Snake and meryl relationship goals

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snake and meryl relationship goals

For Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Snake and Meryl relationship". A full in-depth biography/profile of Meryl Silverburgh for the PlayStation she developed a relationship with the veteran firstly based upon the respect she had and Meryl into a less harsh and happier existence; Snake finding a goal in life by. Six years have passed since Solid Snake, a special covert operative working for the United States military as a member of their FOXHOUND unit, infiltrated.

She is also a part of the franchise's Greater Scope Villains. President that everyone frequently mention will be the Big Bad of the sequel. Near the end, Campbell voices his concern that Naomi might be a spy for what is supposed to be a powerful organization. Said organization is the main antagonist of the franchise.

Solid Snake

Notably subverted with Nastasha Romanenko. The briefing, as well as the first Codec conversation with Nastasha, states that she was brought into the mission in order to aid Snake in dismantling a nuclear device should the time come. However, near the end of the game, Liquid wires Meryl to a time bomb which he explicitly states that it is a nuclear device. After defeating Liquid, Snake doesn't receive Nastasha's help at all. In fact, the part of the novel where Snake calls Nastasha after learning that Meryl is alive to have her give instructions to deactivate the nuclear device was actually one thing the novelization improves upon.

More egregiously, the bomb isn't even dealt with once you beat Liquid. If you run out of time, the bomb will go off, but if you beat Liquid in time, it's not even mentioned. Snake can sneak up on guards, grab them by the neck, and throttle them unconscious.

snake and meryl relationship goals

When they wake up, they're perfectly fine. Handled slightly realistically in that Snake can kill a guard by throttling him until his neck breaks. Notably, the game requires the player to look on the back of the game case for a Codec frequency Meryl's that's required for the game to progress.

  • Liquid Snake

However, since this frequency is identical for every game, it's not really copy protection so much as the game giving the bird to the Fourth Wall. That, and the game will simply add Meryl's frequency number to the Codec's memory window if the player calls Campbell more than four times. Some fans have pointed out that if you're playing Metal Gear Solid on certain emulators, you won't be getting past the Mantis fight, since you can't properly do the "second controller port" trick without some major hacking.

Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: Not spoken by the villains themselves, but mentioned by Snake after coming across Liquid's parachute.

In a Codec conversation with Colonel Campbell, Snake remarks that nobody can bail out of a Hind in mid-flight without being "chopped up faster than an onion in an infomercial.

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While the game has two different endings depending on who Snake escaped with, elements from both endings were combined as revealed in future entries though he canonically escapes with Meryl.

Guns of the Patriots that he knows the true relationship between Campbell and Meryl which he only knew if Meryl was killed. This game is definitely darker than the MSX2 games, which reflects Snake's trauma and patricidal past. This is evident from the start with the colder color scheme and Gaelic opera in the introduction sequence.

The color palette sticks to vivid greens and blues, which makes for a more solemn — and at times, creepy — atmosphere. The main villains also utilize torture this time around. The Cyborg Ninja, who just wants one last battle to the death with Solid Snake.

To some extent, Sniper Wolf, who is waiting for someone to kill her. Department of Redundancy Department: In Japan, anime does not refer specifically to Japanese animation. The story explores how the events of Metal Gear 2 affected Snake and his view on much of the world. He's distrusting and is only trying to survive and nothing more — at least at first. Also, unlike in previous installments, nearly all of Snake's support staff are manipulating or hiding secrets from him.

The Pentagon only agreed to send him in because they needed a carrier for their virus, while the Secretary of Defense plans to simply shell the island with bunker-busters and be done with it. Like Liquid says, the market value for spies has dropped sharply since the fall of the Wall; Snake is an expendable tool, nothing more: You're a tough guy, Snake. But I've got some bad news for you. There's no Geneva Convention. No one is coming to save you.

The Japanese version only has two difficulty settings. The default one and an unlockable "No Radar" mode, which is just the same difficulty with the radar turned off.

In the English version, the default Japanese mode became Easy mode, while the Normal and Hard modes along with an unlockable " Extreme " mode were added. The ranks from the Japanese version of the game are used for Hard in the English version, while the "Big Boss" rank, achievable only in No Radar mode in the Japanese version, is achievable in Extreme in the English version. The Torture event is a lot easier in Integral than it was in the actual North American and European versions of the original game.

