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This is best exemplified with Noel's protective reaction for the Yeul in .. Parental Substitute: The best way to describe his complicated relationship with Yeul. .. the goddess Etro, he will test Serah and Noel's strength upon defeating Snow in. Isn't it stated that Yeul always dies at around 15, but Noel is er, Not that any of this impacts Yeul and Noel's relationship really, it just got me. Browse through and take thousands of relationship lationships quiz - What kind of true to a lot of users, including me. yeul and noel relationship quizzes.

Soilentoise What is the creature on the giant roulette reel in Serendipity? What is the energy drink made from gysahl greens? What is the famous painting by Geraint, the artist representing the new wave style of post-Cocoon? The neon lights shine brightly What is the full name of Professor Garnett, the editor-in-chief of the modern history textbook of AF?

Micah Garnet What is the main ingredient of exquisite maple honey, a sugary sweet condiment said to be developed from crystals? Sunleth tree sap What is the main ingredient of phantom honey, a condiment with a rather pungent smell? Ochu flower honey What is the main reason for the seldomly occurring vehicular accidents in Academia? What is the name of the beverage created using the water from Sunleth Waterscape?

Sunleth's Legend What is the name of the book of photographs shot by photographer Mitch Rockfit during his numerous visits to New Bodhum? What is the name of the grand city built by the Academy?

Academia What is the name of the elevator connecting Gran Pulse with Cocoon? Gran Elevator The cost of the most expensive fireworks used at Bodhum's fireworks show is equal to the population on Cocoon at its highest. How much is that? Approximately 20, gil What is the name of the parade that was once held in Nautilus?

Pompa Sancta What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot? Northern lights What is the name of the phenomenon that occurs on Gran Pulse due to the winds carrying away the sand?

What is the orobon incapable of doing? Exploding into a pile of dust What is the surname of the Sanctum representative Cid, former commander of the Cavalry? What liquid used in perfumes can be extracted from noctilucale and crawlers? Fragrant Oil What monster is easy to spot in the dark?

Flanitor What monster toy can only be purchased in the Steppe? Cactuar What move was invented by Cocoon's 13th boxing champion? Adamantoise shell What New Bodhum specialty uses fresh seafood?

Sahagin Jerky What new breed of flan look young throughout their entire lives but grow in size as they age? Ginorminiflan What new service is provided by the Chocobo Delivery Service? Hasta la vista, kupo! What popular game do kids play on the shores of New Bodhum? Hopscoth What project is being criticized by reformist groups for pushing Academia to become a closed city?

Elimination of foreign trade What refreshment do chocobo race contestants drink before their race? Chocobo XS What role is Serah capable of? Commando What silver-colored invaluable ore used to be found in haerii? Platinum What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the steppe? Ding Dong Ditch What sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag? Water strike What takes place at the annual Gran Pulse festival La Prettina, an event that celebrates the coming of spring?

Speedy Sahagin What topic is most touched upon in the modern history textbook of AF? Paradox What type of flan was discovered in AF and has since been popular among couples? Fetching Flan What vehicle does Hecatoncheir transform into in gestalt mode? Magitek Armour What vehicle is the most popular among year-old boys everywhere? Ciconia Velocycle What was Dajh 's ability as a l'Cie?

Count Cactuar What was the name of the device used by Sanctum's elite soldiers that allowed one to control gravity? Grav-con Unit What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day at the casino Serendipity?

Gabbiani What was the name of the military squad led by Cid Raines? Rapid Response Team What was the name of the mission to drive out the inhabitants of Bodhum when a Pulse fal'Cie was discovered? What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestants would get pushed off the stage? To the Underworld What was the name of the scandal involving the provisional government and blank documents?

Blank Sheet Incident What was the name of the weapon used to shoot cocoon's garbage into outer space? What was the official name of the stadium sold by Eden's sports team due to financial trouble? Manasvin Warmech What was the reason Volcano Day was established? Protecting Cocoon from Pulse What was the title of the bestselling book of 10 AF about a young girl and her transformation into a cie'th? The Dark Brand What was the war that broke out between cocoon and gran pulse? War of Transgression What water sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag?

