Additionally, if you have a lot of expansion cards and are having problems getting the new video card to work, try removing all the cards and plug in the new video-card to see if it works. The PCB is of the usual Creative standard but the box says that it’s using a newer heat-dissipating design. A low-cost version, known as the TNT2 M64, was produced with the memory interface reduced from bit to bit. Views Read Edit View history. Tesla GeForce 8 9

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Only item I feel missing is a refresh-rate selection on this menu.

Creative NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra (CT) 32 MB AGP 1x/2x Graphics adapter | eBay

Back to top The Value card! Regarding software, a few free games or at least a playable version of an upcoming game like Draken and some cool demos.

This is not the case with nVidia chipsets as they still manufacture and sell the chips to video-card makers, hence we have a plethora of brands to choose for TNT2-based card. I’ve only included the results for the Celeron and using Demo-1 because using any other CPUs and speed grade results in the exact same minor ulltra.

Creative NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra (CT6870) 32 MB AGP 1x/2x Graphics adapter

So the board is quite spacious. Though this gap will widen when running a more complex benchmark like Crusher unfortunately I don’t have itbut there isn’t much to worry as the performance drop will be much less than the previous TNT. To make matters worse, there are 3 varieties of Voodoo-3 boards and 3 varieties of TNT2 boards. But I didn’t have the Ultra word printed on mine!? craetive


When I switched on the monitor in the morning, I was delighted to see the Demo still running. Retrieved from ” https: This is the reason the TNT2-Value scores well overall. GeForce 8 9 Have a look how the K pulls ahead of the CeleronA!

That is why TNT had a large die made with 0. So even though these two cards run at higher core and RAM speeds, the limited memory bus has brought the performance down similar to the old TNT.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster TNT2 Ultra

All you have to do is get all the latest drivers for your motherboard from VIA’s website and update your Windows. For lower speed CPU’s e. Well this one has a nice sunken blastrr which is more ulrta than a simple fan screwed on top a cheap heatsink. The ram chips used were the same ones as shown here, Hyundai 5. Going to the Shortcut Manager, it looks very similar function-wise to a Canopus Launcher.

If you’re in a very intensive spot, the results should be equivalent to a TNT and I don’t blame it as the memory bandwidth is halved. The CA takes a good lead over the K All looks right over here but just note how much gain you get by overclocking your video card Game There are many sections here, so I’ll be highlighting the more important ones and the first one shows the information page as shown to your left. Prophecyand the popular Unreal had a troubled development history with regards to Direct3D and was plagued by issues such as missing details in this mode.


Same goes for the Demo-2 results which reflects the same amount of drop as in Demo If you can recall long time back, the Riva-TNT was supposed to have a Mhz clock speed but was dropped down to 90Mhz nearing its launch due to heat and stability issues. Looks like overclocking the video-card pays quite a lot, as seen from the rest of the 3DMark99 scores.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Overview – CNET

Ok, since this has been sorted out, back to our ‘problem’. Send to a friend. Word has it those markings of chips that start with T GeForce 2 4 MX. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat There is also a value version called the TNT2-M

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