To install the XGI Graphics driver1. Secure the drive with a screw. If one member of physical SATA Hard disk within the array is off-line or failed,the status of array will become to be degraded from normal. For example, selecting Main shows theMain menu items. Push the server all the way into the rack.

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Page 10 About this guideAudienceThis user guide is intended for system integrators and experienced users with atleast basic knowledge of configuring a server. Unhook the hinge-like tw300-e5 from the holes on the right side of the front panelto completely detach the front panel assembly from the chassis. To build the driver: The Drive Status column field now shows Hot Spare.

Asus TS300-E5 Server User Manual

Select a channel and press to enterthe setup. Locate the CPU socket on the motherboard. To remove the front panel assembly: When prompted, press the to select Yes from the Initialize? Loosen the thumb screw thatsecures the HDD blower case tothe chassis. When you buy a boxed Intel CPU, the package includes the cooler, fan, retentionbrackets, screws, thermal grease, installation manual, and other items that arenecessary for CPU installation.


Select all the drives required for the RAID set, then press.

Asus Server TSE5 User Guide |

Thread the cabling straps into cable holes on the cable manager arm. Refer to Chapter 4: After reboot, the rebuild will occurautomatically.

Find the proper orientationand push down firmly until the connectors completely fit. Position the backplane into its slotwith the component side facingthe rear panel, and the powerconnectors on top.

On the front panel assembly, detach the plastic bay cover opposite the5. To delete a RAID set: Set the screws aside. To create an IS volume: Motherboard information for detailed information on themotherboard.

Asus TS300-E5 User Manual: Creating A Raid 0 Or Raid 1 Set

Select the RAID controller driver from the list, then press. The default stripe size is KB.

The drivetray ejects slightly after you pull outthe lever. Take caution when changing the settings of the Advanced menu items. Take note of the devices to which you should connect the plugs.


Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying tocomplete a task. From the Management Menu, highlight Configure, then press. Carefully lift the cover and set itaside. Confirm the password when prompted.

Page 25 You may need to remove some of the installed components to access theDIMM sockets and internal connectors. You need at least two identical hard disk drives when creating a RAID 1 set. From the menu you may change related settings.

Visit the ASUS website www. When prompted, use the arrow keys to select Yes from the ConsistencyCheck dialog box, then press. Failure to do so may cause physical injury, and damage to the card andmotheboard components!

When you enable WriteCache, you may lose data when a asue interruptionoccurs while transmitting or exchanging data among the drives.

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