Waterstrike What weapon did the Sanctum army bestow upon their skilled soldiers? When a woman calls someone a 'chocobo feather man,' what does she mean? Someone who won't commit When Cocoon residents relocated to Gran Pulse, what dish became widely popular as a way to diminish the natural smell of Pulse ingredients?

How did he hide it? He wrapped a yellow Bandanna around it. When Snow and Serah got engaged, what did they buy together to show their love for one another? When Snow became a l'Cie, where did the brand appear? Left Arm When someone with a pure heart rides a chocobo, heavenly music rings in their ears.

The sound comes from which part of the chocobo? Chest feathers When Storm Motors was in danger of getting brought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day?

When the academy discovered the crystal pillar was in bad condition, what solution did they come up with to try and secure living space? Build a New Cocoon Where are eidolons said to come from?

Valhalla Where is hoax herb, a plant not readily spotted by hikers, generally found? Yaschas Massif Where is the one place Chocolina doesn't open up shop? Serendipity Where is the ideal place to raise a chocobo chick? By her left ear. Where was Proto fal'Cie Adam created? Augusta Tower Which boomerang brand is the most popular among those who hunt for sport? Airwing Which company used the logo "it's moogle o'clock; time to enjoy moogle bread! Stiltzkin's Bakery Which creature has shaper claws?

Silver Lobo Which creature has the longest legs? Shaolong gui Which creature has white fangs? Ahriman Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion? Stikini Which Eidolon is used by Vanille? Which event was the most popular at Nautilus Park? The hologram dance parade Before the crystal pillar appeared, in what state was Cocoon? Floating in midair due to the fal'Cie's powers Which invaluable ore is sought after by miners everywhere?

Which is not an arthropod creature that appears from the Void Beyond? Meonekton Which is not one of the Academy guidelines for preserving the nature of Gran Pulse? Nonviolence against monsters Which is the best university? Eden Central Which legendary flan has a pink tail? Flan Princess Which monster dons colourful garb? Which monster wields Centaurion Blade? Which of the following did not occur directly after the publication of Woolrich's novel 'Humans Belong to the Fal'Cie'?

Scalebeast's Back Which of the following is not programmed into the sunglasses of the Serendipity card dealers? X-ray Vision Which of the following is the Academy not responsible for? Which of the following is the highest quality wool? Fluffy wool Which of the following has never been weighed? Cocoon Which of the following has not been observed in Sunleth? Bodhum Security Regiment Which role allows you to heal yourself and your allies instead of attacking the enemy? Which role allows you to strengthen your allies by infusing their attacks with elemental power?

Synergist While the transportation system was being redeveloped, how were goods delivered to and from Cocoon? How was Palumpolum able to resume commercial activity so quickly? Cuebat Who is the mathematician behind Hart's last theorem, the biggest breakthrough in mathematics since the birth of Cocoon? Smith Hartford Who used to live in Oerba? Fang Who was the first female prime minister to represent the Sanctum? Elle Larskin Whose life revolves around collecting data on monster?

Mog is off playing on his own. Why does the owner of Curious refuse to sell the pair of shoes on display in the front window? Why was the piece 'Cocoon and the Five Moons' stripped of its title for first prize in the 35th Academia Photo Exhibition? Digitally Altered Which activity is based on the architecture of Academia and immensely popular among the teens?

Free fall What color are Serah's eyes? Bluish Who is the distinguished economist who said, 'Humans are merely animals that earn gil'? Gilmay Erskine The Sanctum army tried to create a bioweapon using a mu, but realized enemy soldiers wouldn't take it seriously for which reason? They were too adorable. What is the relationship between the two runners who placed in the th Eden Marathon thanks to their unbreakabe bond? Rivals What color pattern does Serah's cat Snow have?

Calico Which of the following is not a nickname for the jet used by the former Sanctum army? Orion In the proverb, 'One??? Crystal When Serah became a l'cie, she hid her brand with a bandage, where on her body did the brand appear? Left upper arm What creature has large eyes? Neochu What does the cactuar sign seen at the amusement parks imply? Emergency exit Why do people visit the small cottage on the icy terrain of Rudka?

