Aang and zuko meet the dragons

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aang and zuko meet the dragons

Aang needs to learn firebending, but Zuko's bending is too weak for some up to the mountain to meet the dragons, but their flames go out at the last moment. Avatar: The Last Airbender () is an American animated television series airing on Nickelodeon. It follows the adventures of Aang, the successor to a. Meet Zuko, the firebending teacher who can't even firebend. Chief: Zuko's ancestors killed all the dragons, and it was Aang taking an iceberg.

Whenever his jailer Warden Poon was out of sight, Iroh would workout constantly.

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  • The Firebending Masters
  • Avatar - The Last Airbender - S 3 E 13 - The Firebending Masters

In the company of Poon he would pretend to be going insane while padding his disappearing belly with spare articles of clothing. Exercises Iroh would use included inverted push-ups, inverted crunches, and one handed pull ups. By the time the eclipse had come, Iroh was back to his former self in terms of physical strength. He busted out of his jail cell and took on the entire prison guard single handily, including Warden Poon. They are devoted to the sharing of ancient knowledge across national and political divides.

This would explain why he was the Grand Lotus. Another statement that supports this theory is a comment made by Zuko. It was common for White Lotus members to remain loyal to their respected nations. But for him to be able to that, he needed someone he could trust to run the Fire Nation in his absence.

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What would his first act as Interim Fire Lord be? Establishing a National Tea Appreciation Day of course. I think of you as my own. Together this odd pair would struggle like any child and parent would, eventually coming to a common ground of respect, love, and admiration.

aang and zuko meet the dragons

Iroh would teach Zuko everything he knew about Firebending, including his own technique of redirecting lightning. Iroh as Grand Lotus would change the other members hearts and minds concerning this philosophy.


Following the Year War, the Order of the White Lotus would become more engaged in current events. It would be members of the White Lotus who would discover Korra and aid in her training as Avatar.

aang and zuko meet the dragons

Sozin had a blue dragon. The red and blue dragons also represented the conflict between Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin, with Roku's dragon being red and Sozin's being blue. Roku and Sozin were initially friends, but they grew distant over time.

Both dragons were present on Roku's island when Sozin betrayed Roku and left his old friend to die in the volcanic eruption - Sozin escaped on his blue dragon, while Fang swooped in so he could die with Roku. Though no distinction of personality or name was made between them, the red one paired with Zuko and the blue one with Aang as they do the " Dancing Dragon " form; however, when Aang and Zuko finished displaying the "Dancing Dragon" form and prepared to face the dragons' judgment, Aang faced the red dragon, and Zuko the blue one.

The dragons deemed them worthy and showed Aang and Zuko the original meaning of firebending. Dragons in the World of Avatar draw inspiration from several different cultures.

Aesthetically, they are heavily influenced by traditional Chinese depictions of dragons: On top of that, she shares with the group the origin of earth bending: I will always celebrate the return of those glorious creatures. I honestly wish that we could have gotten more, but the real focus of this episode is the untold story of where fire bending actually came from.

Zuko claims it originally came from dragons, but that the Fire Nation wiped them out, along with the ancient Sun Warriors, who had their techniques stolen and warped into a more aggressive style.

And so, Zuko and Aang head off to ruins of the Sun Warriors in the hopes that something is left behind that might help them learn about the true source of fire bending.

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In the process of watching these two interact, we get more history about the world of Avatar. But Zuko corrects Aang, who makes the same observation.

Iroh had a complicated past, he says. It seems like a statement about himself as well. The two enter the Sun Warriors temple, and Aang asks Zuko to dance.


Millions of fanfics popped up later that day. But it does highlight how these two characters are still quite different. Aang is used to keeping his sense of humor just within reach I blame that on Sokkawhere Zuko is still a deeply serious person. The dance that the two act out produces a pedestal. With a golden age?