But even omitting our benchmarking results, we should take into account that memory space of the first three modules is addressed in the top triple-channel mode, and only the fourth module is addressed in a single-channel mode. All motherboards from Intel traditionally have enhanced temperature monitoring features. This motherboard lacks various indicators, which are often used in top products. Functionality, performance, and other benefits of this feature may vary depending on system configuration. Please submit your comments, questions, or suggestions here.

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Trusted Platform Module TPM is a component on the desktop board that is specifically designed to enhance platform security above-and-beyond the capabilities of today’s software by providing a protected space for key operations and other security critical tasks. However, both bridges and MOSFETs in the power circuit of a processor are equipped with relatively compact aluminum heatsinks nice blue color, efficient shape, decent heat release surface area.

In a meeting between Legit Dx58xo and Intel it was discovered that three slots should be used if you want the best performance. Write a xmackover below. This feature is implemented owing to support for the digital content protection technology, which lets certified software players channel the audio stream to a graphics card with HDMI or any other expansion card without quality losses.


It will actually default back down to single channel mode, which will obviously drastically impact memory bandwidth. The secondary PCIE 16x port is only showing up at 2.

Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO

This is a computer translation of the original content. On the other hand, a top motherboard simply must maintain a certain level even if a purely populist oneor it risks disappointing potential users and, consequently, sale drops.


As usual, BIOS Setup of Intel motherboards has a complicated structure, it’s different from competing solutions, and not always logical. One of the other reasons that high memory clocks are tough to reach is because the board is still pre-production and the BIOS is still being optimized for stability, as well as, performance.

You can optionally install an additional fan on top comes with the bundle. A Parallel port is a computer interface used for connecting peripherals, most often printers.

The latter is equipped with a latch in case you want to install a graphics card into this slot with an open end. The processor power circuit actually uses ferrite chokes and only polymeric capacitors, but other voltage regulators incorporate standard components — they used to be popular a couple years ago, but now they are not used even in Mid-End products.

According to the information on the official web site, the box contains the usual bundle paper manuals, CD, etc plus four SATA cables with L-shaped connectors so that they can be used even with bulky graphics cards. System and Maximum TDP is based on worst case scenarios.

Intel has launched an unusual motherboard with the top X58 chipset the only one for Socket The information herein is provided “as-is” and Intel does not make any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding accuracy of the information, nor on the product features, availability, functionality, or compatibility of the products listed.

Besides, the motherboard comes with a fan, which can be installed on the NB heatsink smaclover are inclined to recommend using it.

Where Intel looks confident is the on-board cooling system.

You can intell try rolling back to the previous BIOS version and check the behavior of the system. Any higher overclocking results in it not being able to wake up.


Intel DX58SO “Smackover” Motherboard – Hardware Secrets

We can only emackover that cooling efficiency was hardly improved, it probably even suffered from it. You can read about its features in the corresponding review. They typically carry a three-year warranty. We shall not conjecture the causes that made Intel engineers change so much the habitual design of their motherboards. All motherboards from Intel traditionally have enhanced temperature monitoring features.

One of the new features that stands out on this motherboard is the fact that it supports triple channel memory for improved memory bandwidth. But NB temperature during our tests was far from the infel point, even though there was no assistance from the CPU cooler.

Impossible to install six memory modules?

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Intel’s implementation is technically correct, and it probably does not disagree with its idea of a top model.

DX58SO Smackover Pcie ports not working |Intel Communities

The layout of expansion slots is regulated by the ATX standard, of course, so there are no surprises here. The top port which is supposed to be a PCIE 2. For the first time on the desktop market there appeared an smacover to build SLI with the chipset from a different company, even though it involves royalties.

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