Power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship problems

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power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship problems

Power Rangers - Rated: K - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3, - Reviews: Takes place during Thunder Storm Part 2, Tori wishes Blake good luck. One problem wagtailfarm.info would be in front of LOTS of people. PRNS: A rocky relationship develops between Tori and Blake as they discover what lies. Directed by Wayne Rose. With Pua Magasiva, Sally Martin, Glenn McMillan, Adam Tuominen. Tori discovers Blake's been seeing another woman in secret. Power Rangers Ninja Storm is an American television series and the eleventh season of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the Super Sentai series Ninpuu.

Cam suddenly heard a high-pitched gobble and felt the heat of an explosion. The monster seems to have been defeated just as he felt himself start to be lifted off the ground.

The tall figure demorphed with a flash of light and ran over to him.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship problems

It got down on the ground next to him and looked him in the eye. He could barely make out the face. The rest of the team and I are right here. Let me carry him. Hunter proceeded to walk back towards Ninja Ops with Cam in his arms As Cam-carrying Hunter walked, the rest of the team was left in shock and they were completely surprised by the new revelation.

The overwhelming feeling of being lied to by the concerned lovers set upon the group next, especially Blake who was used to having no secrets between him and his brother, and how the two worried that they would be judged by them on both their relationship and who they are by their teammates and friends.

I did not see that coming. But guys, do you think Hunter and Cam were scared of telling us? Would Hunter think that of me? I would never ever hate him for that ever. He's too important to me for that to get to me.

Though California is better than most places, we still have homophobia underlying everywhere. Hunter and Cam were just scared that they might have lost their teammates.

Double-Edged Blake

What are we doing standing around and talking? The 4 remaining rangers ninja-streaked away back to Ninja Ops where Hunter and Cam were. Cam was lying down on a cot while his father was trying his best to heal the wounds with his limited ninja magic, because of being stuck as a guinea pig.

Hunter was standing and looking at him with concern while contemplating what he did earlier.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship problems

I let the other rangers see! Hunter heard voices coming down the stairs. The 4 rangers come running down the stairs with Tori and Dustin immediately rushing over to the cot where Cam was. He could hear them share their concerns and worries to Sensei about Cam. However, both Shane and Blake approached him. Tori smiled at the memory.

That was one of the last really good times she could remember. Victoria Hanson had never been a person to shed tears. She plastered on a smile as she did her make-up and got dressed. Being the only girl in a group of guys had taught her to suppress her feelings. It's not that they wouldn't understand it was just that tears would freak them out. She glanced at the phone anxiously. She hadn't heard from him in three days. Where could he be? What could possibly be doing that he didn't have time to call?

Had he met someone else? He probably was just busy. She was Blake's girlfriend and he loved her. Tori had been drilling those words into her head for weeks. Factory Blue factored into every aspect of her life now. Ever since she and Blake decided to date they had had few precious moments together. He had told her everything two weeks before he left for his tour. I know that distance is a factor but I was wondering if you be my girlfriend. Would you wait for me? She had never been as happy as she was at that moment.

Of course she had readily agreed. Their relationship was heaven until he had to leave. It consisted of make-out sessions, endless conversations, and of course clowning around at the beach. But it had ended just as quickly as it had began. She had driven him to the airport alone. She had insisted on a private goodbye and for once the guys didn't argue with her.

Her tears had streamed while she watched him board the plane.

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He didn't know when he would be home next. She knew she shouldn't be jealous. She knew motocross was important to Blake. Was it selfish to want her boyfriend home? Was it wrong for her to feel abandonment or even pain? She was dating one of the best men she had ever known. Blake didn't view her as one of the guys. To him, she was a beautiful woman.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship problems

To Shane, Dustin, Cam and Hunter she was just another member of the group. Sometimes she forgot she was a girl because of them constantly calling her dude. They made her feel like another one of the boys.

Still she watched enviously when she saw couples holding hands on the beach. Her eyes gazed over to a young family. Her heart felt like shattering when she saw fragile smiles exchanged between her students. They were falling in love with each other just as she and Blake had. It was times like those that she felt like she was single again. She began to pull away from the others. At school she distanced herself between Shane and Dustin.

She rarely talked to Hunter frequently pretending she wasn't home when he called. She even avoided Cam who she had always confided to. She lived for those brief moments when Blake would call. She would talk to him for hours. She would e-mail him daily making sure she told him good morning and good night. She would smile while talking to him but after they had both hung up it was a different story. Tori would cave into the surrounding pressure.

She would become withdrawn and impose a self-exile. She felt guilt at the smallest of things. When her thoughts drifted to her own unhappiness she felt ungrateful. Blake loved her and she was upset because he was living his dream?

What right did she have to feel unhappy about his happiness? The beach which had once been her retreat became forbidden.

Everything there reminded her of Blake. She ate less and her unhappiness began to consume her. Tori finished perfecting her outfit.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship problems

Her students would be waiting her to teach them the basics today. A few of them were advancing at the right stage but she had two that really concerned her. She knew she wasn't the only one worried. Hunter had been having difficulties with an aggressive female student at the Thunder Ninja Academy.

I have this girl that doesn't even pay attention in class. I've tried everything," Dustin said. Tori laughed at the memory of Dustin in his skin tight ninja uniform.