of tar and nicotine You know it, You know it, You know it 'Cause you've seen it, now you believe it You know it because it seems so real You know it because you've seen it, now you believe it You know it because it seems so real It seems so real, It seems so real, It seems so real Sit back and relax and do nothin', na, na, na, na You'll laugh, then you'll cry, then you'll feel nothin', na, na, na, na Implanted images of morality Images of life, they seem so real One more time for Ho Jo, what does it mean?

I'm not sure I know, while looking for somebody Deep inside a dream, my sunshine turns to snow Now it's blowin' inside, I don't feel the cold Yet I'm frozen to my seat My eyes have seen the truth And still my mind admits defeat 9. I Wanna Be Your Baby Open yourself, let me inside Open your arms, I have nowhere To go, so let me in to you I need to be where nothing can hurt me Open your legs, to let me crawl Inside of you, I need to be Inside your womb, So take me home Inside of you, envelope me, I'm home I wanna be your baby Bringin' me down Bringin' me down Open your lips and take me in I need to be inside within Let me become a part of you Let me inside of you, swallow me whole I want to know the things you hide I want to feel the things you feel I want to breath the air you breathe I want to live inside of you, take me Bringin' me down I wanna be your baby Let me live inside Johnny Appleseed Through word of mouth let it be known The man who spends his life on a mission, he's legendary Traveling from coast to coast He's the contemporary Johnny Appleseed He's making sure his garden grows He'll plant a seed in every town he goes Fertilizing the country side Couldn't stop him with insecticide Makin' sure that the garden grows, yeah, yeah, yeah Groomin' the backyard, or whackin' a weed When diggin' holes, he'll be wearing a glove He go into the shed, get out a shovel, and he shove He'll plant the seed, makin' sure it's sown He go into the shed, and he start hoein' with the hoe, ho, ho, ho Makin' sure that the garden grow, yeah, yeah, yeah He'll water the yard with the garden hose Groomin' the backyard, or whackin' a weed, yeah, yeah, yeah The contemporary Johnny Appleseed She's Gone A blackened wick is what remains The flame was blown out just recently Although the candle hadn't burned down to the stick It won't be lit again, the day won't be so bright We don't know what she may have been All we know is what she left behind An apartment cluttered with children's toys Photos of good times In the bedroom, there's sheets on the windows There's a four poster bed for a reason There's a box on the floor full of secrets It won't be opened Here older boys and girls would play All inhibitions were left behind As the door would close, her face began to shine This was her finest hour, this was her finest time Now, she's gone, and it's not gonna be alright, not for me She's gone, but not forgotten, she's still here In all those years she touched so many lives Who's gonna watch the little girl she left behind?

Carol Anne stands alone in the school yard All the other children have gone After waiting for hours She can't understand why her mother left her sad In the darkness she sees definition In the silence, she hears someone calling After nightmares, she lies in bed screaming But there's no reaction There's no one listening, there's no one Now, she's gone, and it's never gonna be alright, not for me She's gone You got so loaded, you thought that she Was the most beautiful gal that you ever did see Yeah, have you ever gone to sleep with Bo Derek And woke up with Bo Diddley?

Woke up in the morning, to your surprise A couple melons in tube socks And buggley eyes Yeah, have you ever gone to sleep with Bo Derek And woke up with Bo Diddley? Album "Punk in Drublic" 1. Linoleum Possessions never meant anything to me I'm not crazy Well that's not true, I've got a bed and a guitar And a dog named dog who pisses on my floor That's right, I've got a floor So what, so what, so what?

I've got pockets full of Kleenex and lint and holes Where everything important to me just seems to fall right down my leg And on the floor My closest friend linoleum Linoleum Supports my head, gives me something to believe That's me on the beachside combing the sand Metal meter in my hand Sporting a pocket full of change That's me on the street with a violin under my chin Playing with a grin, singing gibberish That's me on the back of the bus That's me in the cell That's me inside your head That's me inside your head 2.