To see the Rainbow-colored mustache of a local Which creature has sharp claws? Silver Lobo The tonberry parent became a social phenomenon in AF.

What kind of parents does this phrase refer to? Those who wield knives when talking to teachers What is the famous line spoken by the famous actor who made it big in the show 'wild rose'?

You're from the rebel army! What is the title of the dark fantasy show based on this world? Flan Fal'Cie Which architect designed the congress hall founded in the capital city of eden?

Augustio Camille What was the name of the parade that was once held in Nautilus? Pompa Sancta What coat pattern does Sarah's cat Snow have? Calico What creature has the longest legs? Blitz Squadron When soldiers say 'You're a real ochu! I can count on you!. The Caldana root of the steppe is an invaluable plant for which reason? Mixing soda water and what prompts sweating and is great for increasing one's metabolism? It's eyes are bloodshot When Sazh Became a l'Cie, where did his brand appear?

His chest What meat is used in the popular hunter's dish, 'Chef's Grudge'? Cooked Tonberry tail Around AF, the '??? What goes in the blank?

Armored How do people refer to the day of Cocoon's fall? The Day of Rebirth What multi-colored artificial forest is registered as a Sanctum heritage site? Bitfrost Forest What is the best act of the circus troupe the Circus Riders, a group of acrobats who use airbikes for dangerous stunts? Chicken Race What alchoholic beverage known which is said to 'Taste like death'? Which dish can only be made in Sunleth from ingredients found in that region?

Patroller's Weed Salad The most common variety of cactuar is used for cooking. What color is it? Green What is the tallest mountain on Gran Pulse? Fairne Academy Entrace Terminal During the Sanctum rule, the film 'Free Will' was banned due to a scene filled with what questionable content? Becoming a Cie'th by will How does Sazh refer to Lighting?

A five finger discount will result in a thousand needles. Bodhum Lebreau is skilled in cooking and fighting. Which of the following does not exist? Thunder Chicken Many flan make up the enormous Royal Ripeness.

Elderly Sazh is best-known for his abilities as a pilot, but what was his former occupation? Train conductor The Eden Literary Award is handed out only to those who make a positive impact on society. Rodrick won this award for which novel? Secrets of the Crystals The extreme anti-Academy terrorists perform what action to get their point across? Why has it led to a declining birthrate?

You can make a virtual boyfriend. What is the name of the creature that possesses a gem on its forehead? Wanna touch my shaolong gui?

Bluish What colour were the orbs that appeared in Yaschas Massif AF when a group of Academy staff members disappeared? A knife What disparity, only noticeable by outsiders transferring in, was revealed in the tell-all book written by a disgruntled former Academy employee? A cactuar What does Noel do best? Teacher What flan is the same colour as a rust puddingFerruginous Pudding What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse?

Gardening What is a newly hatched chocobo called? Cold Blood What is the bow used by hunters in the Steppe to protect themselves from wild animals?

Meowllow Days What is the name of the grand city built by the Academy? Academia What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot?

Augusta Tower What is the tallest mountain on Gran Pulse? Death What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the Steppe? Ding dong ditch What vehicle is the most popular among year-old boys everywhere? Ciconia Velocycle What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day at the casino Serendipity?

Gabbiani What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestants would get pushed off the stage? War of Transgression When Snow and Serah got engaged, what did they buy together to show their love for one another? Necklaces When Storm Motors was in danger of getting bought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day? By her left ear Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion?

Hecantocheir Which is not one of the Academy guidelines for preserving the nature of Gran Pulse? Nonviolence against monsters Which legendary flan has a pink tail?

Flan Princess Which monster dons colorful garb? Apotamkin Which of the following are not found in Oerba? People Which of the following has not been observed in Sunleth? Gold ore Which of the following is not a nickname for the jet used by the former Sanctum army? Orion Which of the following is the Academy not responsible for? Mog is playing off on his own.

Tsking at it Before the crystal pillar appeared, in what state was Cocoon? Floating in midair due to the fal'Cie's powers. Being oblivious to small, everyday occurences is called a 'Tonberry's what'?

