Kyon and haruhi relationship trust

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kyon and haruhi relationship trust

Kyon thinks about his relationship with Yuki and partially admits that he has feelings for Because of this, Kyon trusts her more than anyone else in the Brigade. After revealing themselves to Kyon, the trio of Yuki, Mikuru and Itsuki all state .. Regardless, Haruhi's relationship with Kyon has often been described as an. -Koizumi relationship with the other members of the Brigade . First he is perpetually driven to watch out for Haruhi and Kyon, even if he says got a story, his mystique would be gone, and we would know to trust him or not.

Even if she had to recreate the whole universe. The problem being that Haruhi doesn't know about any of this. So there was a troubled look in Haruhi's eyes, even as she kept up her usual harassment of the rest of us. Today Haruhi had chosen to make the innocent Asahina-san a participant in her own execution - that is, Haruhi had been browsing online to find new costumes for the poor girl, and she had been forcing Asahina-san to watch and "give her opinions", which consisted mostly of small, cute screams.

I wished for Haruhi's sake that she were consciously sadistic rather than just oblivious; it seemed a shame for Asahina-san to be tormented so beautifully without Haruhi even enjoying it properly. Two years ago, I would have watched the whole scene without my eyes leaving for an instant, claiming to myself that what I felt inside was pity.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6

But even the charms of Asahina-san's suffering had become somewhat routine after two years, and it was Haruhi's face that I found myself glancing at instead, when I looked up from the Go board on which I was crushing Koizumi.

Finally the costume-shopping expedition ended with a satisfied click from Haruhi and a wail of absolute despair from Asahina-san.

I would look forward to seeing that one. Haruhi stood up from the computer and plopped herself down at the table, next to Koizumi and myself, a meter distant from where Nagato was reading yet another book. Haruhi tapped the table impatiently, giving Asahina-san a stern glance. I don't understand how Haruhi executes this sort of behavior without creating an atmosphere of sexual dominance.

Then Haruhi turned her fearsome gaze on Koizumi and myself. If there's one universal law that holds even in a world containing Haruhi, it's that, no matter how bad a situation looks at the time, you can't guess in advance how Haruhi will make it worse.

Haruhi's eyes moved to me directly. She gave me a searching look. Then she turned away and looked out the window, staying silent. I went back to playing Go with Koizumi.

It wasn't until minutes later, after sipping some of the tea poured by the obedient Asahina-san, that Haruhi turned back to Koizumi and I. She set down her teacup on the table and asked: If I had been drinking tea myself I would have spit it all over the Go board. At this point in my disastrous high school education, I didn't need anyone to explain the terrifying possibilities if Haruhi got religion.

Haruhi created the S. Brigade out of her desperate boredom with the tedium of a lawful universe and press-ganged us to search for espers, aliens, and time-travellers. We're pretty sure that she was the one who created the espers, aliens, and time-travellers as well.

While making a ridiculously low-quality movie, Haruhi became so involved in her imagination that Asahina-san developed dangerous laser vision, trees bloomed out of season and a cat started talking.

For two years we've run ourselves ragged trying to hide Haruhi's powers from Haruhi, so that she goes on trusting her invincible common sense. Our school life is unstable enough because of Haruhi's wistful desires.

If Haruhi began to believe that impossible things are possible, the laws might change all over the universe. But if there's one terrifying factor that could destroy Haruhi's common sense even with all the evidence carefully hidden away from her, that factor would have to be religion.

When you put it that way, it's such an awful threat that I couldn't even speak, I was so horrified by the thought of what might happen if God became a devout believer in Scientology. Thankfully, even in his sleep-deprived state, Koizumi grabbed up the thread of the conversation and the burden of saving the universe. Or I should say, what do you mean by God?

And yet someone who hears about evolution doesn't look at the result and say that science has discovered God. So people do have something specific in mind when they talk about God, a requirement that excludes many possibilities.

But then most of the possibilities would be outside their expectations. No one could deny that your reply was truthful. If you asked a person on the street to enumerate all the possibilities, they would die of old age before they got to "God is Suzumiya Haruhi, a third-year student at North High.