Leave It Alone Breath ever soft We wouldn't wanna break the eggs as we walk Never alone, cautious, afraid I hear the voice of reason on the p. Dig Rationalize values it's so easy to succeed Keeping your eyes on the prize excess Camped outside Laissez Faire People understand me there Don't talk to me we'll get along just fine Blowin' out your mores Henry Ford tradition preys on Idle minds left the emergency brake on too long Underneath the city lies the ruins of mankind The excavation was a financial success With artifacts of gold The arrowheads went straight to the Smithsonian The rest was melted done and sold Substantial gains Minimal losses are tolerable As long as the machine keeps running fine Cannibals Functioning on Pheromones Rational thought lost to instinctual 4.

The Cause It isn't for the money, no it isn't for the fun It's a plan, a scam, a diagram It's for the benefit of everyone You gotta have a little respect Subterranean ideals Traditional neglect Reflect on how you think it would make you feel The cause - we're just doing it for the cause No it isn't for the fortune, it isn't for the fame It's a scheme, a dream, a bartering We want everyone to think the same Because you know what you feel is right And you feel what you can't ignore And you try so hard to point the blame Ashamed - what do we do this for?

The cause - we're just doing it for the cause 4x 5. Don't Call Me White Don't call me white 4x The connotations wearing my nerves thin Could it be semantics generating the mess we're in? I understand that language breeds stereotype But what's the explanation for the malice, for the spite?

Don't call me white 4x I wasn't brought here, I was born Circumcised, categorized, allegiance sworn Does this mean I have to take such shit For being fairskinned? I ain't a part of no conspiracy, I'm just you're average Joe Don't call me white 4x Represents everything I hate The soap shoved in the mouth to cleanse the mind The vast majority of sheep A buttoned collar, starched and bleached Constricting veins, the blood flow to the brain slows They're so fuckin' ordinary white Don't call me white 4x 6.

Perfect Government Even if it's easy to be free What's your definition of freedom? And who the fuck are you, anyway? Who the fuck are they? Who the fuck am I to say? What the fuck is really going on? How did the cat get so fat? Why does the family die? Do you care why? It's all about the money Political power is takin Protecting the rich denying the poor Yeah, they love to watch the war from the White House And I wonder how can they sleep at night?

How can they sleep at night?

Dying Degree Dresser drawers are filled with pocket change Coupons cut, cigarettes smoked down to the butt Is this what dreams are made of!

Adding up subtracting down you find yourself sucking the rind Dying degree, graying amie Final payment made - had you forgot? The rightful owner of one deluxe cemetery plot Paisley satin lined how apprapoe What a better way to go Dying degree, graying amie No more eating crumbs When my pension finally comes Your kids want eat mush anymore 'round me Dying degree, graying amie 8.

Martins good for Waffle making, kickin' through the shin Reputation, gained through intimidation Pacifism no longer tradition Cause hey we're the Brews Sportin' anti swastika tattoos Oi Oi we're the Brews The Fairfax ghetto boys skinheaded jews We got the might, psycho mashuganas We can't lose a fight, as we are the chosen ones Chutzpah, we battle then we feast We celebrate, we'll separate our milkplates from our meat 9.

meet the meek nofx tour

Fleas My father used to say You sleep with dogs the next day You'll wake in the bed scratching Those inevitable fleas At ten years old You listen to what you are told But I never felt the itch I never would My mother had forbidden me To waste away my life I want you to have all the things I could never buy you So don't stop what I'd begun You're my one, my only son Follow what I say not what I've done Follow what I say not what I've done Shower, scrub, and shave Cleanly boys don't misbehave Follow what I say not what I've done Lori Meyers Lori Meyers used to live upstairs Our parents had been friends years Almost every afternoon we'd play forbidden games At nine years old there's no such thing as shame It wasn't recognition of her face, what brought me back was a familiar mark As it flashed across the screen I bought some magazines, some video tape scenes Incriminating act, I felt that I could save her "Who are you to tell me how to live my life?

