Victoria justice and pierson fode relationship goals

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victoria justice and pierson fode relationship goals

A) The most recent one that is coming out is the film I did with Victoria Justice called Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List. That is coming out July 17th at. Victoria Justice, Pierson Fode split. Share Comments (0). Victoria Justice, Pierson Fode split. close. November 28, Share Comments (0). 1/1. Free Movies Playing Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List Trailer Victoria Justice at Victoria Justice Says 'It's Weird' Watching Boyfriend, Pierson Fode Kiss .. Couple Goals, Relationship goals, The Weekend, Into You, Ariana Grande - Into You . Real-life Couple Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode Star in Modern Love Triangle.

Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode Split

I think my favorite thing was actually really getting to understand it in a whole new light, cause I sat down with two friends specifically and I talked to them about their growing up and their coming of age story. So that was something that was really, really cool for me. What advice would you give to other straight young actors playing gay?

In the movie, you play a New York kid. Where are some of your favorite New York spots? This is a toughie. Obviously, Washington Square Park, we filmed a lot there. That was definitely one of my favorite spots. I love the arch and everything about it. I mean obviously Central Park, the whole park is gorgeous and beautiful. That was kind of a surreal experience. Trying to play a New York kid, having never been. It was a very magical and romantic experience as far as viewing the city goes, just because I got to see it from a filming perspective which is always a little bit more exciting than just walking around and being lonely.

I think that would be awesome. Do you have a favorite drag queen? So you also wear a Sid Vicious costume in the movie that may or may not have the power to turn straight guys gay. Do you have a costume in mind for this Halloween to top that? Honestly, I think my birthday suit is my best costume yet. Are there places or parties that you go to that allow you to just show up in the nude?

It ends up being my own party, a Pierson party, on his own, in his room, stag. But I do have to wear clothes out. Although there are definitely some parties wear I have a couple of friends that would really appreciate it if I did that. Q Was there instant chemistry when you began working with the cast? A It started right away with Linsey Godfrey in the room and she and I hit it off right away.

She was super funny and very easy going.

victoria justice and pierson fode relationship goals

I think that was one way we clicked really quickly. We all became friends pretty quickly. As long as we have that mutual respect there it totally works. Q Who are you hoping to work with and have more scenes with in the future? Outside of the set, that guy is hilarious!

He is a suave Red Skeleton — a comedian from many years ago. He just reminds of him so much and he has a big poster of him up on his wall. I just enjoy him so much!

Victoria Justice, Pierson Fode split | The Times of India

He is kind of like the grandfather of the show and the glue that holds everyone together on and off set. I think he is just an awesome guy. Q What have been some of your most memorable moments from filming?

A On my first day, Linsey took me around on set and introduced me to everybody. We were so high energy all day that by the end we had nothing left to give. We just kind of starred at each other.

It was just this mutual moment of exhaustion. The other moment was the moment I got shirtless for the first time, which was like day three. I have been shirtless a few times at this point.

Victoria Justice & Pierson Fode Play the BFF Game!

There is just no shame to me, really. Q You are a part of social media.

victoria justice and pierson fode relationship goals

Do you enjoy the instant fan feedback you get when episodes air? That feedback and that interaction is important to know what they are thinking and feeling, for the writers to even know where to take things with the fans and a lot of times that is how things run often on soaps. I believe that my engagement has been really exciting because that was something I would have loved to do when I was a kid.

victoria justice and pierson fode relationship goals