Rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan relationship

After Amitabh’s Namak Haraam, Rajesh Khanna knew his time was up

rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan relationship

Jul 19, Amitabh Bachchan once said: "I became famous because I was working with Rajesh Khanna in Anand. People asked me questions like 'How. Oct 12, Excellence - The Amitabh Bachchan Way by Virender Kapoor claims that Rajesh Khanna ridiculed Amitabh Bachchan for his punctuality. Nov 6, Rajesh Khanna was such an artiste for whom the term SUPERSTAR was coined. Nobody had seen such a fan following of an actor before that.

There was hulchal at the institute. Eventually, I did get a two scene-role in Guddi — of a boy who comes to become a hero but ends up as a junior artiste. Hrishida even gave me the money to travel first class from Pune to Mumbai. Then on till JurmanaHrishida included me in all his films. Then one day at Natraj Studio I saw a young lad, his face full of pimples, clad in an orange lungi kurta.

I thought he was a sanyasi. But someone pointed out that he was Rajesh Khanna. His Baharon Ke Sapne had flopped. I remember witnessing the premiere of Do Raaste at Metro cinema.

There were swelling crowds outside and a full house inside. There was pandemonium when he arrived. The suited filmmakers were pushed aside. The crowds from the streets barged into the theatre. It took him 40 minutes to reach the stage. When the song Bindiya chamkegi was played… there were whistles and coin throwing.

He was whisked away even before the screening was complete. Then I met him on the set of Bawarchi At work, he kept a distance. A swarm of directors, writers, producers and journalists would always be waiting for him.

A bus full of fans, women and children, would arrive to meet him. They would be served soft drinks. I was in awe of him too. Zanjeer had not released then. There was a basic courtesy between the two but Rajesh suffered from a superiority complex. Throughout the film there was palpable tension between the two. At the onset Hrishda had asked both of them, which role they wanted to play.

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Those days the trend was that the actor who died on screen won all the raves. Rajesh chose to die. Amitabh came much before 9. Nitin came back saying he was not opening the door. But the garlanded frame was already put up and that had upset him. Tumko bola tha na, you chose that role. But after that film he became a superstar. Through the years my relationship with Rajesh remained cordial.

But he never confided in anyone. He liked to be with people who only spoke good things about him. He never accepted his downfall.

When Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna partied together...

Though I did sense frustration developing in him during the shoot of Anurodh. He had the same style. There he met Jaya Bhaduri. Initially, he was signed for Guddi.

Did you know Rajesh Khanna once compared Amitabh Bachchan to a clerk?

But since Hrishida wanted a fresh face and he had already appeared in Saat HindustaniSamit Bhanja was taken. I met Amitabh through Jaya. She lived on the floor below mine.

rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan relationship

He never asked her to recommend him to producers. He comes from a cultured background. He was an introvert and kept to himself.

rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan relationship

Govinda ka autograph lo. The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. He thought it was incredible that people could move different parts of their bodies in different directions with such ease. He is all praises for the youngsters of today, always encouraging them to do better.

He has mentioned on various occasions that professionally, he is fond of Deepika Padukone. He admires her work, ethics, composure and determined efforts to improve. She was on cloud nine when he sent her a handwritten note. The note appreciated her efforts and congratulated her for her performance in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela In an interview, Deepika revealed that she would cherish it forever.

Richa was overjoyed and admitted that it was a huge deal to receive it from him. He is full of appreciation for the upcoming actors and from a legend like him; the praises can be highly motivating. All those who do well in life and are in some position of power must do this.

rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan relationship

This became such a sought- after award that the first year students worked very hard to get it. It encouraged them to excel. I also started giving books as prizes to the topper of each subject.

There could be only one topper in a class but there were a dozen toppers in total, one in each subject! This made for a number of heroes every semester and was a big morale booster. Rajnikanth and Big B started their careers in but Amitabh has been extremely appreciative of Rajnikanth as well. In a recent interview, he was quoted praising him.

He said that Rajnikanth was phenomenal—the largest, the best and truly the boss of Indian cinema. He added that he was terrific company on the sets and a fine gentleman. He admitted that they were friends and even made an exception for him by labelling him with an epithet—a practice he usually abhors.

When Rajesh Khanna insulted Amitabh Bachchan and made Jaya Bhaduri angry

Despite his extraordinary career and incomparable adulation, he was a simple and down-to-earth person and that is something Big B appreciates a lot. He even revealed that a Fiat car Rajnikanth had bought when he had attained his early success remained with him till recently, providing an evidence of his simplicity. For Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar has been his idol and an actor who gave something new to every take he shot.

rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan relationship

He also added that he appreciated every performance of Waheeda Rehman and considered her a true Indian beauty.

For him, she was the ultimate personification of the Indian woman. Apart from the grace of her presence, he always found her mischievous quality most endearing.