Gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

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gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

Read more about the "Candy Bomber" in the beautifully illustrated book Christmas from Heaven or learn about his story in Meet the Mormons. You can also. Gail Halvorsen was born on October 10, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. He is known for his work on (). Meet the Mormons The Candy Bomber. (). "Meet the Mormons" is a slick, upbeat Church of Latter Day Saints-backed documentary that aims to answer Gail Halvorsen, Carolina Munez.

Why would they just make up the rock in the hat stuff rather than getting the accurate version? I realized that the South Park episode in question was more historically accurate than any of the lessons I was taught in Seminary.

Scary, sad times when Matt and Trey are more reliable for true history than my own church. John34 October 7, at 6: The purpose of your website, presumably, is to review movies. Your reasoning is shallow, historically inaccurate and simply ad hominen. In your review, due to your myopic obsession and assumptions that Mormons are sexist, racist, homophobes, you miss the point of the entire movie. You are correct that this movie is preaching to the choir — made by Mormons for Mormons — but somehow you miss that the value of diversity is being preached to the choir.

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Your research about Mormons centers on another movie which I suppose is the depth of your critical thinking. I base my beliefs on my interactions with other people of different beliefs as well as reading their texts or scriptures. I am happy for those that find strength in their beliefs even when they conflict with my own.

gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

I do give you props for leaving this conversation on your website though, perhaps you are more fair minded than your words would indicate. I would have wanted to watch this movie if the church highlighted all its controversies and re-stated their beliefs despite them. But these are things that are very much a part of the culture here.

Nor are any of his apostles. None of your bishops are female. When they complain and voice their disapproval you excommunicate them. Many would consider this behavior sexist.

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But in addition to denying women the priesthood, your church also played a key role in blocking the equal rights amendment in the s. Brigham Young said some very racist things. His attitudes towards blacks is well documented. Mormonism has a history of racism. Since the 70s, it appears the church has made some progress.

gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

None of his apostles are black. However, your church put a lot of time, money, and effort into denying the LGBT community equal rights.

gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

Saul Goodman October 8, at 2: And if the ultimate goal is an online streaming site, resulting in wider distribution, this strategy becomes much more understandable. But I digress… The movie is definitely a high-quality documentary. While my screener was a digital copy, the HD looked great, and the cinematic and production value was emphasized in this film.

This took time, money, and foresight to find the right locations to film, and to get the correct shots. The people come across as very real, their stories authentic, and the vignettes and filming very well done. You heard me correctly. While that argument might have merit to some, for the purposes of this film which were to highlight members of the LDS faiththat would have been an unncessary distraction.

The stories are as follows: Perhaps that was the point of the film.

gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

For example, while Jermaine Sullivan is a bishop of a diverse ward in Atlanta, the only thing you saw of him being a bishop was speaking from the stand, and people referring to him as such. Part of that is most likely because his is the most dramatic, but again, not something uniquely Mormon.

There were very good parts about the film.

gail halvorsen meet the mormons netflix

Personally, I really liked all of the vignettes. I really liked the beginning portions on the street. The music was very well done, setting a great mood for the movie something that is very important with a documentary. The individuals come across as personable and relatable, even with some of the dramatic stories. This is a film that will make Mormons proud, and a film that I believe will definitely do a lot of good to improve how people view the Church and Mormons if one stumbles upon it on Netflix or Amazon Prime if it makes it there.

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All movies do have their downsides, or things that I think could have been done better. For example, while Jenna was a great lead-in for the movie, there were a few times that her voice and over-peppiness seemed to distract me from the movie. For a lighthearted approach in the beginning, she was a perfect lead-in.