Where the names of the artists are known locally, the inclusion of a photograph or photographs will not only add value to the display but will give an intimate touch to the setting. Both numbers in early tryouts have shown up to good advantage. Six marches which the band played will appear on three double-faced records. The records he makes for us are tine specimens of his skill. Jenkins’ Sons Music Co.

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Taking these things into consideration it might be worth while for sheet music dealers to give more attention to show music. Myers, the famous baritone, whose re- cords have achieved a wonderful popularity, has px made a contract to sing exclusively for the Columbia Phonograph Company.

Our list contains his best selections. The adoption of a six-tube circuit 746 all models and the reduction of models in the line have simplified the company’s production problems materially.

Pro Audio Speakers, Microphones, Amps & DSP by Electro‑Voice

North Main street, Norwalk, Conn. The following list j represents the best work of the great organization: At present it is considered one of the outstanding musical organizations in the Southern collegiate field. Canadian A Export Dlstrtbutora C. How to Order — Read Carefully, Write orders plainly, adding full address and shipping directions.


Since using same, we have had the satis- tceh of knowing that to date we have not had a broken spring and the motor will do all that you claimed for it.

Nearer, My God, to Thee F. One of the simplest forms is to display the music of the current production in the window, reminding those who have attended the show that the song gems can be had inside. Changes Hands Davenport, Ia. Rottkamp was formerly connected with the Gennett division of the Starr Piano Co. The gramophone gives them what they want, and the best banjo-play- ing — gives it to them whenever they choose to listen.

He is highly regarded by the dance orchestras with whom he has worked and many of them attribute a large portion of their recording success to his ttech. F unny incidentsT The Prize Fight: In appearance the device resembles an ordinary radio set. My Hobbies department has been running since January, Myers Tommy Atkins J. A clearance sale of talking machines was most successful.

Stanley with Orchestra Hark! The stockholders of the General Phonograph Co. We only hope that our future connections will be as pleasant as those in the past. When all details are arranged the General Phonograph Corp.


Pet O Fone is an all-year-round seller. The appointment of Mr. The enormous sale of our records is not due alone to the fact that they are offered at a low figure — poor records being dear at any price— but more particularly to the fact that a comparison between them and the high-priced ones offered by small dealers always results in further orders for our goods.

In addition, the company operates large retail stores at Sydney, Melbourne. This enterprising radio distributing house has given particular attention to the talking machine field and num- bers among its accounts some of the largest and best-known talking machine dealers in the metropolitan territory.

Loud & Clear

The Arkansaw Travel- ers. Dittmer, secretary of the cor- poration; F. In order to insure the acquisition of so valu- able a method the president of the Aeolian Co. He assumed his duties twch the lirunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

The Paul Record Shop is enjoying its usual active business in records, along with a satis- factory trade in talking machines.

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