Stealthy walk Fireworks were created by a Bodhum resident who used explosives for work. What was his occupation? Miner How does a Tonberry carry its knife? It carries in its left hand.

How does Hope's Eidolon, Alexander, make his exit? Breathes fire and flies off. Hyperion is the fastest competitor in the chocobo races. Which of the following did he recently beat in a race?

In 0AF, monster figurines became popular on Cocoon. Triffid and Mandrake In 1AF, an old flanbanero flower was discovered in crystal. The color was a cross between crystal and a flanbanero. What was the color? What are the condensation trails of the shuttles that were named after the shooting stars called?

Comet trails In 20AF, which region was crawling with bounty hunters due to the growing number of monsters in the area? Deceptisol In what region of Gran Pulse can the ruins of Paddra be found? Yaschas Massif Jones is an infamous treasure hunter who always seems to engulf his discoveries in flames and fail in his excursions.

Flamethrower Kaltz produced a line of shoes that allowed people to walk on water. Although the product was recalled several times, the current product is flawless.

What is the name of the product? Multiple threads are embroidered through his clothes. Of all the chocobo race urban legends, which one is said to possibly be true? Of all the chocobo toys sold in Nautilus, there are rare ones called Happy Chocobos.

What creepy characteristic makes it different from other toys? Its eyes are bloodshot. Of the many cactuar dolls, which is deemed the cutest by customers? Hips On what part of his body Odin wear his cape? Since the massive relocation to Gran Pulse, a world much less peaceful than Cocoon, which item has considerably risen in sales? Potions Stage actor John Barker is a less-than-handsome man who is always late for rehearsals. Yeul's long, dark turquoise hair that almost looked like a very dark blue or black with so little sun made a whooshing noise, and spilled over her shoulder as she turned in the direction of the behemoth.

As she took the dead creature's presence in, her face seemed to be torn between sadness and gratitude. Finally, she settled on the latter. This is great, Noel! And maybe Caius won't eat all of the beast this time. Yeul's voice, while not monotone, tended to sound like she'd just woken up.

Though Noel knew it was just how she sounded, there were days when he worried he might be boring her with what he was saying. But she never let his fears torment him for long, because there were always moments like this when she'd show genuine, clearly evident emotion. And when said emotions were happiness, whatever bad thing that may have previously happened for Noel didn't matter. And it was the same now.

He wasn't even too upset that Caius had left at the moment. Not when Yeul's green eyes were looking at him like plants stretching out to the sun that he'd only ever heard about. And then if it stains my lips, it won't look too unnatural.

Just that piece of the behemoth's body seemed a lot bigger than the petit fifteen year old. However, with the monster being as dead as a doornail, it almost looked as though Yeul was posing over her victory. If the hunters Noel had learned from were still alive, they probably would have gotten a riot out of it. Noel laughed at the thought, but Yeul thought he was laughing at something else.

Deciding she was tired of leaning against the animal, Yeul dropped to the ground and sitting cross-legged, she regarded Noel with a hand under her chin.

She opened her mouth, but only to close it while she thought over what she wanted to say.

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Maybe you need to remember that by my showing you how strange I'd look with black 'lipstick. She stared at it for a moment, but quickly complied in giving him her hand. For a moment, Noel was taken aback by the feeling he got when he held onto Yeul like this.

Especially when he was feeling more of her hand than usual because since her bangles had slid further up her arm, he was feeling her hand without anything to get in the way of it. Shaking his head to rid it of the thought, Noel remarked rather cheekily, "Come on.

Let's get back to the village. At least there we can sit at out age-old campfire spot. At least those logs there should be more comfortable for you. Because, knowing you, you just hurt your butt by choosing to fall to the ground so recklessly, right? Instead, she looked at Noel rather guiltily and he knew he was right about what he was about to do. You're not going to take me back to the campfire for comfier seats.

You're going to take me back to my bed for a comfy sleep. Instead, she was leaning against Noel and walking back to the village like he'd suggested.