Jeff Wears Birkenstocks Don't wanna chill, don't wanna sit Don't wanna hear no hippie shit Don't tell me I've closed my mind Don't wanna groove, don't wanna dig Don't wanna spend the day naked Don't like my music country fried He's got a tye dyed Rancid shirt He wears his Birkenstocks to work Is he a jerk?

Just confused Jeff don't wear regular shoes He's got a tye dyed Rancid shirt He wears his Birkenstocks to work Is he a jerk? Just confused Jeff don't wear regular shoes Fat Mike I gotta let you know It's not the tunes, it's their live show And all the people you get to meet Plenty of good vibes and decent drugs Stinky people give you hugs Walk around in your bare feet He's got a tye dyed Rancid shirt He wears his Birkenstocks to work Is he a jerk?

Just confused Jeff don't wear regular shoes Punk Guy Crazier than GG, yet more PC than Ian Got colored teeth like Johnny Exudes a vicious disposition His hair sticks out like Colin' did, he jumps Similar to Springa, he points his middle finga Not just he singer in the band Voted biggest asshole and role model of the year Got a face like Charles Bronson Straight outta Green Bay Wisconsin Not just a singer in the band He'll puke on you, he'll fuck your mom, he'll smoke while huffing gas He was the punkest mother fucker I ever did see Hell he was even more punk than me He should've been on the cover He should've been on the cover He should've been on the cover of Punk and Disorderly Happy Guy He's just a man getting through life the best he can He's a not a scientist, he programs a computer Before that he sold cars to pay a student loan now he receives pity From his family - his friends say how could he Turn his back on reason worshipping A God finding truth through fear and mind control He's just a man trying to explain how He found the word of God could make his life seem less insane So he shares what he's read, what he understands, it makes sense to him, it makes perfect sense to him, in fact He's never seen so clearly Turned his back on free will - has he lost his mind?

He'd rather kneel down than take charge of his life And he knows what people think, but it doesn't sway him He can read the writings on the wall 'Cause he knows how people treat, how they treat each other A sacrifice to benefit the all Don't try to judge him, his theological ideas His hopes may be false but his happiness is real Don't try to judge him, he's just a man Reeko Reeko, try to understand, it really is that bad It won't just go away, the party's over It's past two o' clock, so it's about time We stopped, 'cause I see the keg has been sucked dry The cisco was emptied in to the aquarium Where the fish all seem to play the ex lax Lines the dog bowl The toilet's overflowed, we've had our fun so now there's nothing left to damage We got no place left to go Mr.

President, please understand, it really is that bad It won't just go away, it's just beginning The ballots have been cast, we make like seaward rats Leave this sinking ship, leave and not look back The things we never tried to disallow Have come back to haunt us now With apple pie and Chevrolet We've come to see the end, we've all made this bed Now we got nowhere to lay, dies and gentlemen Try to understand Scavenger Type Gigin alone at the bottom of the hill Our protagonist named Bill Sets his sights on an anchor steam pint All he needs is thirteen quarters Congregated in his hat A crow, a scavenger type California redemption provides him with his rent Room and board inside a fifth of comfort As the wind penetrates his bones His mind keep focused Tidal waves of sound catapulted From his horn wail like lovers The coins don't drop consistent as does the mercury His meter slows realizing a zenith He's reached perfection No one did see him die Album "I heard they suck alive!

Beer Bong If I want some beer I don't want to hear About how I missed the show Because I drink to slow So pass me the beer bong It wont take very long For me to put down This torpedo to the ground Because drinking beer is to slow Beer bong is the way to go To go to go Don't drink to slow! When we go out tonight, gotta get my hair just right Tight black pants and blue suede shoes I'll get my picture in Rock City News Gotta get those flyers out, might meet a talent scout And he will talk contracts with me My fame and fortune and MTV 3.