I have never understood why God would create a universe that annoyed her so much, though it's the one aspect of theology that conventional religions guess correctly. The gaze of the yellow-ribboned deity turned to rest upon my own quivering soul. Instead, I foolishly picked that time to try to show off my cleverness.

And he shot me the most alarmed look he could manage with Haruhi watching. It must be a misattribution. Koizumi made a careless gesture. Of course there are many possible answers to that. She gave Koizumi a hard look, then turned to me. Koizumi nudged my ankle under the table. Just that -" Well, come to think, I couldn't honestly say that for this reason I didn't believe in God. It would have been my answer a few years ago, but it didn't work anymore. At this point my thoughts collided in on themselves like a hundred-car pileup on the highway, and I couldn't think of a single word to say next.

The uncomfortable pause stretched. She gave a careless look over in Asahina-san's direction. Showing off her superior intelligence like that. Nagato Yuki seemed as always to be entirely absorbed in her book, and Haruhi didn't even bother asking. With a few more remarks, Haruhi left the room to go home for the day, freeing the rest of us. My own thoughts were still scattered. I looked at Koizumi. What was that about? The tired esper seemed to slump further in his chair. It could be disastrous if Haruhi converted to any religion.

Shouldn't we be trying to make her more skeptical? Koizumi shook his head. Suppose Suzumiya-san became a fanatic atheist and went about denouncing the foolishness of the concept of God. What would happen given that she disbelieved in herself? I got up from my chair and went to stand by the window, staring out at the blue sky and the few buildings that could be seen from here. We can't afford for her to believe any falsehoods, or the truth either.

I had something to think about. It was the next day at lunchtime when I saw Haruhi taking out that book to read. In that low-class school cafeteria where there are too few chairs, Haruhi and myself had somehow managed to grab a matched pair.

I was behind on studying and planned to read through lunch, and so Haruhi took a book out of her own backpack. I glanced at the cover, interested in what Haruhi might be reading these days.

kyon and haruhi relationship trust

I choked and coughed on my sandwich as if I had been eating a giant bug. I couldn't even imagine how ironic it would be if an atheist professor persuaded God that she didn't exist and caused her to blink out of reality followed by our whole universe, but I knew that it wasn't what I had in mind for today's lunch.

It was at this point - I found myself explaining to Koizumi and Nagato and Asahina-san a few hours later, after Haruhi had left for the day - it was at this point that I had panicked. They just stared at me. Even Nagato stared at me. Sweat was forming on my forehead. You can't just order anyone to do anything. You have to find a pressure point. If the pressure you can apply is weak, you have to do other things to create excuses. Even if I can find out who can allow you and Suzumiya-san into a sealed-off area, how can I get them to do it?

A monetary bribe would create great suspicion, if there's no clear reason why you would consider it worth the money. It may be that we're lucky and that the owner of the building is a member of the Organization, but things usually aren't that convenient. Nagato had gone over to the computer and begun typing. With everyone present already knowing her nature, her fingers moved so fast that the sound of her typing was like thunder.

After a ridiculously short time as always, Nagato looked up and said, "I believe I comprehend the building's security systems. This rules out certain strategies. I can't take her to a fancy restaurant because she has no interest in something as ordinary as that.

Thus the place itself has to speak for me. So I thought I should take her somewhere strange - though not too strange -" I shut my mouth, aware that I was babbling out too many excuses. This seems like a serious overreaction to the matter of distracting Suzumiya-san from a book.

The Complex Relationship Between Kyon and Haruhi

Shouldn't we keep this card in reserve for a more critical occasion? This is a matter of the heart - no matter how unbelievable that seems with those two -" Sometimes I wonder if Asahina-san resents losing me to Haruhi.

I can't just say to her 'Tell me your choices for university so that I can apply there as well. Therefore I do feel that this may be the correct time. It must happen eventually, at any rate, and putting it off is also a risk. Certain words had been waiting in my brain for an endlessly long time now, and the process of finally expelling them was putting so much tension into my voice, it was a wonder that my vocal cords didn't rip themselves apart. I guess the amount of pent-up anger in my voice was so great that even Queen Oblivious of Oblivia had noticed it.

You just go ahead and do whatever you please, and you don't accept any requests from the people you drag along with you. Like our existence isn't worthy of your notice. I was aware that my hands were shaking.

