Young zuko and azula relationship

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young zuko and azula relationship

She was a key adversary of Team Avatar, chasing Avatar Aang and her banished brother far cohesion and peace were still strong among the young family during Azula and Zuko's childhood; Deteriorating relationship with Zuko and Ursa. It is believed that the use of the file "Young Zuko and" on the articles This page is comprised of Azula's relationships with other characters in the. I bet that was the beginning of the breakdown of young Azula and Zuko's relationship. Young Azula would have loved her doting, attentive big.

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Two, Azula clearly gets a kick out of manipulations and Zuko is a barrel full of monkeys in playing right into her head games. Zuko clearly states he never felt comfortable around Azula during those times, probably too many bad memories from his childhood and Book 2 which is reasonable.

Because Azula thought she had Zuko pinned, both in being able to predict him and keep him in his place. She put a lot of stock in her ability to intimidate and make people do what she wanted, and yet two people she had loved have left her.

This is only exasperated by the Boiling Rock when her two, possibly only, friends chose Zuko over her.

young zuko and azula relationship

She was a better heir, better bender, better at everything. Zuko was supposed to be the failure and yet he thumbed his nose at their father and ran off with the Avatar to help defeat him.

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But she was angry and emotional and once again Zuko was able to get the better of her. She fought terribly and it almost cost her life, but she had to save herself while Zuko was saved by the Gaang.

young zuko and azula relationship

Zuko always had an easier time making and keeping friends while Azula struggled and that just twists the knife deeper. From there the slippery slope becomes steeper and she falls right down it.

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While Zuko has found himself through hardship and exile and enlightenment; Azula had put faith in her brother to be as pathetic and docile as she remembered. Although he was in Ozai's presence twice, he never met or spoke with Ozai nor is it known if there was a difference highly unlikely though it is between Bujing's relationship with Azulon and with Ozai.

Bujing was renowned for his ruthless but effective battlefield strategies [20] and shared Ozai's disposition toward cruelty and violence. Known for his calculating manner, sadism, and ruthless attitude, General Bujing had an obsession with victory even if it meant sacrificing inexperienced troops to gain a battlefield advantage but was largely a tool to further Ozai's own efforts at conquering the world. This would make the latter concentrate its efforts and resources on the former, leaving the way open for more capable Fire Nation soldiers to encircle and defeat them.

In his words, the new recruits were the best bait available: When Prince Zuko attended his first war meeting and spoke out against Bujing's cruel plan, he and the other attendees were greatly offended. Ozai told his son that it was an act of disrespect and could only be settled by an Agni Kai, and Zuko accepted, not being afraid of the elderly Bujing. However, Zuko unexpectedly ended up facing Ozai instead.

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Bujing attended the Agni Kai as a member of the audience smirking upon seeing "justice" served to Zuko, showing Bujing's fanatical loyalty to Ozai and how cruel Bujing was. According to Azula, she was the "perfect" person for the job. Due to affiliation with the Fire Nation and Azula, Joo Dee was an ally of Ozai though she did not sympathize with his cause. The office of Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator was most likely abolished. Nothing can stop us.

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Qin was the cunning and inventive War Minister and overseer of the creation of all the Fire Nation's war machines and had been a Fire Nation emissary for years. He never met with, spoke with, or was mentioned by Ozai nor is it known if there was a difference highly unlikely though it is between Qin's relationship with Azulon and with Ozai.

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It is certain whatsoever that Qin shared Ozai's disposition toward cruelty and violence and Qin was largely a tool to further Ozai's own efforts at conquering the world. What is known at the earliest is that out of devotion to Ozai, Qin came back to check in the mechanist's inventions regularly, which pleased Ozai because it consisted of destructive tanks and warships.

When the time came, Qin made it so that the Fire Nation attempted to burn the Northern Air Temple to rubble after the mechanist 's defection. The mechanist and his fellow refugees that lived in the temple pushed the invaders back completely. However, the mechanist's latest invention was a hot air balloon with which the battle for the Northern Air Temple was won against the Fire Nation.

young zuko and azula relationship