As she got heavier and heavier against him, the future time traveler knew why. But you're about to crash, I know it. You always become exhausted when you interact with the Oracle Drive. I guess I could sleep for a bit," Yeul muttered as she completely fell down now, and Noel had to sweep her up into his arms.

Unlike the behemoth he'd had to drag with him, Noel didn't mind this in the slightest. Quite the contrary, actually. She was light as a feather, and somehow the feel of her nuzzled into his arms felt like the last piece of a puzzle coming into place. As Yeul clutched Noel's shirt to her just to stay a wake a little bit longerNoel breathed in the smell of her hair and smiled radiantly. When he was in Yeul's presence, everything just seemed so right. I want to be the life of the party that you always said I was.

And that Caius always agreed with. He kissed her forehead slightly, and noted she seemed to taste like corn syrup. Though the taste of it on her wasn't revolting. When Noel finally made it back to the village, he put Yeul in her bed and began cooking their dinner. Noel could read it on her face when Yeul emerged from her room that she was confused at first. Whether it was because she didn't know what time or day it was, or because she was processing that Caius was gone Noel had told her this in her sleep hoping she'd hear him, and it'd be less hurtful or shocking that wayNoel didn't know.

However, when her green eyes locked onto his blue, her lost expression seemed to melt away. Yeul's face seemed to pick up a resigned look, but even then it turned into a small smile. She took a seat beside Noel as he poked the fire in front of him. As he did so, he cooked another piece of the meat perfectly and handed it to Yeul. The space between them was already filled with plenty of meat, but Noel knew as long as he could keep the fire going, there would be more.

Even when they ran out of this food, he would find more some way, somehow But even though he was trying to keep a positive outlook, he had to realize they were running out of something perhaps even more important. Maybe Yeul was imagining what it had been like to make s'mores in the old days? Or maybe she was just admiring the flames dancing on the wood. Wherever her thoughts were, she seemed distant and far away. Noel smiled crookedly with a tinge of sadness at that.

Yeul did drift off mentally sometimes. And though Noel often thought it cute, and she usually was good at daydreaming and paying attention simultaneously, well He had thought she might pay attention to him more now that they were the only two people left in the world. Perhaps he was just being too judgmental of Yeul. After all, everyone needed privacy at times, right? Even if they did have to and wanted to stick together.

Suddenly, her way of escaping through her imagination made a lot of sense. She was probably writing new song lyrics. Maybe about the spider? Or the party she'd always wanted to go to to get a response to her songs according to Yeul, Noel and Caius were biased in liking her songs.

Taking Yeul's sudden leaning against him as a sign, Noel decided now might be a good time to pull Yeul from her thoughts and try to connect with her. When he did end up talking to her, he was surprised at what words he chose, but they worked all the same.

For a moment, she laughed so hard that she had to kick her feet on the ground to regain herself. Noel didn't know if he was more amused by her antics, or that she'd finally made her moccasins make noise.

Still, as he looked at her and her bout of emotion, Noel felt his heart swell even more with his love for her. When water had first been running scarce for him and his people, the world's citizens had scoured Cocoon and Pulse both for any more water or beverages that people could drink. What they found was corn syrup. It was as old as the hills because it had eventually been banned from people's drinks, as it wasn't natural.

Noel had to wonder just what the heck people had been thinking in letting any drinkable liquid sit for decades like that, but perhaps it was for the best.

It had saved many of the people of his time from dehydration. Even if it wasn't the best thing he'd ever tasted if it was due to how long it had sat, or if it originally had questionable taste, Noel wasn't sure.

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Even so, Yeul was right. It was often a nice alternative to water when one was getting sick of it. Now, though, it seemed to be completely gone. It had dwindled and dwindled, even when the civilians had opted to drink it only when they had to or for special occasions. Special occasions… "Yeul, we both used to drink that at your birthday parties.

Caius hated that, though. He said he didn't even want you to have birthdays if you were going to do that. I do miss that stuff.

But at the same time, I'm okay with him being gone. Even though Noel had told Yeul all of this while she was asleep and she'd clearly retained it allhe hadn't really wanted to acknowledge it. It hurt too much. Noel almost felt as though if he ignored all Caius had said, it would just disappear and things would go back to normal. That didn't seem to be the case, though.

