Taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility Relationship

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Astrology pisces, Jewerly and Pisces. GOOFY LIBRA Zodiac Sign COLLECTION Hidden Mickey Disney Pin .. Resume of a Taurus - Understanding a Taurus from a work and career perspective. A Now that football season is here,it is time to show off your favorite team. Learn more about how Taurus and Pisces interact in romantic relationships. So I wanted to see about constructing an NFL natal chart. Venus is important in this chart because Taurus is on the 1st house, in it, with Jupiter in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces square Moon in Sagittarius. on the 7th house of relationships, regarding people's family relationships. . September

Astrology of the NFL: Dissecting the NFL's Natal Chart

He seeks a woman who can be a lover, best friend and an equal while she seeks a reliable man. The relationship may take time to get off the ground. Both are not the type to dive into unchartered territories and will patiently lay the foundation until the time is ripe to elevate the relationship to a higher level. Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Sweet, feminine and shy Pisces will be drawn to laid back and low key Taurus who will try to win his object of affection the old fashioned way.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

She likes to be wooed and courted. This lady will be delighted if he showers her with thoughtfulness and treats her like a real woman. Anything less, will make the fish swim away.

Both signs share the same passion and positivity, believing that everything is worth doing. Both signs have much to offer to each other. Pisces can offer the emotional stability Taurus needs in a relationship, while Taurus can help Pisces plan and design their life. In times when others could not understand Pisces because of their mood swings, Taurus can show them compassion and patience.

Both signs have deep admiration for each other. Pisces appreciates how Taurus is practical, positive, and down to earth. They are ambitious and, unlike Pisces, are always accompanied with luck and hard work.

Taurus knows how to make their dreams materialize, only it takes time and a lot of procrastination. Like Pisces, Taurus has the same idea and concept about love. They long for the perfect relationship, always anticipating a partner who can give them the warmth and security they desire. This can often lead to them being too submissive, but Pisces never dares to abuse them.

Those born under the Taurus sign are steady individuals. What you see is what you get, and it is easy to approach them.

Taurus ♉ And Pisces ♓ Compatibility And Love Match

There are few dissimilarities that Taurus and Pisces share. Taurus is the most patient partner Pisces may ever have. However, when their patience has reached the limit, they can explode like a raging bull. Once Pisces finds Taurus distancing themselves from them, you can bet that it will mean war for them. Taurus is also very rigid. They prefer staying at home rather than going out with friends.

They are so homebound that they can limit their Pisces partner from being sociable. Since the problems are plaguing the entire league, with players from various teams in trouble, this seems to be more than just a few guys with bad aspects. It feels like a total league thing. So I wanted to see about constructing an NFL natal chart. Figuring out the data to use for the birth of the NFL was a little tricky.

The NFL was originally created inand there was apparently a meeting for a meeting, with the group originally coming together August 20th to put something together, but things officially coming together on September 17th.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

The NFL holds September 17th as it's official birth date. I did think about instead using the first game played that counted in the standings September 26thbut there's no time for when that game began. I also considered using the date for the first ever professional football game played November 12thbut that wasn't a direct descendant of the NFL, which was the American Professional Football Association, and that was officially created September 17th The time for that meeting, according to the Minutes of Meeting papers, was 8: This is the only date that has a time.

The chart is below: Once I evaluated this chart and started looking at aspects, returns, progressions, it became clear that this is the natal chart for the NFL. It shows so much of what's going on right now, it's scary!

The 12th house rules hidden things, and is the house of self undoing. Quincunxes are erratic energy. This problem that the NFL has tried to hide is coming out erratically, and causing it's unraveling. With Neptune involved, it's having a hard time grasping things. Transit Pluto is also in the 9th house - legal problems! Transit Neptune, which has been causing problems in Goodell's chart, is opposite Jupiter, which rules the 8th house in the chart and is in the 5th house.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

I think the term "violent love" with this coupling. The 5th house is the house of love, and the 8th house rules violence.

Taurus And Pisces Compatibility And Love Match

Transit Uranus is opposite Venus, which is a planet that comes up big right now. Venus is important in this chart because Taurus is on the 1st house, so Venus rules the 1st house of the self. Venus is also co-ruler of the 6th house of work.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

So this came out suddenly, unexpectedly, rocking their world. Transit Uranus is in the 12th house, suddenly taking those skeletons out of the closet.

Taurus man and Pisces woman connection

The upcoming Mercury retrograde will occur entirely in the 6th house of the chart, signaling a big change of what they're thinking now. The beginning of the retrograde October 4th makes easy aspects, semisextile the Moon and Mercury, but the end of the retrograde October 25th is conjunct Venus.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 nfl

So perhaps they think things will be okay at the beginning of the month, but it gets crazy by the end.