I felt a sense of distant surprise; I had no idea there was so much bottled up inside me. This wasn't how I'd meant things to go.

Haruhi opened her own lips again. She had a cautious look on her face. My jaw dropped open. Completely literally, I would have expected the world to end before I heard Haruhi say those words. Why didn't you say something earlier?

There was still a lot of tightness in my voice. Under ordinary circumstances, it's impossible to have a serious conversation with you.

Then, "Maybe I should just keep apologizing," she said, "but that would be giving up my own pride. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but the fact remains that Kyon never said anything. I couldn't count the number of times using exponentiation, tetration, or up-arrow notation!

You never listened to a single thing I said! I said, 'Seriously, Haruhi' and 'I'm being serious now, Haruhi' and many similar phrases! Haruhi was staring at me. That was just an unplanned side benefit. This isn't the sort of thing Kyon does! Just like all those people. As the vast ground and horizon far below us came into view, I dropped to my hands and knees and began crawling forward, just in case there was a gust of wind, or my brain decided to make me fall over.

I reached the edge, controlled my breathing, stuck my head out over the border ledge, and looked out on everything. Of course it wasn't everything.

It was only a tiny, tiny fraction of the Earth. And yet there were so many more cars, so many more houses, so many more buildings, and the tiny people, so much more life than I could comprehend.

How long would it take just to talk to all the tiny dots that were visible from here, and hear out their stories? Looking out over that vast panorama, my imagination couldn't help but picture a curtain of grey nothingness sweeping across it - I drew back my head from the brief artificial ledge. I swallowed hard, and tried to suppress the feeling that I was going to throw up.

I had the feeling I was a little more afraid of heights than I had realized just from riding on rollercoasters. My plan hadn't accounted for that. So I drew back, and watched Haruhi look out over the world As she looked, some of the concern eased from her face. Soon Haruhi was relaxed, smiling, delighted by the view.

Of course that idiot goddess wouldn't be afraid of heights. Finally Haruhi turned her head away from the world, and looked at me. She said, "It really is much more beautiful like this than just looking out a window from high up. I was surprised by how gentle I sounded.

Even so, can you please take this seriously, listen to me seriously, and reply to me seriously, if it's just for one small hour? She shot me a look as if to say 'Stop questioning me. Maybe that girl got to be God by virtue of being the ultimate island of stability.

I raised a hand to gesture out at the panorama, and began. According to all the stories, this ordinary world is what the extraordinary people try to protect. If you read a comic book about superheroes, it would be about superheroes defending all those everyday lives.

The superheroes wouldn't be trying to cure AIDS or feed starving children in Africa or otherwise change the world. We have scientists for that sort of thing. No, a superhero is someone who defends that ordinary, everyday life from the forces that try to change it.

Even if those stories come from our imagination, still, those are the people we praise above all others. Still, she opened her mouth in reply and poured forth her own thoughts on the subject: Haruhi could hardly be expected to agree with any words in praise of normality.

To gain anything beyond your current life, or even fix something terribly wrong in your current life, you have to risk losing what you already have. It's like how it's prohibited for us to be on this rooftop.

With us kneeling down like this, we won't fall, and a gust of wind won't blow us off the edge. So why isn't this beautiful view available to everyone?

Well, but what if we decided to throw a bowling ball off this building? Since this rooftop is meters high, the bowling ball would fall for 7. If someone did manage to fall off this rooftop, then the normal laws of physics, which don't care about human beings any differently from bowling balls, would dictate that they die. To obtain the joy of this beautiful view, people would have to risk something they already have.

Losing something you already have is much more painful than giving up a possibility that hasn't been realized. That's why most people allow themselves to be trapped in normality, even when it's uncomfortable. Brigade doesn't have any right to look down on those people, Haruhi. Because even in the S. Brigade, you might find people who were afraid to move forward and reach for more, if that risked the status quo we call 'the ordinary world'.

Of course she didn't really see at all. I looked back out on the world. If things can't possibly stay the same way forever, then when will I confront the risk? Is it better to wait until we're older, when our youthful idealism has been ground down by the many compromises an adult makes in order to be successful? Or is it better to just let things slide, not thinking about the distant future, until finally it all falls down?