Noel was getting the distinct impression she knew more than he did; after all, she had been with Caius long before Noel had met either of them. Noel's lips burned with questions he wanted to ask her, but he held his tongue and found himself asking something else.

Something far more relaxing. You seemed to want to tell me about one of your visions. Would you like to continue to do so now? She smiled at him a bit suspiciously, but quickly pulled her stick out of the fire and doused the flame on it with her foot. All so she could talk to Noel better, it seemed. She ruffled his hair somewhat, and Noel had the urge to push her hand away, but he didn't. Her touch was too heavenly.

When Yeul did begin speaking, she seemed a bit reluctant. Maybe because Noel had changed the mood by not playing along with her and pushing her away? He knew he'd been silly and made it seem a loving gesture from her he would take what he could get … Would it be far fetched to think she might have been realizing it could be taken that way, too?

Maybe it wasn't at all. Maybe he and Yeul had been fools all this time, or maybe Caius had stopped them from acting on their feelings for each other. This time, it actually was in a loving manner. Noel closed his eyes, and let the sensation, his love for Yeul, wash over him. Suddenly, he felt a lot more confident about everything. Maybe Yeul had done something similar because after a quick breath, she seemed to find some inner strength.

She found the courage to say something that had always been on her mind. As Yeul's eyes seemed to narrow, as she seemed afraid of rejection, Noel thought it best to soften his gaze and smile softly at the girl he was meant to protect. Though Caius had never said so out loud, Noel knew part of their duty was to protect Yeul's heart.

No matter what, Noel had to make sure Yeul was happy. Even if he had to shatter his own heart in the process, because from the ways he'd sometimes seen Caius and Yeul exchange glances He found it hard to believe Yeul could love him as much as he did her. But then there were times when her eyes seemed to belong to someone else, as if there was a new life peering out from amongst all of Yeul's past. Yeul would transform her face into the sweetest expression Noel had ever come across and nod at him sweetly.

It was those moments and he was seeing them more and more that he felt like he was meeting the real Yeul. The Yeul that was freer and not flattened by Caius' over protectiveness or her duty to put the world first. Noel could remember on one of the rare days when the sun had been shining brighter than he'd ever seen it, and he'd been filled with a peace he'd never known before. Yeul had seemed to feel the exact same way because she'd ran to him in the tall, tall grass Was it possible that was the true Yeul?

The person she really wanted to be, and the person he wanted to know above anything else? He'd like to believe it was; Noel had loved Yeul ever since he'd met her with Caius. She'd been trying to whistle with flower stems the way one would a blade of grass when he stumbled upon her, and everything changed for him. He hadn't meant to spill his feelings for Yeul like that. He hadn't meant to tell her of his feelings at all. The words had just spilled out when he reflected on all of his memories of the fetching girl.

He felt as though something was being kept from him. Because even at her happiest, there was always a sad air around Yeul. Noel would be lying if he didn't say he was even more worried for the girl as fragile as a flower, with how she'd been reacting to the Oracle Drive lately.

With how tired she'd been. Even when they were the last people in the world, even when things simply couldn't get any worse for them or the world, Noel couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. And something bad happening to Yeul would cut him even more deeply than the loss of everyone and everything else. Yeul was meant to live. She was so sharp, so eager to learn; she brought light to everyone around her.

If she died, even if Pulse fell as effectively as Cocoon had, Noel wouldn't even notice. The world would have already ended for him with the loss of Yeul.

Noel was pulled from his melancholy thoughts as Yeul grabbed onto his wrist somewhat roughly, but Noel couldn't feel odd with the gesture from the usually timid Yeul. Instead, he could only smile slightly and have his eyes become more alive in realizing her strength.

Maybe he underestimated her as much as Caius did; when Yeul was determined about something, she had a strength Noel had never seen before. In fact, he even sometimes wondered if her inner strength could have rivaled that of the Goddesses Vanille and Fang who's cleverness and brave hearts had saved Cocoon and Pulse from the Fal'Cies' desire to destroy it. Noel noted that Yeul's headgear glinted in the slight sunlight shining down on her.

