Muhyo and rouji ending a relationship

LiFe is HarD, so KeeP oN MovIng: Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho [Spoiler]

muhyo and rouji ending a relationship

Muhyo to Roji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho: Mazoku Magushi-hen (Sequel) v c (end) by Usarei Translations over 2 years ago . The interpersonal relationships were also lovely: they're friends, family and a team. They help. her club activities, putting her relationship with Taeko on the backburner. This led her to inquire about Magic Law at Muhyo and Roji's agency. Rie feeling guilty for leaving Taeko expresses her willingness to go down with her friend. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Ending full Muhyo to Rouji no mahouritsu soudan jimusho

At first, the series seems to go on an episodic nature, but later on, the plot moves further into Muhyo's past introducing us into the "magical world", and thus the evil entities that betrayed the magic law will cause chaos around the magical world in order to dispose of Muhyo. The animation looked cool at first, until you realize that Studio Deen is recycling scenes from previous episodes Like the magic law summon which will make it feel repetitive to a certain extent.

muhyo and rouji ending a relationship

Other than that, I think the animation is okay for the most part. There are some hell summons that looked really nice, "The train to hell" was one of them, there are other interesting summons that got summoned no shit later on the series.

Muhyo Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, Vol. 18

The sound department was okay for the most part, the voice acting was decent and the OP and ED were good, they sound kinda classic well Muhyo to Rouji's manga is kinda old, so its to be expected I guess Then there comes the weakest part of this series, their characters.

Most of them are your typical generic bunch of tropes. We have Rouji who is a wimp who cries for everything and its pretty much useless but somehow gets acknowledged by his superior, We have a Female that serves no purpose but to be Fanservice I forgot her name lolwe have the common pervert guy that gropes the breast of said fanservice girl at least he has some relevance in the later episodes and we have Muhyo, who is the hero of the show.

From the get-go, the audience can clearly see the power dynamics between the two protagonists.

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Most shounen anime these days present an underdog protagonist who grows into their role as a hero or an energetic lead diving into their big adventure. Seeing a duo is always refreshing when they have distinct personalities and have character designs that compliment one another.

muhyo and rouji ending a relationship

Muhyo is associated with darker colours, donning a dark cloak and possessing large cat-like eyes. RIPIncognitoShades Muhyo is an executioner, the highest ranked user of magical law, who is blunt, cold and does as he pleases without any hint of remorse for abusing Roji, his assistant.

muhyo and rouji ending a relationship

As his foil, Roji is a second-class secretary, the lowest ranked user of magical law, who is sentimental, sensitive and a scaredy-cat, but who can blame him? Their relationship dynamic clearly represents their respective roles and is a pretty classic comedic duo relationship. One character is subservient to the other.

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The fog or ectoplasm adds and heightens the creepy factor. The duo notices the panic that strikes Inoue as her eyes wander onto the platform in question. Rie is consumed by Takeo Later one night the duo joins Rie in investigating the platform. They are stopped by security guards, which Rie manages to escape from and makes her way onto the platform. As she approaches the platform the train station begins to fill itself up with Reirin. As Inoue begins to panic she is grabbed from behind by none other than the ghost version of her former best friend, Taeko.

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The ghost wrapes itself around Inoue imploring her to hold her hand, the ghost then proceeds to consume Rie. Muhyo uses Magic Law to get rid of the monstrous Taeko, sending her down to Hades' realm along with Rie.

Rie is quickly sent back to the human realm. Rie attempts to rescue Taeko, who by now has taken a much more human form, from Hades.

muhyo and rouji ending a relationship

Muhyo states that due to Taeko's crimes it is impossible to save her from Hades' judgment and that it would be wise to let her go. Rie feeling guilty for leaving Taeko expresses her willingness to go down with her friend.

Taeko prevents her from throwing her life away and thanks her for being there and for holding her hand one last time.