Relationship expectations and disappointment

How to Deal With Disappointment in a Relationship: 14 Steps

relationship expectations and disappointment

When we set impossibly high relationship expectations, our relationships will surely end up in a breakup at some point. So, how to lower and. Holding onto these isn't only unrealistic, but it's setting you up for serious disappointment. Unmet expectations cause personal disappointment and interpersonal strife. Unstated, unmet expectations can destroy relationships.

How important is this issue to our relationship?

relationship expectations and disappointment

Is this a battle I want to pursue? Are there other issues more important? Am I relying on this person to make me happy?

Hope, Expectations and Disappointments

The final question I ask myself is: What does it matter in light of eternity? Ran out of time? Does he need my help with something? How important is this to our relationship? Are there other important issues happening in our lives? Taking the time to ask these questions puts things into perspective.

It helps me learn much more about myself and how I react to certain disappointments. It encourages grace and forgiveness when people disappointment me. We can control our expectations. If expectations can be adjusted in light of experience, disappointment can be transformed into celebration. We help them interpret our reactions and responses.

We have to be confident enough to state our expectations.

Expectations: Avoiding Disappointment in Relationships | Scott Savage

We also have to bold enough to ask other people about theirs. When they remain hidden, they cannot be met but by accident. We also decrease the chances that disappointment will destroy the relationship in question.

Some expectations are partially known but with some remaining confusion. We all think and process life uniquely. For example, I expect Peep-flavored milk to taste disgusting because Peeps are gross. Others of you love them — you must because 1. We also increase the chances we can meet or exceed their expectations. Most of life is adjusting our expectations. Those who refuse to adjust their expectations are either tyrants or terminally-disappointed.

How we though our day would go and what really went down. The ability to adjust increases the likelihood of satisfaction. How we thought our day would go and what really went down.

Here’s the Best Way to Deal with Disappointment in Any Relationship

Refuse to submit to some expectations. This is a case of unwarranted expectation leading to a big disappointment. When the rejection letter arrives, he is disappointed big time. In both of these instances, the two teenagers built an expectation on limited data and in each case there was a very small probability of having their expectations met.

relationship expectations and disappointment

They turned hope or fantasy into an expectation. In the political arena, people had high hopes for President Obama to change the direction in which our country heading.

They had high hopes that he would be able to reverse the economic recession.

relationship expectations and disappointment

These were hopes turned into expectations. There was no evidence to support the expectation. Obama was a first term senator with no experience leading a country. He had limited experience in politics and no experience with economics.

Yet people expected him to meet their expectations. There was a severe disconnect between their hope and the reality of what was reasonable to expect.

relationship expectations and disappointment

Rather than adjust their expectations to that reality, they continued hoping with the result that they are now so disappointed that want to find another candidate who will meet their expectations no matter how unreasonable or improbable.