For a moment, her head garment appeared as red as her lips. Don't you think that means we should live to the fullest? For so long, I've lived life in a daze. I think it was the only way I could live my life. The only way I could show the hope you've spoken of so much in regards to me, but Noel I don't want to feel that numbness anymore. I want the new.

I want to really feel warmth, feel your heart beat as you stand in front of me to protect me; I want to love without restraint, Noel. I believe in you. I want to understand the true meaning of life. At last, she pulled her eyes away from their intertwined hands and the look in Yeul's eyes spoke of something.

Noel remembered how Caius had once told him he understood the true meaning of life. He hadn't known what his teacher had meant then, but he was starting to think that he might have helped Yeul as much as she had him. Had his chipper personality, his belief that solutions could always be found, and his desire to see more of the world Had that all helped Yeul?

Despite his predetermined ideas about Caius and Yeul, Noel was starting to feel that her words and his own ideas were correct. A Guardian was meant to protect the Seeress. Was he the Guardian that had been meant to be with this eager girl all along? This girl that seemed to have it all together on the outside, but was falling apart on the inside. As quick as a blink of an eye, though, her eyes became unfocused and the "Eyes of Etro" insignia appeared in her eyes.

In that moment, Noel had the strangest feeling that he was losing her completely so he hugged her to him tightly, and seemed to pull her from the future she was seeing. Yeul smiled in amusement as Noel's motion sent them falling backwards off their perch and onto the ground below them.

Yeul was lying atop Noel's chest, and though Noel thought he was too close to the basin of water for his tastes, couldn't focus on anything else, but the only girl in the world for him. Brushing his hand over Yeul's cheek as lightly as she had kissed his, Noel leaned in and pressed his lips to Yeul's.

Then there was no going back, but Noel wouldn't have dreamt of it. He imagined he'd never felt such bliss as he did with Yeul's lips parting to return his kiss perhaps even more eagerly than he was kissing her. She smelled of a the most intoxicating perfume, but there was a coolness and bite to it that hinted at tragedy.

Noel ignored the fears that seemed to claw at his heart, as Yeul smiled against his lips and he mentally added it to his mental tab of all the times he'd made her happy.

Neither of them really knew what they were doing, but that made it all even better. It was the adventure they so wanted, but it was an adventure that didn't hold any danger. Eventually Noel pulled away from Yeul and smiled at her goofily, but it was her that was at a loss for breath. He was about to say something cheeky about Yeul's breathlessness and flushed face, but the idea faded away when he noted the sign in her eyes again. Falling back onto his elbows, Noel looked at Yeul with a bit of apprehension due to the things he was beginning to realize about her, but also amusement.

Noel thought he saw sadness, and bit his cheek to keep from saying something from ruining the moment. Then, as quick as it had come, the expression was gone. Instead, Yeul giggled slightly and ran a hand through Noel's hair the way he had been hers while they kissed.

It wasn't this kiss, I just saw, though. You promised to protect me, but I fear you may need protecting from my love. They kissed, loved, and made the most of their night together. They had a lot they wanted to do, and a lot of time to make up for.

In the end, it was good that they stayed in each other's arms as long as they could. The next day, Yeul closed her eyes for a different reason. Much like Sleeping Beauty had pricked her finger on the spinning wheel, Yeul had touched the Oracle Drive. This time Noel learned everything he'd ever questioned about the Farseers and their Seeress.

Because when Yeul saw her next vision, it killed her. But in the end, she was smiling. We will meet again. It would be through the reincarnation Yeul always went through, but mostly it would be due to a girl sneaking into a boy's mansion.

Noel had regretted he didn't know the truth of Yeul's fate sooner, but when he found her again, it would no longer matter. They'd finally be free of time's chains. Raven Madison laid with her vampire boyfriend, Alexander Sterling, inside his coffin. Though she was thinking over significant matters, all unpleasant thoughts disappeared when Alexander awoke and she couldn't resist leaning into kiss his face. Except… the darkness didn't exactly aid her eyes, and she brushed her lips against his nose instead of his lips.