Life O' Riley I sit in my easy chair I've got so much time to spare Cause I know in my future days I'll have my lionshare Theres nothing I like better Than getting something for nothing Then some will tell you that you can't get nothing for free Obviously they don't know me You can have your cake and eat it too And there's plenty of free lunch for you If you think you're getting cheated then you don't have a clue You don't know where you are, or what to do I live the lifestyle they speak of so highly I live the life Moron Brothers Talking about the Moron Bros', tattooed fingers, tattooed toes They're idiots, losers, they're scum Taking advantage of everyone You're a dog, they're your fleas Doing everything they can to spread disease They'll take your beer, they'll take your drugs Leave with you microscopic bugs Their company is something you won't miss When your icetrays are filled with piss They are the Moron Brothers Don't get along with others They'll whine, they'll bitch, they'll fuck you if you're rich They'll leach, they'll latch, they are the itch you can't scratch Do do do do do do do do da do do do do etc.

They'll ink your face, tape your eyelids closed Tabasco's in your mouth, there's mustard up your nose When your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed Just try to move your leg they've put you in a cast They are the Moron Brothers Don't get along with others They may not go down in history But they'll go down on your sister 5.

meet the meek nofx tour

Our foreign policy To make the world safe for business Call it democracy Our human nature, it's all the same We spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness So stop the hate, open the iron gate It's our destiny to make the cold war history You think I give a shit If you're a socialist If you're a capitalist We've all got to exist On this planet with nowhere to run The millions of brainwashed must open their eyes We are one With us over here and them over there Barbed wire borders are going nowhere 6.

Together On The Sand Together on the sand, we walked hand in hand On the beachfront, she smiled at me As she tightly held my hand I had my thum up in her Country music played on the radio So I turned it off and we walked down to the water As she fucked my grandma's daughter That's your mama A wave swept us away What a ho What a ho What a ho Album "Heavy petting zoo" 1. Hobophobic Scared of Bums Hobo - I'm hobophobic so what, ah ah ah Scared of bums Not just because they stink bad Not just because they're crackers From drinking too much Lysol Let them be Just don't get fuckin' near me Scared of bums, ah ah Infested with microscopic bugs and Endocrine systematic doo doo Why don't they get a job 2.

Philthy Phil Philanthropist There's something wrong with mass consumption Why do we want what we don't need Alcohol burnt clean asphalt methamphetamin Will make it seem alright It's gonna make it seem alright Living in the hunger underground Some people say I got a problem with authority so What if I do man it beats relinquished control Philthy Phil Philanthropist You've taken when you should have give away Philthy Phil you gave to us More than we cannot repay There's something grand about being nothing There's something lame about being grand Alcohol squirting gun don't want no holidays in the sun That's me not bein you, that's just me not bein you Either part of the solution or the problem Can there not be a middle ground for just the anybody Replace Superman with Joe Ordinary Philthy Phil Philanderer You've taken when you shoulda give away Filthy Phil you gave to us We cannot repay 3.

Hot Dog In A Hallway She'll have another piece of pie She'll have a double reuben rye She kicks hard at eating well That's why I love her She's got a couple of pony kegs Her arms are bigger than my legs And when she holds me I can't breathe That's why I love her I'm her butter she' my bread She's like a mobile waterbed And when I got on top of her I can't touch the mattress And when her flesh begins to sag She's like a human sleeping bag I feel so cozy safe and warm She's my insulation I always know where she sat And when she's on me I get flat Some broken ribs a punctured lung That's why I love her She's my phillie I'm her stud Her bean is bigger than my pud It's like feeding a tic-tac to a whale That's why I love her 6.

What's the Matter With Kids Today? There's something wrong with the kids in my neighborhood They always listen to mom They disregard civil disobedience They'd rather do what they're told They don't drink or fuck or fight They sit home, and read, expand their minds There's something wrong with the kinds in my cul de sac Their always goin to church They dress well and they're speaking articulate They show each other respect They're never late, don't smoke or break rules They eat right, study hard, they like school There's something wrong with the kids in my neighborhood 8.

Love Story Partly owned tuder house Wooden white picket fence Mother waits for father in a backless dress Hardly used a diaphragm Put back into the case A one way trip down memory lane As she awaits I don't wanna know Cheat me I don't wanna know Children play in the yard Mother stares at a wall Father says he's gonna be back late So don't wait up About a quarter to 3 Father stares at a wall Stained thicker than water Who's gonna clean it up 9.

Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?

The Black And White Mr. Whatever Didi Wants I wouldn't walk miles when I could fly coach But almost anything I wouldn't swim across the Nile Cause I could get a moebic dysentery Cause if there's anything you want I'll probably get it You tell me what you need I'll try not to forget it You need someone to blame I'll say I said it Cause whatever Didi wants she's gonna get it I wouldn't climb the highest mountain Could get a blister, but almost anything I wouldn't throw coins in a fountain I might be needing to make a phone call I'd call you collect whenever I could I doesn't seem like you're a million miles away, no But maybe one or two That doesn't mean, I never loved you Me love you long time, when you're on top of me August 8th Birds sing, there's not a cloud in the sky, August 8th is a beautiful day I see a bunch of hippies crying yeah August 8th is a beautiful day Like waking up from a real bad dream, suddenly everything is ok The storm has passed, the sun is shining, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day What's goin on, what's goin on, is something bummin your scene There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean The air is sweet, the summer flowers bloomin, nowhere in that is anything gray Feelings of joy, are filling the street, yeah August 8th beautiful day Like waking up from a fucked up dream, suddenly everything's looking good There's been no permanent damage done Yeah August 8th came right when it should Poor Jeff Poor little Timmy turtle Staying home on such a beautiful day JR Barracuda Sound -- P.

meet the meek nofx tour

BoxGainesville, FL. The cynical might look at this as something of a cash-in attempt, since, as the liner notes readily admit, every NOFX record after 's Punk in Drublic has sold fewer copies than its predecessor. The band seems to attribute the decline in their still-substantial popularity to the change in the tastes of American punk-rock teenagers, a shift from music made by politically-minded, foul-mouthed Average Joes to that made by whiny dorks with nice hair, fitted clothes, and Christian-friendly attitudes see "The Separation of Church and Skate" and "What's the Matter with Kids Today?

Others might attribute it to a lapse in the quality of the band's music. It's probable that both sides have a point: Dashboard Confessional, meet Pump Up the Valuum. NOFX has made a couple of interesting choices with this collection. The first is to focus heavily on material released since or so. I'm pretty sure the reason for that decision is that a lot of their best early material is collected on 's I Heard They Suck Live, and so it's hard to argue with, although it makes the presence of tracks like "Linoleum" and "Kill All the White Man" harder to justify, quality aside.

The other choice, apparently, is to focus on tracks with more serious subject matter, thus blessedly sparing us the likes of "The Brews" and "Liza and Louise," while regrettably omitting "Showerdays" -- although, again, there are a couple of exceptions, most notably the pointless "Thank God It's Monday. Was the track order devised by a ouija board?

Perhaps the answer is that NOFX are such unredeemable contrarians that they prefer confusing and frustrating their fans over making the strongest possible record. Despite their numerous faults, NOFX hold a deserved place in the history of punk rock, not only for their sheer longevity and prolificacy -- witness the name of their tenth LP, 45 or 46 Songs that Weren't Good Enough to Go On Our Other Records -- but because they were and are one of the last bands keeping up a tradition that is almost entirely dead or corrupted, for better or for worse.

If you were a teenage punk rocker in the '90s, NOFX was the living embodiment of the culture that you were aping, cartoonish and anachronistic as it was.

SPACE CITY ROCK: CD/7" Reviews (N)

Their message and perhaps their music may have been 10 or 15 years behind, but we heard it all the same, and it was and remains the right one: And, would you believe, multicultural? For those things we -- at least, I -- owe them a debt of gratitude. Whether we should care about this record depends more on the extent of our patience for their foolishness. So, from that angle, me not reviewing this album 'til way past its release date is even more "bad.

Is it post-rock, no-wave, art-punk? Carnival music made by lunatics? Truthfully, I have no clue. Labels don't stick real easily to these folks, and that makes the lives of inherently lazy reviewers like myself damned difficult.