In the North American and European versions, the numbers of rounds per sessions increase gradually on higher difficulty levels i. In Integral, they're always set to three rounds per sessions, regardless of the difficulty. Somewhat lampshaded by Snake on the torture rack. He gloats to the Russian captor that he's having "a nice nap on this revolving bed of yours. Does This Remind You of Anything?

This can't be taken the wrong way at allOcelot: There's nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber. Ocelot just sort of disappears before the final battle with Liquid.

However, it turned out that he wasn't really on Liquid's side during The Stinger and he had acquired the test data for Metal Gear REX, and had no more reason to stay. Gray Fox makes his entrance by chopping off Ocelot's right hand. Ocelot himself may also count but he misses Snake during his own entrance, thus subverting this.

Sniper Wolf makes her debut by shooting Meryl. Dystopia Justifies the Means: Liquid's goal is to ignite global conflict and plunge the world into perpetual warfare so that soldiers will always have a place and be valued for who they are. Outer Heaven for soldiers, Hell for everybody else. And even most soldiers would probably be against this; it's really for those Rambo-types who know nothing but war and aren't really able to fit in anywhere else, and again only the most sociopathic of these would sacrifice the welfare of everyone else on the planet to sate their own bloodlust or quench their thirst for purpose.

The Heliport at the start of the game is by far the most complicated section to navigate through. You have no weapons, a small health bar and few tricks, you can only carry two rations and a small amount of ammo, there's search lights, your footsteps can be tracked, there's surveillance cameras, and many, many guards. Presumably, newcomers are expected to partake in the tutorials first. Snake suddenly catches a cold if you submit to Ocelot's torture, almost as though his superhuman heroism and general badassery have been stripped away from him.

The terrorists have a mobile missile silo and a bottomless supply of warheads at their disposal. Liquid has the president's balls in a vise. After taking down Liquid's Hind D, Snake asks Otacon to fix the seemingly broken elevator he needs to proceed; as it turns out, the elevator starts working on its own shortly afterwards, and when Snake gets on it, the weight limit warning goes off.

snake and meryl relationship goals

As the elevator goes down, Snake gets a Codec call from Otacon, who reveals that he had gone back to his lab to retrieve one of the remaining stealth camo prototypes for Snake, only to discover that all four prototypes are missing. After a prolonged battle, Venom Snake was able to incapacitate the Metal Gear, thus removing Eli's control over it.

However, in the run-up to Skull Face's death, and the disposal of the parasite vials, Eli managed to receive the remaining parasite vial from Tretij Rebenok who had intercepted it before it could be destroyed when Venom Snake discarded it. At some point in time, he met up with Venom Snake and Ocelot again, the latter telling him that his father "[wasn't] around".

He was eventually subjected to a DNA test, which confirmed that he and Venom Snake were not a genetic match. This later turned out to be a foreshadowing to the fact that Venom Snake actually was a "phantom" of Big Boss and therefore had different DNA than him. Diamond Dogs extracted Sahelanthropus and repaired it back on Mother Base; it was around this time Eli began to plan an escape for the various child soldiers at Mother Base, causing an "accident" involving pipes that killed one of the child soldiers, Ralph.

While Venom Snake went out in search of the missing children, Eli began organizing a revolt against the adults on Mother Base, having the children construct makeshift weapons in order cause trouble for the mercenaries.

Part of his planned involved taking advantage of Miller's newfound responsibilities for the children, allowing him and his band to avoid being put in containment for bad behavior on the base until Miller was relieved of his duties as the children's caretaker by Ocelot, having failed to keep the situation contained.

Eli was eventually caught and placed under surveillance. Unfortunately, he had fully anticipated this and proceeded to escape the interrogation room with the aid of Tretij Rebenok and the Metal Gear in the middle of an interrogation session with Ocelot and Miller in attendance and Venom Snake watching in behind a two-way mirror.

Eli then boarded the hijacked Metal Gear and left, though not before telling his "father" that he's not like him, and that he didn't need him any more. Eli and Tretij Rebenok would take the rest of the child soldiers back to Africa via helicopter, establishing a new stronghold that was likened to the Lord of the Flies.

They made it 50 miles inland upon arriving at Africa before they were forced to land the hijacked chopper due to it running out of fuel. Eli and his child soldiers then deliberately tied the chopper pilot to his seat with vines and duct tape to ensure Diamond Dogs, whom he anticipated would pursue him, found the pilot, sending a message that he intends to fight them.

Unbeknownst to him, however, XOF, now reintegrated with Cipher, were also pursuing him and his "flying giant. Learning the whereabouts of Eli and their stolen Metal Gear, remnants of XOF were deployed on the island to reclaim their investment.