Though she'd never admit it, she felt self-conscious. She felt like she'd just shown even more that she wasn't anywhere near the perfect vampiress for Alexander. Alexander took her "slipup" in stride; he simply teased his love with a smile on his face. He said, "One of the drawbacks of dating a mortal, but it's worth it. When she'd thought of the word "vampiress", she felt as though she'd once been called something else that ended in "ess".

She felt as though it was important. Not that she'd thought much about it after she'd had the odd thought, though. At the time the thought occurred to her, Raven had opted to not think of much anything except how honored she was that Alexander didn't regret being with someone like her.

She'd felt more loved by him then than she ever had before, when he'd said being with her was worth anything. But those words also put her ill at ease. Why was she remembering kissing someone much like Alexander? Someone she knew would also have done anything to be with and protect her. Raven felt even more nostalgic when she eyed the spider ring she'd given Alexander at the beginning of their relationship.

She pushed all of these thoughts to the back of her mind, though, when her boring, boring parents called her and told her she needed to come home and baby-sit Nerd Bo- Billy Boy. As a real spider crawled across the floor and onto Raven's foot, she plucked it off of her gleefully and deposited back onto the floor.

Alexander said something about how his ring looked even better than that, and Raven rewarded Alexander with a kiss on his lips this time. But after that, as she had no more reason to stall, Raven was forced to return home.

She passed creepy old Mr. Jameson on the way out, but even though she waved him goodbye, her thoughts were elsewhere. And this time it wasn't about becoming a vampire, Jagger, Luna, or anything like that.

She had the oddest feeling that she'd helped a spider the same way once before. And then, she felt as though she had helped others before, too. Even at her own expense. But how could that be right? She remembered all the pranks she'd played on people like Trevor, and she remembered just how annoying she found the people at her school. Why on Earth would she help them? Besides Alexander and Becky, Raven didn't exactly get along with most people. But then again, the idea that was plaguing her seemed to be one of life and death.

And even though she didn't always see eye to eye with the people of Dullsville lost in her own word as others had put itRaven knew if she had the ability to save someone's life, she would, but even at the price of her own? She couldn't say for sure. After working at the travel agency, Raven thought she'd helped unappreciative people much more than enough.

But was she thinking realistically enough? She'd helped her enemy, Trevor, when she thought Luna had been trying to change him. That had been dangerous with Jagger around, but she'd done it anyway. Maybe she was more of a martyr than she thought; she was dating a vampire Stomping in her boots to get rid of the thought, Raven prepared for a boring night of babysitting, but at least she'd get to torment her little brother and his friend, Henry.

As she slept that night, Raven dreamed of wanting to travel. It seemed odd to the Goth girl. She was watching herself in her dream, but she looked somewhat different in the dreamscape. Some of her features were similar-ish, but there was no doubt she couldn't be dreaming about herself at all.

Noel Kreiss

No, she couldn't be. She didn't want to travel really, anyway. Just on special occasions to meet Anne Rice and the like, but that was it. What was with her in thinking about traveling lately? Why, just earlier she'd been trying to compare that with things and see if she'd die through visions to Groaning, Raven threw her covers off of her.

As she got out of bed, she found herself glancing at her window. She remembered the time after the town had thrown that welcome party for Alexander… She'd just come to terms with Alexander not being a vampire and how stupid she'd been to think that, and want him only for thatonly to see a bat lying on her window; a bat that seemed to mock her by its presence.

She'd learned right then and there that despite everything, despite what Alexander had said, he really was a vampire. He was showing her and telling her, because she'd proven herself trustworthy. She wasn't judging him, and she was the only one in the world that could fit into his world.

It was like how he was the only one who could fit into her own. Still, half theorizing something ridiculous, and being met with the truth of it all had been enough to throw Raven into a tailspin. She'd tried to sort out just what it meant that Alexander was a vampire, and what that would mean for them.

Maybe looking in that general direction wasn't the best place to sort out her warring feelings now. Except that faster than Raven could even move back towards her bed, Alexander was at her window.

He knocked on it, and Raven threw herself at it as fast as she could. Her face filled with color as she ushered her vampire in, and hoped he hadn't awakened her family.