Then they all come on again as the printer start another runing pulse. If there is papaer in the tray, they will be held down more than when there is no paper. The paper tray has a pin on each side and drop into a shallow well in the closed position. Once I have it, how do I use it to turn off the start up page option? I have to buy remade or refilled now. Jack, check above for Brad’s post. Are they good lps?

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Hopefully, a new XP based driver would help you. If my Select is not the FAX version, why would lqserwriter have a scanner? You have to realize it’s using 12 year old processor technology. Your fuser lamp burned out. Any help would be appreciated.

List of Apple printers

When I go to print, the error I get is that there is no toner cartridge installed, even though this is 306 apple cartridge and it was working fine before I took it apart. The window was clean. Can anyone give me some direction.

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Laserwritfr have been successfully running a mac mini with my laserwriter I tested it and it works ok but i want to clean it inside could you help me with some service manual pdf or the URL that I could look for? Print fades on the right side of a printed page. Is it a free download?

Apple LaserWriter Select Drivers Download – Update Apple Software

Thanks, Dave PS I logged in under an incorrect name and answered myself instead of you. Amazingly enough, you had the right answer. Retrieved from ” https: Anybody with a clue? Does anyone know if this is could cause a breakage in the printer itself? Amazingly enough, I put Apple into the big box on the main page and this is what I got. There are about pages paper left in the tray, but I still want to know how to pull the tray out.

Dave, Did you ever solve this problem?

LaserWriter Select 360:Technical Specifications

They are connected to the paper tray. BTW its connected to a pc running xp and yes I turned the config switch to 6 and set my dpi to How does one get their hands on the PostScript file? Chris -re the paper misfeed – I’m having the same problem. I really hate to do that, because I think there are only aboutpages on this drum. On this printer, poor quality is usually due to either a bad toner cartridge drum replace the toner cartridge laserwrite a dirty laser window.


Thanks, Gary – unknown.

It is supposed to automatically go out and display how many pages it has printed. They are both exactly the same. The printer drivers that come with work on theI knew from other computers.

You can either simplify the job or go into printer properties and select a lower dpi setting. Just do a save target as on Chris’ farrer. I just changed it to 2 maybe, I don’t remember.

I have a Laserwriter Select that I got used. Since it is a problem that shouldn’t happen, and that you somehow put in, I’m unable to advise you how to fix it.

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