I think that's what the people who defend the status quo might not realize. And -" My voice stumbled. It's not even that I found my courage. I just realized that it wasn't possible, in the long run, for things to stay this way indefinitely. What happens when you're thirty years old? What happens when you're ninety years old?

Assessing the Anime: My Take on Kyon X Haruhi.

In the long run, the status quo can't possibly persist. Once I realized that, it wasn't even a question of courage any more. Just a question of timing. So I want to try talking with you a little more honestly, Haruhi. I would like to change the subject back to the one that you introduced the day before yesterday. You mean the topic of God. Haruhi was looking puzzled, and as for me, the words seemed to be sticking in my throat again. The debate was about faith. What does Haruhi think about the concept of faith?

Certainly a statement like that was very characteristic of Haruhi, but - "Don't you think that some people might criticize you for holding that stance, and simultaneously wanting to meet psychics, aliens, and time-travelers? Rather than resting on faith, I am trying to test my beliefs and obtain evidence. Therefore, my attitude is scientifically correct. In other words, it's like someone telling a lie about being sick, who, when challenged, has to forge a note from the doctor, and then later, give a phone number for the doctor which connects to a friend's cellphone.

If you had to keep on defending a lie for long enough, you would eventually invent the doctrine of 'it is virtuous to believe no matter what'. In proof of this, the theologian offered the analogy of someone who's told that their lover has been unfaithful to them.

If the evidence wasn't conclusive - and if you really loved that person - then you might think of everything they meant to you, and everything that you had done together, and go on putting trust in them. To trust someone because you love them more than anything - we would even call this believing in your lover.

This, the theologian said, was the emotional experience at the root of faith, not just a trick of argument to win a debate. That's what an atheist wouldn't understand, because they were treating the whole thing as a logical question, and missing out on the emotional side of everything, like Spock.

Someone who has faith is trusting God just like you would trust the one you loved most.

kyon and haruhi relationship trust

In my mind I visualized the Earth as seen from above in the photos taken from spacecraft, a great glowing blue-white orb. In my mind I visualized the stars. Slowly turning, the Earth, forever shining, the stars. I tried to draw strength from that image, since I couldn't exactly pray to God.

It was time to risk something I already had. I muttered something about needing to stand up, and walked away from the ledge a little. I couldn't look out at the panoramic view of the city without imagining a grey curtain sweeping across. I turned back to Haruhi, and said: Not by any means. The awful tension was coming out into my voice, now.

Suddenly the cellphone in my pocket gave two silent buzzes, the signal for a Sealed Reality forming - a large one, but not a huge one, not yet. So I stepped a little to my left, so that my shadow would fall on Haruhi. From her perspective it must have looked like I was a darkness blocking out the Sun. Then she is not omnipotent. Is God able, but not willing?

Then she is malevolent. Is she both able and willing? Is she neither able nor willing? Then why call her God. If someone deliberately made this world like that, then she couldn't be forgiven either. For the longest time I didn't think about that.


I just went to school on weekdays. Maybe I can't be forgiven for that, either. Conventional religions try to talk about free will, which doesn't make any sense for letting children be born with uncurable diseases. Conventional religions talk about God's inscrutable wisdom. Can you think of a good reason for God to do that, Haruhi?

If," I swallowed, "if you do have an answer, I'm willing to hear it out. If you eliminate the atheistic answer to the Riddle of Epicurus - that there is no being of omnipotent power - then that leaves the possibility that God is, is malevolent.

That God created the whole universe as a dream to entertain itself, just because it was bored; and it doesn't mind when the people in the dream suffer.

Maybe God is entertained by the suffering, or maybe God just doesn't care one way or the other. Wouldn't that be the most terrible betrayal of all? If you trusted God like trusting the one you loved most, and it turned out that God was a monster that created the world out of boredom to divert itself, absolute power and absolute callousness?

If God's true heart is like that, some alien uncaring thing, then we're all doomed anyway, and the world might as well end sooner rather than later. I don't want to live if God is like that!

I looked at her, and she looked just like an ordinary school girl, dressed prettily in jeans and sneakers and a shirt with a diamond cut out above her breasts. Not alien, or cold, at all.