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Saitama will return to "One Punch Man" season 2 without his powers and will possibly become evil; will Genos stay by his side?. Saitama met Genos after the latter was defeated by a monster and tried to self- destruct, but was saved by Saitama. After being saved Genos asked to be. 3 Answer: Saitama • When asked to be in this kind of relationship, he's honestly very casual and friends with benefits headcanons for saitama and genos please? “Can we go to the market before the benefits part starts?”.

Genos wants unmatched power. His reasons for needing this for power is to defeat a crazed cyborg that ruined his life. So its unsurprising that after witnessing Saitama 'One Slapping' a monster with ease that he would beg Saitama to become his sensei. The goal being to become stronger. What actually happens is why I they are my OTP. Genos doesn't give up and Saitama just learns to deal with it. And they become friends in a way. Genos is stubborn, persistent, highly enthusiasm, direct, and doesn't quit.

He is the first person we see break through "The short interaction barrier" Saitama had around himself. Genos is very interested in what Saitama has to say and do. Genos begins to look up to Saitama. I've said this before in previous discussion but Genos was a much colder, ruthless, and uptight person before Saitama. But from episode to episode we watch him ease up. Over time we can see hin redefine his previous definition of what a hero is by acknowledging Saitama.

He hates how other people and hero's treat his sensei but he doesn't over step his boundaries and stands back when Saitama is talking to a crowd of anger civilians or talking his kill of the Sea King down to protect the intercity of other fallen heroes. For Saitama the change is simple and that Genos makes him emotional. He yells more, smiles more, is frustrated more, and is driven more thanks to Genos. He doesn't get why Genos wants him to be his Sensei and has zero clue how to train him but he comes to accept Genos.

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Hell Genos even moved in with him. They are sensei and teacher but I do feel like their friends in a way. They coupon and sales hunt, they hang out with each other, and they care about each other. And Genos being concerned after reading hate reviews about Saitama. Its these reasons that they are OTP. Because I couldn't imagine one punch man without Genos saying 'Saitama Sensei! Hmph, I guess so…I mean, if Sis and Genos were able to figure it out so easily just based on my behavior… Fubuki suddenly paused before turning back to the cyborg.

And I have not told him anything either…" Fubuki breathed a sigh of relief. We're just going to keep it between you and me, alright? If you have a question about Sensei's strength or lack of hair, ask him yourself. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to tell you the same ridiculous story he told me.

Just ask him yourself. As a sweat drop slid down her forehead, she turned away. Once she was outside, she started to feel like she could relax again. Hearing all of the cyborg's questions and suggestions had made her feel a little flustered for some reason. Taking a deep breath, she slowly started making her way down the stairs. So now Genos knows too… Fubuki just lightly clenched her teeth. Damn it, are my feelings really that obvious that anybody can tell at just a glance?

Why can't I control myself when I think about Saitama? Why are my feelings so obvious? And why is it so embarrassing to express them?

This is all so complicated… Fubuki paused as her thoughts drifted to the baldy, and how clueless Genos had claimed he was in regards to this entire situation. Had Saitama really not been able to figure it out, even though both her sister and Genos had? Fubuki could only give a sigh. At this rate, he'll be the last to know… Two weeks later… Fubuki was silently waiting on a street corner by herself.

After a moment, she looked up when somebody approached her. Today, I'm going to make it up to you. He didn't understand what she was getting at. Saitama peered around the corner, and his eyes widened in surprise.

Honestly though, how could you not know it was right around the corner? Don't you shop here like every week? How can you be so clueless about your surroundings? Fubuki just smiled at him again. It's so I can make things up to you. Are you sure-" "Don't even ask," Fubuki stopped him quickly. It's honestly no trouble. I can easily afford to pay for whatever you want to buy here. He had no idea what to say. For some reason, getting his groceries had always been a big deal for the man, and finding affordable sales had been essential.

But now, on this glorious day, Fubuki was offering to buy his food for him! In his eyes, it was almost unbelievable! Fubuki gave a small giggle at his behavior.

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For the next hour, the two of them went from stall to stall, buying anything that caught the baldy's fancy. Before long, they had amassed several bags of groceries. As promised, Fubuki payed for all of it, which Saitama happily allowed her to. He didn't really mind too much, as he liked to accept free opportunities when they arose. At the very least, he knew that she wouldn't have it any other way.

As they walked through the marketplace, Fubuki glanced at where Saitama's black eye had once been. After two weeks, it seemed like it had all but faded away. Saitama glanced at her. Sometimes I even do extra if I have the time and energy. I want to get stronger. Most people might have given up or skipped out on it by now. People with weak determination don't have the willpower to continue training day after day.

You should be proud that you do. It will carry you far if you stick with it. Hearing this praise from Saitama made her feel good about herself. It was always a nice change of pace from her sister who could only speak negatively about Fubuki.

Just as she was about to thank Saitama for his complements, she was stopped by something that startled her. Someone had just gently tugged on the bottom of her dress. Turning around slowly, Fubuki looked down to see a little girl staring up at her. C-can you help me find my mommy? Saitama also stopped and looked at the girl.

Fubuki kind of half looked back at him before turning back towards the girl. The child nodded with a frown. For some reason, she felt like this new situation had just caught her off-guard.

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I just-" It was clear at this point that the little girl was having a hard time believing Fubuki. A couple of tears began to form in her eyes. It was too late. The child was unconvinced, and now the tears were flowing. Fubuki could only freeze in place once more as everyone in the market turned to look at the crying little girl. Fubuki turned to look at Saitama for help, but he just gave her a blank stare. Just when she was about to ask him what to do, a woman called out to them.

The mother gave a sigh. She then looked up at Fubuki and Saitama, who were simply watching the scene without a sound. The girl glanced at them for a second. Why don't you go ahead and thank them, then? Eyes drooping slightly, she turned to look at Saitama. To her surprise, he was gleefully smirking at her. Fubuki raised an eyebrow at him. Saitama simply continued smiling as he pointed a finger at her. Your nervousness made the kid feel insecure, and the situation quickly fell apart from there.

Why did you have so much trouble there? What was the matter? Giving a big sigh, she looked away again. Are you happy now!? Fubuki glanced at him again only to realize that he was being serious. Every time I'm around them, I always feel like they're about to cry or get upset, and there usually isn't a single thing I can do to help them. They always end up crying and I end up frozen in place.

You have to be convincing around them. She then started to walk away. They simply continued walking down the street, picking up where their shopping had left off. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the duo, somebody was observing them from a distance. Upon recognizing Saitama's bald head, this person quickly made themselves hidden. They then gave a small smile as they continued watching the two heroes walk.

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