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Thelma Raye and Ronald Colman were married for 13 years. They dated for 1 year after getting together in and married on 18th Sep 13 years later . Hollie H Belden - their children were Betty Raye, Donald Eugene, Ronald Dean and . 61, volume COUPLE DEAD IN MURDER-SUICIDE William E. Otto, Aged 62, Richmond, Surrey, England, UK, as Ronald Charles Colman. Died Married to stage actress Thelma Raye on 18 September in London. Go to Advanced Search · Search Tips Kingsport Obituaries Records · Kingsport Arrest Records · Kingsport Birth Records · Kingsport Military Records · Kingsport Marriage Records · Kingsport Divorce Records .. Thelma Raye conducts a nov- eltry shop here and identifies her- self as "the Original Mrs. Ronald Colman.

His father owned a bank or something.

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And I was out with him one night, and he was showing off his god-damned car. You know how it is with some guys. They think a car is like a part of their body and they want to show you how hot it is. So all of a sudden, wham. And we certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Toronto born director Allan Dwan who spotted 12 year old tomboy Jane Peters playing baseball with her friends and decided to cast her in a picture.

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The crash had left some scarring to her face, with obvious implications for her future, but Carole was determined to return to the motion picture business as soon as she could and in whichever way was possible.

In his late teens Sennett worked in factories but what he truly yearned for was a theatrical career. Although he was a lithe figure in adventure stories, his glamour - which was genuine - came from his respectability; he was an aristocratic figure without being aloof. He thereafter appeared in a number of notable films: He next starred in a screwball comedy, 's Champagne for Caesar. Fame Colman has been mentioned in many novels, but he is specifically mentioned in Ralph Ellison 's Invisible Man because of his charming, well-known voice.

The main character of this novel says that he wishes he could have a voice like Colman's because it is charming, and relates the voice to that of a gentleman or a man from Esquire magazine. Listeners were surprised to discover that the episode of 24 January"The Goya Bequest"—a story examining the bequest of a Goya painting that was suspected of being a fraud hyped by its late owner to avoid paying customs duties when bringing it to the United States—was written by Colman himself, who poked fun at his accomplishment while taking a rare turn giving the evening's credits at the show's conclusion.

At the 3rd Academy Awards ceremony he received a single nomination for his work in two films; Bulldog Drummond and Condemned He was nominated again for Random Harvestbefore winning for A Double Lifewhere he played the role of Anthony John, an actor playing Othello who comes to identify with the character.

He was one of seven siblings, one of whom, Eric Colman, became chief announcer at the radio station 2GB in Sydney. In those days he was always reading, and the family intended that his career should be the Church.

But he had even then a passion for acting, and fortunately our school at Littlehampton encouraged amateur theatricals, particularly performances of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas.

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Ronald was planning to study engineering at Cambridge, but then his father, Charles Colman, died. Suffice to say from that post I am borrowing this quote: There was no time for goodbyes, either to family or sweethearts, movies and fiction to the contrary. We embarked from Folkestone. I remember sitting in that train with my battalion on a siding, waiting to go.