KN1 rear view view larger image. Toshiba atop Quanta KN1 view larger image The interior of the laptop is black, with a black keyboard and a silver border around it. You can really see the difference when my old 2-inch-thick Toshiba is placed atop it: Temperature-wise, the processor is usually between 48 C and 55 C. I chose the 1.

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The KN1 has a rather plain design, resembling a large plank of silver plastic. When I first started using the system, the display did seem a little washed-out, but after adjusting the gamma and increasing the contrast a little bit in the NVIDIA control panel, the colors are sufficiently vibrant, although not quite kkn1 vivid as on a glossy screen. Gaming Performance This notebook is more than sufficient for most modern games at moderate settings. KN1 rear view view larger image.

This was exactly what Notebool wanted, as I already had antivirus and office software before I bought the KN1.

KN1 display view larger image. The KN1 is cooled by a single fan in the upper left corner of the notebook. My KN1 has served me well through a month of exams, and it will serve me well for a week of sloth and game-playing.

Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are excellent. I kkn1 the 1. The charge rate then tapers off, taking about 2 hours total to top off the battery. The KN1 is relatively hard to find.


The fit and finish are all very tight, and there is no plastic creaking or flexing anywhere on the laptop. It would be nice to have more USB ports on the sides rather than in the back, and the optical drive does get in the way of a mouse if you open it, but these are easy to work around. Other places that sell the KN1 are: The touchpad and scroller have excellent sensitivity and precision. The KN1 has an 8-cell, 71WHr battery pack.

The one control I do wish they had added was a volume control dial like most Toshiba notebooks have, but these buttons are mostly adequate.

Quanta HP Mini 1103 Specifications

The underside of the laptop has one large access panel that lifts off to expose the RAM, processor, graphics card, and cooling system. Speakers The speakers notebook mounted at the front, firing forward. The KN1 is a versatile well-rounded machine that gives an overall impression far more favorable than the sum of its parts.

The chassis of the laptop does get a knn1 warm on the bottom, but not unbearably so. The Intel wireless connection management program is actually rather useful, and offers a few kn11 features than the standard Windows wireless connection interface. Furthermore, they go out of their way to make themselves available for contact, being accessible via email, live chat, or even AIM.

Rick at ISTNC answered all of my pre-purchase inquiries very promptly, and did a great job of keeping me updated with the status of my system as it went through building and testing.


Temperature-wise, the processor is usually between 48 C and 55 C. The KN1 satisfies my aesthetic needs, being good-looking in an understated way, and quite unique amidst the sea of Dell ms and s notfbook class.

I had wanted something that would be rather uncommon and distinctive, but not something so flashy it would immediately stick out like a sore thumb amongst my classmates which was why I never considered the Acer Ferrari The KN1 has a tiny slot on the underside next to its battery that is supposedly noteboko a Bluetooth transmitter.

Quanta KN1-PM Notebook Reviewed – TechEBlog

The battery charges very rapidly, going from 3 percent to around 80 percent in under an hour while plugged in.

It was tough to decide between the rest, as they were all on a par performance-wise. The speakers are mounted at the front, firing forward. There was a refreshing lack of useless trial software and other bloatware. I have to put my ear right by the touchpad to be able to hear it. The top is only a little warm beneath the left Ctrl and Alt keys.

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