Kristin and brody relationship test

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kristin and brody relationship test

Alas, neither relationship stood the test of time, and Jenner and the of being called “such a bitch” by Kristin Cavallari on national television. (WENN) - Kristin Cavallari is in no hurry to kiss and make up with However, while her relationship with Conrad seems beyond repair, the. The fifth season of The Hills, an American reality television series, consists of 20 episodes and Under the impression that their relationship has been repaired, Montag provided Conrad The second half of the season continues as Kristin Cavallari assumes the lead . Spencer confronts Heidi about the pregnancy test.

Kristin starts to reminisce with Brody about the good times they shared as a couple. Brody tells Kristin if they were to date again it might work out. Meanwhile, Heidi and Spencer are at home when Heidi starts dropping hints about her upcoming birthday.

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She tells Spencer she wants him to throw her a party at their house. Spencer is less than thrilled with the idea and complains that a party is a lot of work, but Heidi won't be refused. At Audrina's place, Lo is helping her fold some laundry.

Audrina mentions she got an invitation for Heidi's birthday party. Although Lo says she can't make it, Audrina is thinking about making an appearance. When Lo wonders if Kristin will be there, Audrina says she's going to the party for Heidi -- not Kristin.

kristin and brody relationship test

Later, Kristin meets with Justin at a bar. When the two talk about attending Heidi's party, Justin says he doesn't want to run into Audrina, so he's staying away. Kristin says she doesn't want to see Audrina either, but she's going for Heidi and Spencer. Kristin assures Justin that Audrina won't be an issue, but Justin isn't convinced.

He tells Kristin he wouldn't be surprised if Audrina tries to befriend her. Kristin asks Justin if there's a reason to worry about her getting friendly with Audrina. Justin says no, but Kristin asks if he's not telling her something. Justin again denies any secret keeping, so Kristin drops the conversation after saying she'll be honest with him if he's honest with her.

kristin and brody relationship test

The day of the birthday party, Heidi is getting the house ready while Spencer reads a book. Heidi asks Spencer which of his friends are coming to the party, and Spencer says Brody is coming with Kristin. He then asks Heidi if Audrina will flake on the party since Kristin will be there.

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Even though Heidi is optimistic that her birthday will allow Kristin and Audrina to put everything behind them, Spencer doesn't think any peacemaking will happen at the party. That night, Stephanie and Audrina are driving to Heidi and Spencer's house for the party.

Kristin Cavallari's Dating History

Audrina is excited to see the newlyweds' new home, but is less thrilled when Stephanie mentions Kristin will be there. Audrina tells a shocked Stephanie that she might tell Kristin she hung out with Justin the other night.

Over at Heidi and Spencer's house, the birthday party is revving up. Kristin and Brody arrive in time to watch Spencer present Heidi with two puppies. Heidi is thrilled and tells Spencer she thinks they are the only babies she'll ever need.

kristin and brody relationship test

Montag becomes dismayed after learning that Pratt has begun a flirtatious relationship with a local bartender Stacie Hall. She becomes involved in a feud with Audrina Patridge after beginning a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Justin Brescia. List of The Hills cast members During the fifth season, Lauren Conrad serves as the series' narrator and focal point.

Audrina Patridge remains Conrad's close friend, and is employed by Epic Records. Heidi Montag is depicted as Patridge's friend, continues to mend her estranged relationship with former housemate Conrad, and holds a position with Bolthouse Productions. As in seasons' past, the aforementioned women's storylines are largely developed by a number of supporting cast members. Lo Bosworth is Conrad's best friend and housemate. Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt are disliked by the majority of the cast, who look to disassociate themselves with the couple's antagonistic antics.

However, Conrad is friends with their sisters Holly Montag and Stephanie Prattthrough whom Montag attempts to revive their friendship. Stacie Hall was depicted as a flirtatious bartender that strained Montag and the male Pratt's relationship. Charlie Smith was shown to be close friends with the male Pratt. In the workplace, Cutrone is featured as Conrad's boss, while Brent Bolthouse serves as Montag's boss.

kristin and brody relationship test