Eli had infected the area with the parasite, thus forcing everyone present, including Eli, Venom Snake, and Ocelot, to wear breather masks and hazmat suits, declaring that he'd die, as he had wished for so long, as it ensured he broke the curse of his heritage.

After being defeated, Eli lamented that his fate was written into his genes as Venom Snake looked over him. As Diamond Dogs prepared to sterilize the entire island with napalm, Venom Snake pointed his gun at Eli, before deciding against pulling the trigger on the boy, instead placing the weapon a few feet away from him with a single bullet left in the chamber. He then left Eli to decide his fate, with the latter pointing the gun to his own head, implying he was intending to commit suicide.

However, Tretij Rebenok stopped him, and instead extracted the parasites from him and convinced Eli to leave with him. Eli vowed that it "[wasn't] over yet", foreshadowing the uprising that led to his battle against Solid Snake. Post Phantom Pain Liquid grew up in the United Kingdom, with his real name becoming heavily classified. He became a member of the Special Air Service at age 18, the youngest person to ever do so, and was highly skilled in parachuting, repelling, scuba-diving, free climbing, and use of small arms and combat vehicles.

However he was actually assigned to act as a sleeper agent for the British SIS, only to be taken prisoner by the Iraqi forces. He had been denied his own chance for revenge against Big Boss, believing that he chosen Liquid to receive his inferior genes. He put the codename system and personal identifiers back in place, making the unit smaller so it could be as elite as possible. If REX's existence was revealed, then people would lose confidence in America's dedication to nonproliferation and cause international controversy.

However Liquid hit a major road bump in his plans when Anderson was killed by Ocelot during an interrogation. Now unable to get his activation code for REX, Liquid came up with a back up plan. Liquid planned to have Snake, knowing he'd be sent in to deal with the threat, unwittingly activate REX for him. To help ensure this, Liquid had McDonell Benedict Miller, Snake's old mentor, murdered, so he could pretend to be him and contact Snake on his Codec, having tricked Colonel Campbell into giving him a position on the mission support staff.

Taking on Snake "Master Miller" communicating with Snake. Later, Liquid alerted the Genome Soldiers that Snake was about to arrive, before taking the helm of a Hind D gunship to deal with a pair of Fs that had been sent out by the Pentagon. His skills allowed Liquid to shoot them down and then threatened to launch a nuke if they tried something like that again. Liquid then contacted Snake, impersonating Miller, and offered to help him, but another wrench was thrown into the works of his plan when Decoy Octopus died strangely after meeting Snake.

Liquid meeting Snake for the first time When Baker died in a similar way, Liquid quickly set out to figure out what was going on, but ordered Ocelot and Vulcan Raven not to kill Snake, wanting to see what he could do. After Snake awoke, Liquid finally met with him face-to-face for the very first time, before ordering the launch preparations for REX be continued since there had been no response to his demands.

Liquid suspected that the government had a secret weapon and there could be a spy in his group, wondering about a strange ninja who'd killed twelve of his soldiers.

Liquid left Snake at the mercy of Ocelot's torture, but warned Ocelot not to kill him like he did Anderson. Liquid attacking Snake in his Hind D. Being one of the few female soldiers in boot camp did not intimidate Meryl, though.

Testing herself, she surpassed even some of the men in her squad and showed an excellent performance as an up and coming soldier. Meryl did not plan on becoming a regular G. She involved herself in more unorthodox soldiering ways, and longed for the secret field of an espionage agent. She loved the idea of working in secret and independent situations, relying on her own intelligience and decision-making skills.

Exploring her tastes some, she entered a relatively new program in the Army which consisted of a heavy regiment of Virtual Reality training. Meryl was very adept at these courses and loved the thrill she got from the VR simulators. After getting the hang of the simulations, Meryl continued to strive for mastery, completing any and all simulations brought before her.

Feeling like a soldier, Meryl felt she had completed a special part of her life, but one devoid of actual combat. Deciding to try for actual combat, she talked to her superiors, who, after noting her overall excellent performance in training and the newly instated VR training, referred her to a combat school where she took formal lessons from a guide.

snake and meryl relationship goals

Learning along with other students her age and older, Meryl learned the important psychology of warfare. The course taught her many things about enemy behavior and expected reactions in environments that called for life or death decisions. Meryl had the psychology down, and knew she could handle a real situation; she had been ready for it all her life.