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After “going to bed”, Ethan Ruan admits he and Chen Qiao En are now buddies! | dramaville

Ethan Ruan???? uhm he is okay but joe chen and ming dao is more . Tiffany i trust not to joke and this what you'ld gave me huh!blast it all I .. than joe chen?or becoz of this reason,they dun try out the relationship?if is. Chen Qiao En + Ming Dao (Tian Yu + Jun Hao) . i feel as though they really trust each other and they definitely feel more . Tienen looks more like buddies or senior junior wagtailfarm.info's no lovey dovey act or .. I think Joe Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan have a lot of chemistry and suits each other. They want Ming Dao and Joe Chen together but are realistic to them not Did Louis koo ever confirmed the relationship or was it just what Trust me I have nothing against the gay people but just pointing out the obvious.

Tell my story to others? You wanted my address, I did what you wanted me to do. How can I know it worked or not. Is it my false? I just told you when getting hurt, some people do the same things so I can understand her action. December 18, at 1: Then no cheating guys here, LK and WH are innocent, that sounds fine. This means you understand her action because you were cheated already, right?

You post many times but still trying to avoid giving your facebook address. December 18, at 2: Do you really got what I said?????????????? I think I said it very clearly. If not, my bad. December 12, at 8: Let go the past and let the bright future come into your life!

We always love you! Login or Register before you can reply to Amanda crystal ching ching December 12, at 9: December 12, at In the future she just might or might not announce her romance with a deserving suitor.

This man is famous, popular, handsome and rich, yet honest, humble and down to earth. These two were made for each other. December 13, at 2: I would not mind her and Wallace together because I really feel deep down they still have feelings for each other.

But that is just my feeling which may or may be right. They watch out for each other. Recently, they have been hanging out a lot together and taking care of each other. It seems like the timing is right for a romance and they are taking their time being friends first. If thins work out, in the future they just might be exposed as a couple. I really wonder who this guy is. It really sounds like Ming Dao. I think part of the reason that they could not be together back then because they belonged to the same company and members of the same company were not allowed to date.

Joe Chen and Ming Dao Reunited in Let's Cheat Together

Is he a celeb? Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim tvbfanatic December 13, at Login or Register before you can reply to drex Trini replied: December 13, at Login or Register before you can reply to Trini Trini December 13, at 1: You would make a great stand up comedian. Congrats for being happily married. But she said that they always have good chemistry and will not get tired of Ming Dao. She is willing to work with him again if there are opportunities in future.

She said that news of them dating are ridiculous. Their reactions when they first heard it was "Impossible! After that, they can't be bothered to respond. No time to date, her fated one has not yet appeared.

He is a jovial person; working with Roy Qiu in China, because we are both from Taiwan, we can take care of each other and chat on many topics. But Chen Qiao En ernestly clarified that she is still single.

Chen Qiao En said that she understands that all these news are part of life of artistes. Xiao Bei remains calm and was just about to leash out when Qing Kong comes to Neo-Image at that moment. When Xiao Bei finds out that Qing Kong is Ya Si's previous girlfriend, she was emotionally hurt and lost all her inspirations. As a result, she failed the evaluation. Qing Kong's appearance caused Xiao Bei to have competitions in both her career and love. Her and Ya Si's love for the future are filled with uncertainty.

Joe Chen and Ming Dao Reunited in Let's Cheat Together - DramaPanda

After Anna returns to the country, she was enticed by Fei Nan Du. On the front of operating Neo-Image, she and Ya Si were both fighting over the trend of the business and the art of hair-styling.

Can Ya Si and Er Qi prove that if one persists on chasing one's dream then one day, it will come true? Stuck between Ya Si and Er Qi, who will be the one she ends up with in the end?

A car accident caused the deaths of his mother and his younger twin brother, Ya Jun. In order to keep this terrible truth from his grandmother, Li Lian Nai Nai, Ya Si goes to visit her pretending to be his younger brother to keep her mind at ease. His job requests him to be strict and cool, appearing cold and straightforward so that no one can get close to him.

Women who are lacking is looks never leave a lasting impression on him. Qing Kong is pretty and straightforward. Her attitude towards work and her fighting spirit does not lose to that of Ya Si.

Ya Si, who longs for Qing Kong, would go to the place where they declared their love for each other daily, the Water Maze. One bright sunny afternoon, Xiao Bei was after Ya Si for revenge and accidentally went through the maze and found Ya Si standing at the doorway of the exit. With the appearance of Neo-Image, Xiao Bei is always deliberately criticizing them in front of her father.

However, the more she suppresses her interest, the more uncomfortable she feels within her heart as Xiao Bei must think about the crisis for Zhong Nan Barbershop and her goal for the future.

One day, she bumps into her good friend, Tong Tong, getting a haircut design at the salon, Neo-Image. In her anger, she uses their friendship to tell Tong Tong not to cut her hair.

From then on, Er Qi has a mafia background. Years later, he finally managed to get away from Chen Ge and went to Taiwan. However, Chen Ge continues to use any methods to get Er Qi back.

Based on his looks, all the girls tried to guess what his identity is. He has to live and spend his days with Xiao Bei. Er Qi has an eight-year-old son, Xuan Feng. This shocking news threw Er Qi off guard. It was only when Xiao Bei accidentally finds out that Xuan Feng was staying in Zhong Nan that this secret was revealed to everyone.

With his playful nature, he treats relationships and feelings lightly. At Neo-Image, Fernando and Ya Si often have disputes because they both have their differences on how the salon should be managed.

Fernando emphasizes on public relations and believes that putting money on advertising is a must. He insists that the hair washer girls be nice looking too. In Neo-Image, they are the two with the most differences in opinions. When he was young, he was a rebellious kid. After Lao Bei gave him a fierce lesson, he started to regard Lao Bei as his idol and takes on the responsibility of protecting Xiao Bei.

Even though he has turned good from his bad past, yet he couldn't change his hoodlum personality. He tried his best to pursue Xiao Bei and even goes as far as to declare to everyone that Xiao Bei is his future wife. However, this trick has no relevance to Xiao Bei at all. He knows that he is not as professional as Ya Si and not as fierce as Er Qi. As a result, he swears to change for the better.

The newly transformed Zhe Ming changed his playful and trouble-making personality.

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He sets up a whole new goal in life and in the end, gets the approval from the top three hairstylists at Neo-Image and becomes the fourth top-notch hairstylist. When she just started out, her appearance was eye-catching and her talents were outstanding.